Saturday, May 23, 2009

attack bunnies!

attack bunnies!
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Here is the second item I listed today, the evil killer bunnies mugs! you can see more pictures when you check out my facebook or etsy store

seeminly sweet bunnies turn into CRAZY

They are patiently waiting to pounce! I haven't updated my store in a while, so I have listed these and have another listing to do.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Chinchilla sitting!

So Tonys friend Ian was going away to Toronto for a couple weeks, he has many rodents, degu and chinchillas. He asked us if we wanted to rodent sit, and we said "why not". We already have a small animal in a cage at our place. I've been to their house, full of little guys. These guys are so sweet, they feel like clouds when you touch them.

So they are our new house guests, and they are doing well. They like their raisins and dust baths. I vaccuum all the time, but they dont make too much mess.

We let them out last night, but it was a nightmare to try and heard them back into their cage. They ran all over the house. One guy squeezed himself behind the bookshelf, smallest space ever.

We let them out tonight, but confined them to the hallway, and had their cage block off access to the awesomly huge living room.


They got very comfortable with Tony when he let them out.

They were creeping all over. They creeped on my feet while I was laying on the floor with the camera.


I don't think they enjoyed the flash on the camera, being nocturnal and all...

Its the stunned dear look! OH NOES!