Saturday, July 31, 2010

raining in the bathroom part deux


Simply awesome.

After the landlord found out the issue, muded the ceiling and said he would come back and fix it Monday.

Obviously the ceiling is not raining on its own.

Our lovely upstairs neighbour splashes around in his tub and this spills through the crack between the wall and the tub liner. when I say "splashes" I mean it. I've heard the guy, and it reminds me of when I was little and would push off the end of the tub to slide to the other end. Its like he keeps a whale in his bathroom.

Logic would say "hey, lets fix the liner first", but no, we dont listen to logic here.


At least it doesnt drip on the floor.

Its been a downer type day, but the upside is the fact that Tony and I get to go out for a date tonight. YAY! Inception here I come.

its a disaster zone!

This was my house yesterday...laundry on the floor, baby on the floor (she was content playing) and vacuum on the floor. It didnt feel right to wear a blanket but I had goosebumps from that stupid fever.

Feeling better now. Haven't had a fever yet this morning. So it was what I thought, mastitis. Taking antibiotics for that. Its not terrible, I caught it early before it got bad. Breastfeeding way more just to ensure that this goes away. Hot showers would be nice but that cant happen yet.  Since the rain in the bathroom incident the ceiling is being repaired, and the mud that is on it needs to dry out. So hot washcloths will do.

In other news, we found that Sadie seems to be quite ticklish. Tony was tickling her ribs and she was making noise and grinning and then all of a sudden SQUEAL!! She was so excited that she shrieked in the cutest high pitched voice ever. I think it helped Tony feel better (been stressed out a lot with school lately).

Friday, July 30, 2010


Yesterday I was feeling really off. I just wanted to sleep on the couch, all day long. Too bad tony had school. Sadie just wanted to play. I played in front of the fan with her until I realized something was not right. I was shivering. Now if you've ever been to my place you'd know that it is like a greenhouse with huge windows. It's never that cold. EVER.

To the thermometer I went. Low and behold it beeped that my temperature was high. Grrreat. I hate being sick. I was hoping it would all go away after I took some pills but it's back as of this morning. I know what it probably is and might try to make a real appointment with my doctor today. It's either that or the clinic.

Now it's time to try and sleep for a while, it's way too early.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

rain in my bathroom

I never noticed until Tony showed me this:


I even had a shower today and didn't see it. This has happened once before and the landlord said it was fixed. Well, its "BAAAAACK". This time it hasn't gone through any cracks in the paint and just pooled under the paint instead. I am sure if I poked it I would have another shower. mmm ceiling shower.

Oh man, I am sure there's mold and other nasties living in my apartment now. At least once Tony is done school we can look for a bigger place sans ceiling drips.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


The little one had her first set of shots today. I have been dreading this appointment for weeks now. It didnt help that I had a raging case of heartburn last night that kept me up thinking about it all. So waking up was unpleasant, I felt crappy, but Sadie was oblivious to what was to come and was smiling and being super cute.

It was wonderful that Tony came and carried her in the snuggly. Everyone was looking at the cute guy with the little baby strapped to his chest. I couldn't have done that alone and I wont do it alone with the next set of shots.

The first part of the appointment was good, shes very long for her age, the doctor had to measure her twice cause she was a bit surprised at her length. All and all, Sadie is normal average for everything else.

The next part was worst. I had to sit and not look while Tony held her little legs. Sadie is never keen on having her legs still, shes a kicker, ever since utero. I haven't heard her cry like that hardly ever, but according to Tony she held her breath and turned purple and then wailed and shrieked. That was only one shot, there were 2 more. Each time, she did the same thing, and she was almost inconsolable. Poor dear. It took a while to calm her after they were all done.

Now we are done, she is home and we napped for 2 hours before I woke up. She is still sleeping and I had to wake her up to eat. Going to check her temperature to see how shes doing. Poor little girl had a horrible day.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

she can lift her big bobble head now

She's using her arms now instead of just her neck. Look at her go! Just happened today. 
Don't mind the mess...laundry needs to be put away but we've been too busy playing and working on her muscles.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Tony

Its his birthday today. I've been cleaning up the house like crazy so that I feel better about the place. I am always happier in a clean house.

Also, I am a little crazy. Crazy enough to bake a cake in summer. Its not terribly hot out, but it makes it for an uncomfortable afternoon. I haven't baked in forever, probably since I was pregnant with shnooks. It feels sooooo good to do something creative in the kitchen. I used to try all kinds of new things and LOVED IT. Now my big thing is to find new toppings for a hot dog, or open a can of spaghetti sauce for pasta. woooooo! (oh the sarcasm). I haven't felt up to doing much in the kitchen, but I pushed myself to make something super special for Tony. Hes been feeling down lately. Hes worried about his health and stuff and having a birthday doesn't help that. We found him a doctor that is across the street from mine and he goes Monday to see whats going on.

So what is my super special thing? Well, its chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling and probably something chocolate like for the icing. The boy loves his chocolate and had asked for chocolate cake. Never before have I tried making ganache, so not hard. Its easy peesy and very yummy. Thank goodness I hide the chocolate chips from him or I would be ganache-less.

Pictures will be on the cell phone as my cameras memory card died. It did a mitosis and split in two. The camera phone will have to do for now.

This has been the best cake so far. Its not lopsided and there are no crumbs in the icing. I am getting lots better at this thing.

I enjoyed my piece, and am only having one. That is my limit. The rest of the cake has been shared with the babysitters (Beth and my mother in law). They babysat while we went to a movie.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

oh washi tape

how I love thee. 

So colourful, so easy, so pretty.

You make things beautiful, like my post cards:

I also did a birthday card and thank you card with different coloured tape. Oh I cant wait for my new ones to arrive. Blues with plaid and stripes.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Hot hot hot

It was one of those days where the temperature inside was the same as the outside. The only thing that kept us inside was the fact that the box fan blew air slightly cooler on you.

Today was a day where all we did was lay on the floor in front of the fans and sweat. Ugh.

Many tepid baths were had by the little one. She enjoyed then immensely.

Upside of this heat was the fact that we were not going to cook dinner. Tasty cold delicious sushi was had instead.

The other impractical treat was when tony came home from school with chocolate bars. Oh why on earth would a chocolate bar make any sense? Well, they were on sale. Of course. I bet the school just wanted to be rid of melty mess on days like this. They were good after a nice stay in the fridge.

I wish I could live in the fridge.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010


I've been trying to get Sadie into a routine of sorts lately. So far its been good. I wake up hearing shuffling and then a squeak, and then more shuffling. I wake up seeing something like this.

All blankets are off, she is ready to play. Recently she has been very interested in the paper hearts on the wall above her bed. I think she is noticing a lot more than just black and white. She still will look at black and white photos on the walls, but she is liking colourful thinks like the "good night moon" and "the very hungry caterpillar" books.

She is very much a morning girl. We play hard for an hour or 2 before she gets all worn out.

She is all smiles in the early morning. It makes it so much easier for me to wake up knowing that we get to play. My work and school schedules were always about waking up late and working till late at night. Its been like that for a few years now, so I got to get into the waking up early thing. Baths before bedtime have also been added to our routine. She is quite the water girl. Loves kicking and doesn't care if I get water in her eyes.

Yesterday Tony babysat while I went out to superstore. It was so nice to get out by myself to do something for a couple hours. He did well despite being stressed out about school and student loans. I will be so glad when we dont have to deal with the student loan people. Doesnt matter if you are the nicest calmest person on the phone, the other person is always a jerk and can never explain anything . I asked them to explain something on the sheet we had and all I got was them reading the exact thing back to me. Only a few more months to go and then Tony will be done and working. Hes ready to work again and I hope he can work for the BC Cancer Agency place again. 

I do believe its freezie time as its already too hot out and its only 9 am.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Video time

This was dinner last night that Mikaela made. Chicken penne pasta and watermelon. So yummy. We had it for lunch today. Finally the video link appeared so this is a test to see if it works:

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day!

We are still a sleepy bunch, but thats ok. The gloomy weather doesn't help the matter. Today is a grocery shopping day, maybe a picnic day and a day to not cook. Mikaela is going to cook for us tonight. So happy ^^