Wednesday, May 26, 2010

little blue dress

I cant think of anything to say recently. Life has been wrapped up with Sadie stuff, so I cant think of anything interesting to say.

I have tried out some clothes to wear at my friends wedding. I am a little nervous about going with Sadie, but shes pretty good on the 2 excursions that we've been on (one trip to the store and to the doctor).

Haven't done my painting yet, but I did manage to finish some more thank you cards. Now the one time I want to sleep, she is awake again and Tony is at school. She is amused however with her hands in her mouth, so hopefully I can take a quick nap. I now leave you with this one, her new dress from Aria. Its for 11 lb babies, so she has to fill it out still.

This was when she was sleeping an hour or 2 ago. I love the little yellow ducks.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Like me, this baby seems to get the hiccups often. She had them in the womb, and now at 5:30 am she has them again. Poor thing, she was pretty frustrated, but right now is laying beside me on the bed and is calm now.

Yesterday we went shopping with the parents for food and to fill a prescription. I over did it I think just by walking in the store. I didn't pick up any of the food, didn't carry anything and yet still sore. Not used to being this useless.

The nightmares hit me last night. Dreaming of a baby being kidnapped during a power outtage at K Mart was so scary. It was pretty vivid. I prayed a lot after that and lucky for me Sadie woke up and I cuddled her and fed her and felt better.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The other part of Sadie's Story

So normally after you have a baby you get to take them home a day or 2 later. This did not happen with us. The first day in the hospital she didnt really eat a lot. She was sleepy and was a little jaundace. Second day, same thing, only more yellowish. She was then put in the incubator under the lights. She was not doing well, she was not nursing well cause she was a impatient frustrated baby. We stayed in the hospital for 4 days altogether. Not at all what I planned or thought would ever happen. Man after the second day I wanted to go home so bad.

She truely loved the incubator though. She never fussed and just relaxed in the heat, tanning away. All the nurses were amazed at how good she was in there and even out. They all admired her hair (which I have to say is awesome as its like ash blonde and has highlights). So finally she was less yellow and eating again and we were allowed to come home.

The first night home was rough. Around midnight we were trying to change her, she ended up peeing all over the place. Figured it was a good time for a bath, so we tried that out.

She was not a happy camper as the water wasn't warm enough...that was our fault, and we felt bad, so it was a quick bath. 

She was my angry duck last night.

*ahem*....check out the curls

She went to sleep ok, but at 3:30 am this morning she decided that it was time to play and would not go to sleep. I ended up taking her to the living room, plunking my small burrito on the couch beside me and we both fell asleep to borning cooking shows.

So now it is time to sleep. I like nap time :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sadie's Birth Story

So this is the story of a little baby girl that came into this world on May 15th at 2:42 am. It all started about a week before though. We had been trying to get her out before Tony started school again. It was a week before her actual due date, but the doctors had been expecting her to be early. My doctor swept the membranes to try and get labour started since I had been 2 cm dialated for the last 3 weeks. We went home, nothing happened really. A couple days later I was having contractions. I called my mom who came racing from Chilliwack to take us to the hosptial. We got there, no progress, still 2 cm dialated. She sent us home. So disappointing.

So thinking we would labour a bit at home, we left the hosptial. The contractions died off the moment I went to sleep. We tried many things to get it going again, nothing helped. The contractions would come on so strong and then die off after a couple hours. This happened for 2-3 days.We were both really frustrated and tired after that.

My next doctors appointment came and my blood pressure was stupid high. Hence the bed rest. So this takes us to 4:30 am on May 14th. I woke up with the strong contractions. Timed them after a while, but did not get my hopes up because of what happened before. I woke Tony up at 6 because they were pretty painful. We started timing them and to our surprise, they were almost 6-7 min apart. Tony got all excited and wanted to go to the hospital. I wanted to stay home cause I figured that this was another day where they would just die off. I was also thinking about how I didnt want to spend money on a cab to get to the hospital only to be sent home. We ended up watching Wipeout on the mac that was in our room until Tony got really antsy and called a cab. I reluctantly grabbed my packed bag and off we went.

I think it kinda hit me in the cab ride there that this could be it. It felt like that cab had no shocks and we were on a gravel road. Every bump made the contractions more intense.

So we finally got admitted. I was 4 cm dilated at that point. So nervous about it once I realized we weren't leaving without a baby.  It took them 4 tries to get an IV in in case I wanted the epidural ( I voiced this request after the gas stopped working). At this time labour wasn't progressing so I had my water broken and things started hurting a lot more. They gave me some drugs that were supposed to take away the pain, but it didn't work long and made me almost hallucinate. Couldn't take it any longer after that and I knew that a big needle in the back was the way to go. The anesthetist was really good, did it up fast. By this time it was about 9 or 10 pm. Shortly after that, it was go time and we had gotten to 10 cm dialated.

I had a baby monitor strapped to me and I wasnt paying attention to it, but her heart rate was up. Eventually a doctor (not mine, mine was not working that night) came in to check. She couldnt even figure out what part of the screen on the baby monitor was showing...awesome. I wasnt paying attention really, I had a job to do at that time. Started pushing and was still being monitored. Was obviously not seeing that the babys heart rate was getting very high. Tony saw it and didnt say anything to me. Worrying me was not the way to do it, but pretty soon, the room was filled with 4 doctors and a nurse who were all looking at the monitor and whispering and conferring and such. A smart looking one who was the head of obstetrics examined me and gave us some bad news. After 3 hours of pushing, baby was not going anywhere, she was stuck. Her heart rate was way too high and we were left with 2 options. Option 1 was to do a forceps delivery with a fairly big chance of 3rd degree tearing as well as it was a 50/50 chance of it even working, meaning we would need a c section anyways. The other option was to just do the c section.

I picked the lesser of 2 evils in my mind and did the c section. That day I heard a woman screaming during her forceps delivery, very not cool. So off I went for my first ever major operation.

The c section felt like forever. Especially when the time of the "pressure, tugging and pulling" happened. I am pretty sure it was because baby was super stuck. It hurt and it felt vicious. Tony stayed right with me, he was so good. Eventually she came out, but didn't make a sound. I kept waiting for it after they announced she was out. They told me later that she was blue and they had to resuscitate her. Eventually I heart her cry and my heart melted. Tony brought her over and I saw her tiny face and big eyes. Then he was whisked away while they put me together. Sadie was sent to the NICU.

There's her proud papa. He loves to swaddle her but instead of calling it swaddling, he told me he wraps her up like his burrito.

Her poor little nose got either squashed in there against my bones or the doctor said they might have pulled her out by her face. She was stuck real good, cause they had a hard time getting her out.

Nose looking way better now, almost healed completely. Now one last shot that has not been seen by anyone on facebook yet. This was her newborn going home outfit. Its huge on her in some parts.

There's a little more to her story which will come later. She is fussing and I will write later.

Hello Sadie

Here she is, my 7 lbs 14 oz beautiful baby girl. I have more pictures to come and her birth story. I will re live it once more just for you all.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

40 weeks and a day

This is the turkey sized baby that I am growing still. I am wearing Aria's fisherman type pants from india. Most comfortable ones I have right now that are clean.

My mothers day card that I made my momma. I was crafting a lot lately. I think the baby needs more things on her wall, so I am going to be doing some paper cutting I think.

Newest project that is also going. 

This is not for baby, but if it turns out well, I may try selling it. Supplement our income using etsy. My soaps never sold, I didn't think they would. I am going to give them away. They might make cute birthday presents. Birthday season is almost upon us. Almost everyone I know has a summer birthday. I appreciate children born in spring and fall. I always got the food I wanted my momma to make, she even once made me turkey dinner <3 Aria for like 3 years was never home on her birthday due to family vacation, camp or traveling. Her birthday always fell on the camp staff break, and usually we would be doing something or going to Alberta. I swear we celebrated her birthday driving in the car to Alberta.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

crafts in bed

Tony has been insistant that I lay down more, or stay in bed. He worries too much, but I will listen to him for the most part. This morning I grabbed all my crafty things and spread them all over the bed. I mostly worked on making bigger envelopes that have a bubble wrap inside. I am planning on mailing something out and I don't want it ruined. I used magazine covers and recycled bubble wrap from Aria. It was not hard and I didn't have to buy the envelopes, and I guess the other bonus is eco friendlyish considering I am recycling.

Tony cooks now which is a nice change. Tonight he made me homemade burgers. I am not so happy that he missed his class this evening, but he explained to me that he is stressed. I told him I was sorry, but he said "its not your fault, its the little being inside you that is doing it". Poor guy. So far I am not as worried cause we only have 9 days left at the most before she has to appear. He's emailed his teachers about things and hopefully they will understand.

So I don't have a lot of other plans other than to keep him company in the living room and watch some tv.  Tomorrow I do have plans to do some painting on my bed. Watercolours, so that I don't ruin anything.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

held prisoner for a while

I am a prisoner of being in my room or laying on the couch until this baby is out. Yes, it is bedrest. Its because of high blood pressure that only goes away when I am resting. It was pretty high at the hospital when I went, 159 over something...but they told me it was high. After re checking, it was still in the 130's but that was better than before. I knew it would be high cause I was freaking out about being in the hospital.

Hospitals and I are not a good combo. Theres all the blood and creepy machines that beep and make noise and the fact that they can cut you open if they want to. ewww.  I knew that I wanted kids and the typical way to get them out was to go to the hospital. I would always tell myself that it wouldnt be for a while...and now that time has come. I guess a bonus to this experience is that I can get needles and blood tests done without crying as much or passing out. I still ask to lay down, but its not as bad as it used to be.

Tony came with me to this doctors appointment, and it was a good thing. We had lunch, went home, and he immediately sent me to bed. He would like me to be laying down all the time, and I shall try, but some things require sitting up like taking pictures of my new craft stuff. I tried taking pictures whilst lying on my side...lets say "beached whale"...ew. Those were quickly deleted.

My brand new box of blank cards for making baby announcements! YAY

New stamp set from Laura to make things prettier.

And lastly the new pretty washi masking tapes from etsy that came in the mail yesterday. I am planning some cute things and we shall see how it goes.

Due date is tomorrow (though it seems she will make a fashionably late appearance) and my induction date is set for the 21st if all blood tests and things come back ok. The vampires took 4 vials again today :P

Monday, May 10, 2010

sorry I've been gone

its been a while, and I am sorry. I haven't felt like posting anything on here lately. The last couple days I've had painful contractions that will be consistant for a couple hours and then fizzle out to nothing. We even made a trip to the hospital when it seemed like those contractions were going to stay. Got told to go home, only 2 cm dialated. Trudged home, and then the contractions disappeared. We were both exhausted. I am sure my family was too, they came out and stayed and took us to the hospital.

The next day I had contractions again, intense, regular, but not close together and they too also died. Super frustrating for us impatient ones. Being told at the hospital that we would be back in 24 hours did not make me feel better the next day when nothing happened.

We had my family and friends visit yesterday and it helped make us feel better. Trying not to feel frustrated today.

Today, Tony stayed home from school and we hung out and watched Mantracker and How I Met Your Mother.  We've been taking it easy and all that cause we've been feeling so tired the last few days.

I think that ice cream will make us feel a bit better. A walk outside where its beautiful would be perfect.

Friday, May 07, 2010

mmm easy dinner

Whole wheat bow-tie pasta with tomato, red pepper, cucumber and spinach all mixed with roasted red pepper pesto.

I kept thinking about the red pepper pesto I've been meaning to use for so long and finally decided that I had to use it today. Its very good and very spicy surprisingly. I am also shocked at how much Tony liked it cause there's no meat in this at all.  It was an easy dinner to make and I am glad cause we need to leave the house soon to see the Iron Man 2 movie. Not my ideal last-date-before-baby-movie but Robin Hood is not out for a couple weeks yet and Tony really liked the first Iron Man movie. I disliked it only cause I really cant stand Gweneth Paltrow.

Oh well, off to this movie we go

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

curry take two...

We are making it again. It was a hit last night and I am in the mood for eating more than one bowl of it. The rice is cooking, the chicken veggie sauce is simmering and I am salivating.

Tony added more curry paste this time to motivate this baby out. I've been not worrying about this baby today. Keep telling myself it will happen when it happens. It was hard this morning though. I was flipping through the channels and saw some woman on TLC have her baby girl. BAH! Made me all weepy for a second that I didn't get that. I will say that the epidural looks more tempting all the time and I am totally okay for it as long as Tony stays with me while they do it.

I'm about a third of the way done my new book. Its so nice to have something new to read. I am really trying not to read as much, but its too hard for me to stop sometimes.  The table needs another coat of chalkboard paint and then a day to set. I am going to get Tony to do that tonight for me.

Monday, May 03, 2010

curry for dinner

Today was pretty boring for me. I didnt end up going to the craft store. Just didnt have the energy for it. I did half of a craft. I took my ugly paint splattered lack table from ikea (a basic black square table) and spray painted the top with black chalkboard paint. I told ya I was bored. Tony sprayed it outside for me. Now it has to set for a day and then I get to draw on it with chalk.

Not that I am trying to induce labor, but I did make coconut chicken curry. Pataks Hot Curry Paste, can of coconut milk and chicken + veggies. Tony has wolfed his down, he loves it. I've usually just used a can or jar of their sauce, but this paste is pretty good with just coconut milk. It tastes more thai. Had to book it to the store first for acid reducer pills. Last time I ate this stuff I had terrible heartburn.

Nothing remotely exciting has happened yet. I've kind of given up. Not going to take any drastic measures. I am just going to try things that happen to be things I like. Baby has been moving around all day, and Tony can tell she wants out. He can imagine her trying to stretch out and push herself out with her legs. Hes getting so impatient. I think my next thing is to bake bran muffins. I like bran muffins. They are awesome with butter melting all over them. mmmm

When the table is finished, (by tomorrow when the winds die down) I will show it off.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

new book!

I've heard nothing but good things about this book. I havent seen the movie and I have been dying to read something new. I have nothing new at home, baby books and things about raising babies are getting old now that I've re read them over and over. I've needed a nice break from that stuff. After spending the afternoon with Larissa and Colton at the Make it Craft fair (which was so much fun), I went to the bookstore to hunt for something new.

*Btw, I am thinking something at the craft fair made my hands look like marshmallow hands cause I could barely get my wedding rings off when Larissa noticed that they were puffy. I am not convinced its related to pregnancy as I havent had issues at all with anything like this on my feet or anything else. We shall see how it goes though. I was touching all the scented soaps there.*

So anyways, after the craft fair, I got my new book and headed home in the rain. It was a very good day. Tony stayed home, he doesn't like crafty type things. He has bad memories of being dragged to the fabric store by his mom and he steers clear of these things.

So I have only just started this book and I think I will really like it. Apple blackberry crisp is in the oven for Tony. He loves that stuff. I even have vanilla ice cream.

My to do list for tomorrow is:
  • Buy "Golden Gel Medium" glossy medium weight
  • buy sponge paint brush
  • Get some pictures printed at the UPS place
  • Fold laundry
This is for an awesome crafty thing that I saw. I cannot wait to test it out! I am super excited that they are building a Michaels downtown on Broadway! *drools with anticipation* Baby and I will be making trips down there I am sure.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

no baby yet *sigh*

guess this means I can vacuum today...oh joy. Had a bunch of angry contractions last night, then they stopped and nothing happened. Felt crampy and then went to bed expecting to be awake again. Notta nothing. She did say 48 hours, so kinda hopeful still. Going to do a lot more walking, maybe shopping for I don't know what. Perhaps I shall look for a housecoat or something. I don't want to stray too far from home, but oakridge isn't too far away.

You all should have seen Tony's face though when he realized I was having a "real" contraction. He wasn't able to mask his excitement well and so eventually he was just grinning real big and telling me that it would be ok. Those contractions didn't last too long, and after he told me how excited he really was. Very cute. I broke into the liccorice last night. It was meant for Tony but I couldn't help it, I was already diasappointed. It was all hidden away again but Tony came to bed and said he could smell that it was opened. Busted.