Saturday, June 27, 2009

Killer Bird Bath

Finally got some video of the bird, bathing in Tonys water.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cancelled WoW Account Meltdown

AHHAHAHA MELTDOWN!!!! this is what WoW does to people...

Friday, June 19, 2009

chai tea bath bombs

I just finished making my chai tea bath bombs. These ones are smaller, they are 1/8th a cup compared to the 1/4 cup ones that I had done before in satsuma. These ones are pretty white, the colour I tried making was too light, they were supposed to be a light brown and are off white :P

Oh well, I know for next time. Officially ran out of citric acid, so I should really eBay some more.

I was also lucky to have saved the recipe from a pdf as the owner recently removed their copy from the instructables website.

I tested one out, they fizz but I found that they fizz a whole lot more when they dry out for a couple days. I hope it gets sunny so I can stick them on the patio and let them bake.

This is the brown sugar scrub that I recently made. I used ice cube trays as molds and then Ian came over and squashed 2/3 of them. So now I have brown sugar lumps. Its ok, it works out well.

Monday, June 15, 2009

brown sugar scrub

I would post pictures of my new creations, but alas the card reader for my camera is not being detected and I believe this has something to do with the maintenance I did on the mac last night.
The mac runs faster now, but I'm sad that I gotta figure out this card reader crap.

Sold another mug today :) The falling bunnies one. My favorite one, but that's ok, there will be others. I have done an octopus one, I also like him, but I will post pictures of him next weekend.

I was kinda excited, I had 90 views for my store last weekend, so awesome! Its dropped since then. I think cause new items are featured briefly on etsy and then its harder to find them in the search. I guess it helps to post new things every once and a while. Next weekend I shall do some more. I have a mug and will be making something different. I think I will be breaking out the watercolours.

Its kinda nice that I dont have to take pictures of my cookie abominations. Tony can eat them, I am sure he will enjoy them regardless because they have chocolate in them.

So I baked cookies tonight. I'm pretty good at making them, they were chocolate chip and dead easy, but I guess its not good to bake when very tired, cause I made a pretty stupid mistake and now the cookies look like chocolate chip biscuts. Ya, I forgot to mix the eggs sugar and butter and just mixed butter and eggs and then incorporated them into the dry stuff. Durrrr!

So now I have ugly cookies for a potluck. I think I will take the easy route and get something from safeway before work. yay for terrible dip from safeway. oh well.

At least I dont have to post pictures of my cookie abominations and Tony can destroy the evidence. Hes good at eating anything with chocolate in it.

Friday, June 12, 2009

homemade solid brown sugar body scrub

Well, I've been wandering the etsy site while listing items and I saw some neat little solid body scrub stuff, and I really wanted it. Flipping expensive stuff it was. So I went online and looked for recipies for it, didn't look too complicated, especially when I read the ingredients in some of the etsy listings.

Well it turns out its brown sugar, fancy oil, fragrance oil and if you want oatmeal or aloe vera.
Not hard, I have all that crap here.

So I made some. Its sitting in little squares in my ice cube tray. Brown and smells like chai tea (yay fragrance oil from eBay!). I am waiting for it to harden so I can pop it out of the tray and have little squares for my showers.

I shall post pictures of it if tomorrow, its pretty dark, and I want to show the finished results. If it feels nice and works well, I shall post how I made it, it was kinda fun.

icing the cake

I know not to lift the knife whilst spreading the icing, but it was almost impossible to not get stupid specks of cake in it. It tastes good though, devils food and vanilla buttercream frosting.

I shall try again next month as I have to make a birthday cake to make, or Harry Potter cake...we shall see

Robots in Love mug

Robots in Love mug
Originally uploaded by jamesblonde85
Love received! Mission accomplished! oh robot lurve....

Robots in Love mug

Robots in Love mug
Originally uploaded by jamesblonde85
This robot sends his love. He wants it to be received, but will it?

Bunnies falling from the sky!!!

Bunnies aren't bats obviously and therefore cannot hang upside down for too long. As we can see, they are falling all over the place. Maybe they are too fat, or their little stubby legs cant grip the mug. Oh well.

ever expanding garden!

It seems to get bigger all the time. This year I am trying to grow lettuce and cherry tomatoes. So far the lettuce is awesome and getting so big. I have been picking its leaves and having salad every couple days. I cant wait till I can add tomatoes and peppers to the salad.

Patience though, those wont be ready for a while yet...le sigh.

Off to the salvation army again

On the hunt for dishes. My fiend coley would like a set, and now its time to find bowls , mugs and little plates.

Oh the challenge! At least while I'm gone I can let my icing come to room temp before using it on my cake. I baked a chocolate cake, so its now a matter of getting my big glob of icing to not feel like a big rock.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

little creepers!

HAZAAA!!! The bird and I have been making more mugs. This is a new mug, with little creepers around it. I think this is one of my favorite mugs

sassy bunny

This first one could be winking or flinching, either or.

This one will eat your face!


I figured since I was updating my etsy store, that I would update my blog. I am loving the bunnies and they are quite the seller, so now they are for everyone!

Attack of the evil killer Bunnies part 2

They come for blood!!! OH NOES!

Just finished this set of 6 plates. It was rather fun making them, listening to the twilight soundtrack...maybe that's why I had fangs on all of them :) hehehe

Off to the store, time to get a box and figure out how much they will cost to ship elsewhere.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

making other things

I've been feeling very crafty lately, been reading crafty blogs and getting super cool ideas. My most recent idea was for my patio. The little patio we have is small, has no lights and its got plants and things on it. I should clean it up, remove the dead tree and things. Once its clean, I will light it up.

I found an idea for those little baby lanterns for mini lights. They are like the ones you buy at the store, but you can sit there tediously and make them at home with paper mache and water balloons.

So that's the thing I am working on, but its taking time cause I am having stupid trouble with the water balloons. First, they are hard to blow up, and second, they arent the strongest and if they deflate while the stuff is trying , the lanterns look like withered old prunes instead, and I'm not hanging prunes.

I also found an awesome book for craft ideas, it was Marthas craft book a-z. So many neat things to try. I have made a list of things to do this summer while I am off.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

its been so long

I've been reading everyone elses blogs, but not posting anything new on mine for some time, so here we go!

I haven't been doing too much, went to visit the family last weekend. Brought my ingredients for making bath bombs in their little baggies, citric acid is just a white powder crystal like substance. While waiting for hte bus, the guys at greyhound decided that a search of everyones stuff was necessary. AWESOME! It looks like I am carrying cocaine or other drugs in white baggies onto the bus. Well, thank goodness my stuff was in their baggies in a plastic shopping bad, they didnt search that one, but everything else, my makeup bag, wallet, grief! Got on the bus without much hassel and off i went. I was there to teach my momma some mad computer spreadsheets and finding clip art. hehe!

Mikaela and I made the bath bombs, they turned out awesome. I saw the recipe on instructables and thought that I had to try it, it was dead easy. The only difficult part was finding citric acid, but I got that on eBay.

It was a lot of fun. We used my moms measuring cups for about 1/4 cup bombs. Satsuma scented bombs (my favourite). I used a little orange and grapefruit zest in the mix and they smell awesome.

So after that weekend I came home and we bbq'ed. I love to bbq now. Tony cooks, I get things ready, and its so tastey. We even did the portabello mushrooms, and I love those so much!

I have more to write, but I will do that tomorrow, pace yourself Miranda!