Friday, June 19, 2009

chai tea bath bombs

I just finished making my chai tea bath bombs. These ones are smaller, they are 1/8th a cup compared to the 1/4 cup ones that I had done before in satsuma. These ones are pretty white, the colour I tried making was too light, they were supposed to be a light brown and are off white :P

Oh well, I know for next time. Officially ran out of citric acid, so I should really eBay some more.

I was also lucky to have saved the recipe from a pdf as the owner recently removed their copy from the instructables website.

I tested one out, they fizz but I found that they fizz a whole lot more when they dry out for a couple days. I hope it gets sunny so I can stick them on the patio and let them bake.

This is the brown sugar scrub that I recently made. I used ice cube trays as molds and then Ian came over and squashed 2/3 of them. So now I have brown sugar lumps. Its ok, it works out well.

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