Thursday, September 30, 2010


Made this cake yesterday for a birthday girl I know. Layers were pink, teal, (supposed to be black) Steely grey, and purple. It was a vanilla cake with vanilla butter cream icing. 

I think I love making cakes like these only because when the person cuts into it, they have no idea that its innards are beautiful colours.  We had a very good time, making crafts, playing with Sadie, talking.

Larissa reminded me today that Michaels downtown is open. Larissa, we need to head down there! I have crafts that we need to do as well.

So this is one of the ornaments I made with scrap paper today. I took my scraps, glued them to a piece of card, then cut out my tree shape. I'm gonna do a star, and maybe a bell in this fashion.

I have a different ornament that is almost done, just needs a bow of ribbon and then I will post it here as well.

mmm toes

Guess what she found?

They are mighty tasty apparently.

She's half rolling around again. She's gotta figure out her arms.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


So let me give you the scoop. I have only been trick or treating like twice in my life. I was 5-6 years old and dressed up as an angel or princess or something. I don't remember a lot about it. I remember mom sorting my candy, making sure there weren't any razor blades or crazy things in it.

After that, we didn't go out for Halloween, and instead were given a bag of candy from my momma so we wouldn't feel left out when everyone else at school went out.

Tony always went trick or treating. He went with this siblings when he was just small. They had a costume that was used by each of them. It was the pumpkin costume seen here that Beth (on the right) is wearing. Their momma made probably all their costumes and they were super cute. They had great memories of dressing up and such.

 (there's the pumpkin again on Kathryn)

I always assumed that we wouldn't do the whole trick or treating thing. Tony didn't mind, but then at Old Navy there were costumes! I've never seen such cute costumes before! They weren't scary at all. He wanted a costume like the little pumpkin that we could dress up all our kids in. It wasn't hard to persuade me to want to take her out. They didn't have her size, but my mom and aria found one when they were out shopping.

If you are on my facebook, you may have seen what she will be this year. I am going to put up a picture later on in a few weeks so you can see her in her awesomeness, but for now, just a teaser. You will have to wait until then to see what she will be. Tony and Mikaela will be taking her out this year, but mostly I think we will be handing out candy to the kiddos. 

She is super cute, that is all I have to say.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

good morning little girl!

Monday, September 27, 2010

4 Stories: Vintage

One: Suzy Homemaker

This was the first thing I thought of when I thought of the word "Vintage". My mom had this little oven that was like the first "easy bake oven". It was this exact colour and had the little girl's head on it. We used it mostly to play house with, but occasionally we baked a tiny cake or something under the light bulb. Who knew you could cook food using a light bulb. It was so cute and fun. Thing was also pretty heavy...but I was 6 so maybe it was just me. My momma I think still has this thing, and I hope that Sadie can play with it when she's older.

Two: Skipper

I will never forget when my momma brought out 2 floral patterned suitcases (that must have came from the 60's) and inside were the coolest barbies. These barbies had real eyelashes, and black hair, and neat faces. I don't remember what happened to them. They would have been collectible too. The one we did keep was Skipper. She had flat flipper like feet and coarse feeling hair. She didn't really fit any of my barbies clothes. She obviously didn't hit puberty yet, but that was ok. She was the older sister and she really hurt if your sister hit you with her. Her head popped off one day and when we played with her, we would shove her head back on her neck, so she wouldn't have a neck. She was the "disfigured" older sister to our barbies. Poor gal.

Three: Wishfulness

I gotta admit, I struggled with this topic a lot. I am not the type of person who goes thrifting and finds awesome vintage stuff. I read blogs like FreckledNest and I am envious at all the cute little things she finds. I keep telling myself that one day I will make a list of things and then go out searching. Maybe when Sadie will let me leave the house without her.

Four: Toys

So way way before Sadie was born, when she wasn't even thought of, I was on the hunt for vintage toys, or toys that I played with. I worked at eBay, the worlds garage biggest garage sale basically. When it was slow, I would be browsing the site, looking for toys I played with. I found 2 things that I had, a Tupperware Noah's ark set and a Tupperware tea set with cake holder. Tony thought I was nuts, but I told him for our future children, they would need these things. NEED THEM! So they went into a storage bin under our bed. When we found out we were expecting her, I whipped out her toys and set them up in her side of the room. She can't play with them now, but maybe soon the Noah's ark in the tub. When I was pregnant, I also found an awesome set of bible story books that I used to read. I am missing the 4th book, but I shall be hunting for it again at Value Village.

Friday, September 24, 2010

what's in my bag?

Sooo maybe you wonder what other people put in their purses or bags, or maybe not. Sometimes I am curious about if people have half eaten candies or a loose rolaid in their purses like I do. I find some strange things in my bags. This is my diaper bag for Sadie (its a big o'neil bag that I got on ebay), and this is what was in it today if you are curious:

1. pink bunny receiving blanket for mopping up all the drool that this one has
2. soother
3. munchkin changing pad thing that is  super handy.
4. cover girl compact in probably the palest shade ever
5. MAC hello kitty lip gloss
6. pink face cloth
7. yellow socks
8. stride gum in mystery flavor -- Tony swears its grapefruit
9. journal -- keeps me busy at baby's doctor appointments
10. moxy the ugly doll -- baby loves to knaw on his ears
11. ipod for the tunes
12. new coffee cozy -- used it today at blendz to get a dark chocolate mocha -- too rich a drink for me though
13. nuby -- nubly ring of texture for baby to play with
14. hello kitty change purse
15. crappy cell phone --it has lasted a long time though--cant wait to get a new one

This bag is waaaay cleaner than my purse. I might show you what I keep in that one next.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


What seemed like a brilliant idea at the time made me feel uber gross afterwards. Its rainy and my feet were already really cold, so rather than make a trip to the grocery store I decided to raid the freezer for lunch. Amongst the freezies, berries and bread were corn dogs and a half bag of french fries. Oh yes, I by passed the berries and bread in order to eat startches and sweet honey mustard. Yes, I could have had a sandwich with the nice wheaty bread from cobbs, but no, I wolfed down my greasy corn dogs and fries while doodling in my art journal.

Like 5 minutes after I felt it....bleeeeech. I should know better. Without my special pills I would be reeling in the effects of heartburn. I gotta train my brain better because I will be without those pills in a week or 2. I scolded myself and have vowed not to eat too much of that ever again.

After the gross feelings subsided, we read some stories.

This is a new book from Costco called "Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?" Its by the same guy who did "The very hungry caterpillar", Eric Carle. Love his stuff.

She was more interested in her mommy trying to one handidly read and take photos of this event. We do love reading. She is so good when reading, she will sit still for the most part and listen and then try and touch the pages or the book. I hope she will become a reader like me. I gotta get her some new books. We have read "good night moon" many, MANY times now. I am a little bored of it.

I shall leave you with this last one now.

Mixed Media Art (kinda)

While Sadie was napping, I got to play! I went and browsed new crafty sites for an hour and found a really neat idea. Lately I find that using non typical papers for things is so much more fun. Right after she woke up I strapped her in the snuggly and off we went to get more old second hand books. The only thing I found was a hardy boys and some nancy drew books. I grabbed one of each and after a nice starbucks coffee we went home.

She had a nap again and I was back at work on my new painting-- well not really painting, its more "art". One dismembered book later I was on my way to getting this sucker done. Found me a really nice silhouette of a bird and once it was traced and then painted in with ink, its done. The ink is still a little wet right now :) I have more plans of using old books and things later. I am really wanting old sheet music though. Now that would be awesome stuff to use.

My list of things to find are:

-old sheet music
-straight pins

I need to get to a value village asap!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

journal [random thoughts]

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

soup disaster

I've been meaning to make soup for a few weeks now. Today I finally had some time during nap time to get it done. I had just turned up the heat to get things cooking when I heard frantic baby crying. She's pretty clingy lately. Shots make her a little emotional, so even waking up from naps are upsetting to her.

So off I went to console the small girl, forgetting about the soup. After changing her, and making her happy I walked into the kitchen and lo and behold, my soup, exploded all over the stove. :( :( :(

So I plunked the girl in her chair and took care of the matter. She didn't appreciate that.

Fed her, patted her, she yelled at me. She's very good at expressing her anger without crying. She then yelled herself to sleep while I held her. She's on the couch now. When she wakes up, I am going to check to see if she may have a fever.

I am enjoying my potato corn chowder at the desk. Its good stuff for fall. Its not really fall weather out, its really nice and sunny for once.

Monday, September 20, 2010

4 Stories: Swimming

So Leigh-Ann at Freckled Nest had an awesome idea to do a group blog thing. Every weekend she's going to pick a topic and we can write 4 stories about it. I am all up for that. I may however pick my own topics if I cant think of anything to write for her topics. She explains more about it here.

This week's topic is "Swimming".

Story 1: Pinecrest Lake

Back when I was small, around 5 or 6, we used to visit my grandparents who lived in Pinecrest. This is not terribly far from whistler. Whether it was summer or winter, I would want to visit the lake, to feed the ducks or to swim. 

I remember liking the water, I was not keen on going deeper than my knees or waist. Nope, not going to do that. I didn't know how to swim, so I was not going any deeper at all. My dad would play in the lake with us, and I remember him trying to take us out deeper, probably to teach us to swim. Every time he took me too deep, I would totally freak out. Maybe I should have trusted him more and I would have learned to swim earlier than age 10 ish.:(

Anyways, part of this story that my mom told us later in life was that the lake we went to had leeches. EWWWW! She might find a few on my sister and I and would pick them off when we weren't looking.

Story 2: Aunty Dar's Pool

Every summer the one thing I looked forward to almost as much as camp, was going to Aunty Dar's house. It was hot in Kamloops, and so therefore we would almost live in her pool. It didn't matter if we wore sunscreen, we would always be sunburned because we were in the water that long. In the earlier years (before I turned 10) we didn't know how to swim really, so we would hang in the shallow end of the pool. We came up with synchronized swimming routines that we would show off to the adults. I remember practicing with aria a lot, and it was lots of fun at the time. There were also incredible floaty toys to play with. We played whales and dolphins and used goggles to look under water.

Eventually when I did learn to swim, we would make use of the crazy deep part of the pool and jump off her diving board. The picture above was of Matthew, Chris (cousins), Me and Aria (in that order). 

Story 3: Birthday party

I learned to swim kinda at a friends birthday party. Her name was Cassie. She was the "new" girl in our grade 5 class. She invited all the girls in the class to her birthday party. Everyone got in the pool, and all the girls but me knew how to swim. They all got in and started for the deep end. I hung back all quiet and shy and it sucked. I was bored out of my mind. It was that day I worked up the courage to hang on to the pool wall and scootch myself over to the deep end. I was not going to be left out, and I thought that as long as I held onto the wall it would be ok. Turns out her pool wasn't too deep and I was with my friends and then realized I could go under water beside the pool wall and push myself back to the surface easily. I didn't tell my friends this, but I was so excited to not be afraid of doing this in the deep end that I eventually made it into the middle of the deep end of the pool. From then on, I was even more excited to go swimming. I am not that great of a swimmer, never took lessons, but the fear is gone. 

Story 4: Pool at the Trailer

My Grandparents owned a trailer at a summer trailer park near cultus lake. It had a shared pool. It was great to go and hang out, play in the over clorinated pool with my cousins. Cannon balls, diving for things at the bottom, hang upsidedown. It was great. Soo one thing I will never forget is my dad hoisting me up on his shoulders, and starting at the shallow end, he would walk across the pool until he was completely submerged and all you could see was me sitting just above the water. He held his breath for so long, and it was so much fun. Everyone at the pool would watch. He would also throw us in the air. The best thing was crouching on his knees and he would launch us backwards or forwards into the air. Fun times!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

out of the tub

looks like a ginger baby

Stuff I love

So loving my rainbow sharpies. I really want some that are almost like a ball point pen. Must search to see if they have them. Super handy for drawing and some paintings.

These photographs always baffled me as to how you can make them. I found the trick and am going to practice this soon. Its not photoshop either, that also surprised me.
And these. My little girl is going to be getting some of these soon.They are Trumpette Mary Jane socks. So perfect for her little feet. I cant wait to dress her up. Haven't used eBay in forever, but man it was super handy, especially since the shipping is way cheaper than the manufacturers site.

Friday, September 17, 2010

bathtime for her

but mine will wait till later when shes asleep

the list...

Laundry Done.

She was most helpful while I folded all her clothes. I didn't fold the socks though, they went into a pile in Tony's clothes. Surprise Tony, your socks are a big blob in the closet.

She also had a mini fashion show to see what clothes will fit her now and what ones are just too small.

To do list:


I hope I can get these all done by today. This weekend might get super busy. 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rainy Day Love Painting *finished*

I am going to be taking proper pictures of this guy soon. I am just so happy its finished. Sadie played nicely while I painted on the living room floor beside her. We listened to "Hello Hurricane" by Switchfoot. Very good painting music.

This Sadie picture is for my momma. This was taken yesterday before her mood went south.

Teethies... and so it begins

So yesterday we had a great morning. Played peek-a-boo, did some cleaning, made her laugh by being silly. She was great. I noticed she was knawing on things a lot more than usual and was slobbering all over the things she was knawing on. Once her tounge moved out of the way, I saw little white spots. Just very small ones, but it explained everything.

Gave her an icy cold face cloth to suck on, and she appreciated that for a little while. She was relativley good all day until the evening.

This little girl needs 3 naps a day, usually 2 of them for 2 hours and 1 for one hour. Well...she missed one. That girl NEEDS her naps. She turned from wonderful child to

 yeah....she was rubbing her eyes, but everytime I put her down for a nap, she would wake up and cry and wanted to be held. Poor girl. Mid feeding she screamed until she was red and blotchy. It took a long time for her to calm down enough to eat. Then she yelled at felt like forever. I would pat her back and she would burrow her face in my neck and yell. Her muffled whines kept on and on until she tired herself out.

I totally thought she would have a fever, nope, notta. I am hoping it was all due to the missed nap. If not, its probably the start of teething. OHJOY.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

not lightroom...just fooling around in photoshop

Just messing around with the colours in my bouquet picture. I miss school sometimes, and today was one of those days where I wish I was able to spend hours just improving my mad skills on the computer. I don't know what I am going to do once my mat leave ends. I dont think I have enough knowledge of the graphic design industry to make it yet. I dont want to work at a call center again :P

I think its time to pray for something new, or something I might love.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Stuff I love

This is a new blog feature thing I am going to try and keep up. This is the FIRST Sunday Stuff I love post. :)

1. I love rainy days. Now that fall is almost here, I look forward to rainy day cooking and crafting at home.

2. What goes well with rainy days? Tea! I ordered a teddy bear cozy for my tea cups and I can hardly wait to use it.

Made by SeeSueStitch

3. Its Fall again! I'm celebrating fall with some super tasty pumpkin scones. Ohhh I have to go get me one of those soon. Starbucks here I come!


4. I'm really loving clutches, and very tempted to go and purchase this one. It reminds me of Aria.

Clutch by ToonDesign

5. Last thing is this cute necklace by GwenDelicious

I never wear jewelery but I love this antique skeleton key necklace.

Friday, September 10, 2010

dilly dallying in lightroom

I had to test it out, this lightroom thing. I've heard many people use it. Its kinda like a simplified photoshop really. So far its not that hard to use. This was one of the pictures I did up:



I shall have to fiddle more with it to see if its useful or if the regular photoshop is better.

sadie's new thing

Thursday, September 09, 2010


Shes getting to be quite the grabby girl. She has been pulling her butterflies off her play gym thing and then sucks on them.

I love this sleeper. Its got little gummy bears on it. Its also nice for her when its chilly out.

Yay for highchairs! Finally we bought one. It was so needed as solid food time approaches. I've already sneaked her a taste of watermelon juice. It was so cute to watch her reaction. Must try something sour next. Cant wait to start this solid food business. I am excited to make baby food.

Oh, and singing is her new favourite thing. She was in her bouncy chair in these shots and I was singing "I am a pizza" by charlotte diamond. She squealed and laughed and was grinning. It also helped that I made stupid faces at her and gestures while doing it. I need to get me a cd of that stuff, I can barely remember the words to that song. I end up making up my own to it.

Oh and now shes started making raspberry like noises. She has been trying super hard all day and its the only noise she makes right now. Much spit has happened. Bibs will be used for the rest of the day I think.