Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mixed Media Art (kinda)

While Sadie was napping, I got to play! I went and browsed new crafty sites for an hour and found a really neat idea. Lately I find that using non typical papers for things is so much more fun. Right after she woke up I strapped her in the snuggly and off we went to get more old second hand books. The only thing I found was a hardy boys and some nancy drew books. I grabbed one of each and after a nice starbucks coffee we went home.

She had a nap again and I was back at work on my new painting-- well not really painting, its more "art". One dismembered book later I was on my way to getting this sucker done. Found me a really nice silhouette of a bird and once it was traced and then painted in with ink, its done. The ink is still a little wet right now :) I have more plans of using old books and things later. I am really wanting old sheet music though. Now that would be awesome stuff to use.

My list of things to find are:

-old sheet music
-straight pins

I need to get to a value village asap!


misslarissabree said...

mir thats beautiful where did you find this idea?! I want to do that so bad

Miranda said...

found it on a crafty blog, but I didn't book mark it :( Its super easy and makes fun art. I traced the bird silhouette and part of a branch and then did the rest free hand.

Laura said...

hey - I have sheet music for you - would you send me your mailing address???? thanks!

Miranda said...

I shall send you my mailing address! :D

Grandma J. said...

If you have a chance to while you are here, visit the Clearbrook MCC store for tons of yarn, buttons, books (abit of a messy children's book area) etc. I Love MCC and Bibles for Missions thrift stores - always on the lookout for books too.

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