Thursday, August 28, 2008


This was the weather on our second last day. We were pretty sore from surfing, so we brought out the skimboard and Tony had fun in the rain on the beach.

This stuff is so important for skimboarding or surfing. We tried skimboarding without it and wiped out hard on the beach. Looks like we have carpet burns on our knees.

These three ingredients are best after 2 days of surfing, at least, the advil and aloe vera.

This was the rainy day fun we had. Tony was having the best time. He almost had it a few times, and wiped out a bunch. I missed him falling cause I was collecting sea shells and watching out for washed up baby jelly fish.

Surfing in depth...hahhahaha

So, the first day we were out here, we checked the place out, had amazing fish and chips at big daddy's fish fry.

Got a skimboard and tried it out. We weren't that good, but its mostly because we were new at it and we didn't have any wax on the board to keep us on. Had a big wipe out with the board and landed in the very cold ocean, no wet suit at that point. Tony also did the same thing but kinda did a face plant.

Second day out here, Tony was determined to try surfing, so we got lessons for 2 days and equipment and off we went. 2 days of surfing is hard work if you haven't done it before. We went to Pacific Surf School for the "Experience Package".
The instructors were awesome, ours was a long blonde haired aussie I think his name was Jeremy. He told us how to get to the "Car park" at the beach, which Tony then thought of Aria and thought it was awesome.
(Aria might be sighing right now).

So first, putting on a wet suit. We got our suites, they were wet and dripping. I was thinking to myself, "How the heck are you gonna get on a wet skin tight suit when its hard enough to get wet regular clothes off and on???"

Well, for me it was like putting on a wet pair of panty hose that were 2 times too small. I could barely get the legs on and had to keep sinching them up so I could get my arms and the rest of me in. I sat in the car struggling for forever, Tony had to help me pull on the suit. He didn't as bad a problem as me, his was looser than mine.

Those suits leave nothing to the imagination by the way.

We learned all about rip tides and under tows and how not to get sucked out to sea. I had been in the water up to my knees the day before and that aint warm water, so I was really skeptical that these suits would work. Everyone was walking into the water and I started too, wincing and just waiting for the shock of the cold to hit me. THOSE SUITS ARE MAGICAL!!! I didn't feel a thing walking in, it was like I could feel nothing. It was wet nothingness that I was walking into.

First days waves were ok, not too big, perfect in my mind for learning. Second day, awesome high waves. The board outside the parks said "Extreme" waves and all the surfers were out on the beach. I wiped out hard a bunch of times. Had my board hit me on the head pretty hard.
There was another time where I was trying to get up on my board, and I did, and it flipped (cause I was not standing in the center of the board) and the fin hit me in my inner thigh and man that hurt.

(These are Tony's chapped red and somewhat bleeding hands from our extreme few days)

Tony made me realize that it would have been a lot worse had I not been wearing the magical wet suit. I have pretty bad bruises but I cant imagine what would have happened without the thick wetsuit.

Surfing worked muscles that I didnt know I had. Man, if I took up surfing I would have awesome abs and amazing upper body strength.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

surfing+fun= pain

I didn't realize how many muscles I had, let alone the fact that they could all hurt at once.
It was lots of fun though. Couldn't get to standing, but got on my knees and it was fun.

My arms and shoulders hurt the most although my abs hurt now too, I didn't feel them until later on. Its raining lots right now, but was nice enough not to rain for surfing.

Happy painful anniversary to us! It was lots of fun.

I need a hot tub...asap and maybe a drink.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

going going gone

Just for a while I shall be gone.
Going to the island on a belated honeymoon.
Hopefully we shall try skimboarding or even surfing, surfing is a little scary to me though.
Tony is sad at the moment, we are leaving to drop the bird off tonight at his moms house.
He didnt realize that we had to take the bird tonight, he thought it was tomorrow.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Babo's Bird

You know how everyone looks like their pet? Well, Babo looks just like his pet peeve! BIRDS

Babo cant stand birds! They always eat the crumbs his cookies leave behind! Well, too bad because one bird has taken a liking to Babo and now likes to call him mommy.

Sounds serious, right? And Babo doesn't have a mean bone in his body. So now Babo's bird is... Babo's bird. Luckily Babo doesn't have shoulders either. Have any cookie crumbs?

(my bird got pretty freaked out when Babo's bird was in her cage)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

obviously not!

Obviously its not the scented room freshener that has been going for a couple of hours now since hes been home -- he hasnt noticed it yet , hehehe!
He hasn't been complaining of being sick.
I haven't heard him sniffing -- which drives me crazy!

I wonder what it is?
Maybe hes got a poor immune system.
Or maybe its the weather that has been hot -- until recently.

Maybe it was the mattress we had, after all, it was filled with fluff and wasn't a real mattress.
I guess we shall see how this goes.

Hopefully I don't hear him complaining of being sick as much this year.
I shall be praying for him, and hopefully he will be healthier this fall.

Moxy the newest ugly...

Moxy's got a lot of moxy.
She's a real get up and go Ugly,with far more energy than her older brother OX.
Why the big antennas?
Moxy uses them to pick up signals from all over.
Just the other day, OX gave the signal for them to remove any chocolate based substances from the fridge.

Moxy is very curious about YOU.
Whats up with you?
Why don't your toes point towards eachother?
Please discuss.

(will include picture of her toes which point towards eachother later)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

hot days...

Today was hot out, hot enough to dry all my laundry, yay for saving money! Getting ready for my honeymoon, we booked the car, hotel and its getting exciting! Tony is also getting ready for school. He's applied for a student loan and now we shall see if he can get one with me working. We did work it out though and if he cant get much of a student loan we will survive, surviving on soup wooo!!!!

So today was so hot that Beth called and we went to the beach. I made lunch (sandwiches, juice boxes, chips and cookies).

The water was again pretty brown and full of fun things!

Beth started a trend amongst the little kids, cause once they saw her do this, they all copied her.

This was her creepiest face

She had my camera for a bit, and this is what she did with it...

Tony was threatening to throw me in

This was the sign where we set up our place, by a huge log. I got my camera back after that.

Do not get the photographer! YOU WILL PAY!

My sandy feet. I had sand in my shorts too.

Kathryn had a defective straw.

Tony really wants to do sailing, he wants a sailboat when hes done school. I wouldn't mind sailing either, I had lots of fun doing it at camp. My back and shoulders are burned, its time to be aloe vera-ed up.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Gardening with Miranda

Tony and I were riding the bus back home today and I took him to the plant store across the street. We were looking at the herbs, I really wanted a basil plant for my patio garden.
We browsed the ever so fragrant isle of herbs, checked out the cool fennel plant, and the curry plant. I kinda really liked the curry plant but decided against it. My fingers smell like licorice and curry though.
Tony picked out the rosemary tree and I found the basil after a longish search.

There they are! My new plants!

They taste really good, well, I only tasted the basil, but it was good!

That rosemary plant took a while to get out, he was rooted and all happy in his pot.

And now I am off to make spicy lentil soup and salad!

Her Bell

Tony was playing around with the zoom on his phone, but the bird was so cute. She has been doing this a lot recently.