Monday, January 31, 2011

She's my little duckie

It still amazes me that she loves the water so much. I was never like that as a child. In the summer when Aria and I had water fights, it was kinda a rule not to get someone in the face. Usually it ended up being that Aria got control of the hose, so I would get her in the face, and it would end there with tears. In my defense, it wasn't fair in my mind that she got the hose, even if she was younger.

This girl though, she splashes, she doesn't mind me dumping water on her head to rise out her hair. She blinks at me afterward and just smiles like it was no big deal. She loves her bath toys. If she cant get at them, she lunges forward on her belly after them, forgetting that she cant creep in the tub.

I cant wait to take her swimming again. We love swimming. She loves it until her lips turn blueish, and then its time to go out (usually takes only 10 minutes for that to happen).

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rainy Day + Roasted Red Pepper Soup

I was browsing my favourite blogs yesterday and found a recipe for something I've always wanted to try. I've always always ALWAYS wanted to make roasted red pepper soup. This one has sweet potato in it, but thats cool cause its good for me.

Found on the Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog, I followed the recipe and it was amazing. I made it spicy by adding a few chili flakes to it. You can totally make it vegan too, just substitute veggie stock and minus the sour cream on top. I had mine with chicken stock cause that was what was sitting in the fridge.

While the soup was simmering, I was reading some more and saw that Bleubird Vintage made cornbread. I've never made cornbread, but it sounded awesome in my brain, so off I went to find a recipe for that as well. I probably should have made it in our skillet, but I decided I wanted mini loafs of cornbread instead. I broke in my new mini loaf pan from Aria, and the cornbreads turned out awesome. I think I will try eating them with a little syrup or honey and butter.

Its raining today. I walked Tony to the bus and then Sadie and I were headed to the store. Well, I went to cash a check and I forgot my debit card. We got home wet and without anything accomplished. Total bummer. So I sent her for a nap and put in some laundry. I think I'm gonna stay inside until Tony gets back. Oh, and another bummer....when we got home, Sadie lost one of her pretty trumpette socks, a purple one. :( sad sad times, I love those socks. I know socks go missing often, but it was sad cause it was such a cute one. Why couldn't it have been one of the old fuzzy ones? BAH!

---Update, Tony found the sock right at the bus stop. YAY!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A little bit of vintage

We took advantage of the first sunny day in so long, and did some pictures outside. We soaked up as much vitamin d as we could and then headed to Starbucks for a treat. We shared a bran muffin (I was more a fan of it than she was) and then we headed off to get some groceries to make a new soup with (coming tomorrow).

So...Sadie is wearing my lined corduroy pink coat. Its a little big still, but she doesn't mind at all. I hope tomorrow is just as nice. I so enjoyed today.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

been away for a while

I need to get back into the swing of things. I haven't taken a lot of photos recently, so my goal is to take some as soon as this gross weather clears up. I really want to take Sadie to the park again and take outdoor pictures.

 So indoors we play with the blankets, and she gets into all kinds of trouble. Shes been after the tv cable and my power cord for the sewing machine.

We have been on Starbucks adventures. It was like -2 out when we left, so she was all bundled up (except the one blue foot that peeked out).

 She was ready for a nap after our coffee date.

This was taken this morning. Breakfast was NOT a hit with her. She ate, but she cried a lot. Her teethies hurt, and I suspect we will have a few more months of this before any more appear *le sigh*

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oh I've always wanted one of these

I drool over them every time I see them in the store

They take really cute photos, like this:

Little Chief Honeybee is giving one away, so enter here if you want to try and win one. Oh Diana Mini Lomo camera, I love you.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

teething machine

To keep her entertained while I was doing some emailing, I let her have the lens cap from my desk. She was also keen on my hoodie strings. She's been clingy tonight, so we have been computering together.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy 8 Months Sadie

What a busy girl you've been baby! This last month, you've sprouted 2 razor sharp teeth. You seem to be working on more.

You love bath time. Getting splashed and having water dumped on your head makes you super excited.

Speaking of water, any time anyone near you has a cup of something, you will squawk until they share. You love drinking from big cups, you get super wet, and inhale your water , sputtering and coughing. You are always ready for more though. Those little hands have quite a grip on the cups they grab on to.

You've been eating more solid foods, and you can frustrate the daylights out of me when every mouthful you take gets blown back into my face. I'm trying to get you to eat more solids, but you still love your bottles.

You've been rolling everywhere, getting into things like the VCR. Trying to teach you "no" is hard. You get so upset when I hold your hand and say "no". It takes a bit, but you kinda catch on.

Today, you've learned to creep. You use those arms and legs in a weird little way to get into things you shouldn't. Its not crawling yet, but its moving around on your tummy and its so cute.

We took you swimming yesterday for the first time. Your Grandma S, Aunty Beth and I went to the wave pool and you had a ball. You splashed, and loved the deep water. You stayed in until we saw your lips turn purple. Then you hung out with Grandma S until we got out.

I love you sweet pea, and cant wait to see what you do next.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hello little one

Well, you turned out to be a surprise, didn't you? You are just like your sister in that way. Not a bad thing at all.

I had an ultrasound the other day. Just making sure you were ok and your heart was beating good. I saw it flickering on the monitor, and I got a little more excited about you. It also became more real than before. I think it always hits me like this, after the first ultrasound.

You are 8 weeks now. The book says you are the size of a blueberry :)

So far I haven't felt sick at all, which is super nice because last time with your sister I felt oogy a lot and threw up. Hopefully I haven't jinxed myself by saying it. The only thing that makes me want to throw up/gag is taking my vitamins without food, and thinking about borscht. You have made it so I hate my favourite soup. Sad times for me.

I bought you something little one. I had your sister try it on as its her size right now. But dont worry, its still going to be for you when you are bigger.

She has the "Command Gold" one in size 24 months, so by the time you are 6 months, you will both be in your super cute onsies. Your momma is a nerd. I'm just saying...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

emotional basketcase

Written January 9th

Its been an emotional rollercoaster for me lately. I don't think I was ever this bad when I was pregnant with Sadie. This morning I woke up, brought the baby into the living room and surveyed the disaster. My baby has effectively taken over our small apartment with all her crap. 

 (this is partly my fault with the crochet things on the floor, but its a lot worse when the toys gravitate towards the middle of the room--taken Jan 10th)

So, I started cleaning the living room. This didn't last long as I got frustrated with the lack of space and then overwhelmed with where to put it all. Then I figured that moving is needed. So I searched Craigslist for bigger places to live. I got even more upset because I wasn't finding anything that I liked. Then I went to have a bubble bath and read to calm down. Living with one bathroom has its cons to say the least, and I was kicked out of the bathroom 5 minutes into my bath. With the loud talking that happened in the hallway, the baby woke up, and now I had no quiet time to read, or relax and I ended up cuddling her on the bed and cried. 

We need to move. A 1 bedroom apartment does not work for 3 going on 4. I am already saving the big diaper boxes for packing of stuff. 

I have a plan for packing most of my crafting stuff. Sad times, I know. At least I will feel less cluttered and less frustrated at this place. Diaper boxes are great to pack things in. So, the hunt continues for a new place.

The Big To Do list

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

She's modeling a fancy new blanket

Sadie's Owl blanket was made by the talented Coley from Hello Deer!

Its nice and big, perfect for hiding under, and playing with. She has been sleeping with it the last few nights. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 Goal started

 One of my goals this year was to read a classic novel. Well, I've started one, finally! I was browsing the apps store and the ibook app caught my eye. I realized how handy it would be to read things on the iphone while on the bus or in bed instead of a book. Cant read in bed at night while baby sleeps without a lamp, but I do have the iphone.

Oh this makes reading books super easy at night. I love it. The book I picked was Jane Eyre. I saw a movie trailer for it just last week and all books are better than movies, so it had to be decent.

So far, its pretty good. I'm reading it every night while I go to bed, or while feeding the small girl who still wakes up at night. I will probably see the movie, cause Judi Dench is in it, and shes awesome.

Monday, January 10, 2011

more about our day...

Sadie is on the "Hello Deer!" blog. Check her out and a little story about our day.

Our Christmas + a surprise

 (Written Christmas Day)

We had three Christmas dinners this year. I must have ate my weight in turkey dinners and treats. I think turkey dinner is my favourite dinner of all. I love stuffing, gravy, cheese sauce, and mashed potatoes. So delicious.

Sadie enjoyed the attention. She got to sit in front of presents and hit them, or hold the paper while mommy ripped it off. She loved the taste of new toys.

We had our own thing at home, just the three of us. We relaxed, watched movies, ate brie and crackers, and other treats. I baked a bazillion cookies and decorated them with my new Wilton gel food colours. I foresee making many cookies, I love to give them away. With practice, I am getting way better at piping. Should have taken photos of the cookies :( They are gobbled up by those who got them as gifts.

I'm very much looking forward to trying out my new sewing machine from my mom and dad. I am going to be making things as soon as I get it all set up. 

Oh, and then we also got another unexpected Christmas Present. Surprise!

Friday, January 07, 2011

After a most successful day of sewing...

the machine has decided to become stubborn. I mean, its just rude. I had a little issue with something last night, and so I cut the thread and was going to start again on that one spot, and well, I had to rethread the bottom bobbin in the machine.

I tried oh fifty times or so to get that thing threaded, and no, no it doesnt want to be threaded. The diagrams on the booklet and internet are useless. They dont show what I need to see. I know how to do it properly, but every time I go sweep the threads under the foot, only the top one appears. Its like the machine doesnt want the bottom one to do its magic. Dumb thing. Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought I did it right yesterday.

Last night, she was feeling left out. So she rolled in between our chairs and played with the wheels. Lucky she didnt get her fingers flattened playing around there. Silly monkey.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Craft Date!

Coley is coming to school me on how to use a sewing machine. We plan on battling the terrible weather with the baby to get to fabricland. I am so EXCITED! <--(notice the capital letters)

I also need a craft date with Larissa. I haven't been crocheting at all lately. I ran out of my yarns for her blanket. I need to get me to a Michaels or Zellers asap. Cottontots yarn, here I come!

Oh and the baby is trying so hard to crawl. She pushed her bum way in the air and kinda slid on her face forward towards the remote. Girl should learn soon though cause another time it looked like she was doing push ups, just no forward movement. I will try and get an action shot of her attempts at crawling, but for now, you get to see her in her cute stripey tights from superstore.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Cooking with Sadie

She found a friend in her magic mirrored pan.

Monday, January 03, 2011

I have a date with...

My new lovely sewing machine. More like a date with Fabricland and then this beauty. I also need to figure out how to use it. I may need to get rid of the kid for a day.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

2010 recap

Busy year 2010 was. This year :

-I started school at BCIT for graphic design
-Found out that our baby was a girl
-Became very close with an old friend
-Saw the Olympics come to my town
-Did half a year of school and realized that I might not like graphic design
-Glad I only paid for half my school
-Celebrated my 25th birthday
-Had a beautiful baby girl
-Tony started his last year of school
-Did baby physio for Sadie
-Had our first Christmas with our little family
-Celebrated New Years with family

More things happening around here, and I will post more about it all later on.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

She's getting so big

Its the new year!

 We have been up since 8am. Sadie's clock is set for that time every day. Doesnt matter when she goes to bed. :(

She's been very mobile lately. Shes learned to roll roll roll all over the floor. I will be looking for a baby gate soon. I don't want her in my tiny kitchen. Right now one of her shoes is serving as a toy that she can gnaw on. I still cant pry her mouth open enough to get a shot of her tooth.

New Years Eve was fun. Beth, Kathryn and Jeff came over. We made burgers, mini egg rolls, and spring rolls. We ate a lot, played wii and watched Zombieland that Beth had never seen, and the boys played starcraft for a while.

Very fun evening. I went to bed around 12:30 am cause I am a fan of sleep. This morning we might hit up ihop with the girls. We'll see though.