Saturday, January 01, 2011

Its the new year!

 We have been up since 8am. Sadie's clock is set for that time every day. Doesnt matter when she goes to bed. :(

She's been very mobile lately. Shes learned to roll roll roll all over the floor. I will be looking for a baby gate soon. I don't want her in my tiny kitchen. Right now one of her shoes is serving as a toy that she can gnaw on. I still cant pry her mouth open enough to get a shot of her tooth.

New Years Eve was fun. Beth, Kathryn and Jeff came over. We made burgers, mini egg rolls, and spring rolls. We ate a lot, played wii and watched Zombieland that Beth had never seen, and the boys played starcraft for a while.

Very fun evening. I went to bed around 12:30 am cause I am a fan of sleep. This morning we might hit up ihop with the girls. We'll see though.

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