Monday, August 28, 2006

Lost In Vancouver

This weekend, me and Tony took the greyhound to Vancouver to find him a place to stay while he was in school at UBC. It was so stressful for him being out in vancouver all day and only seeing 2 places, and having only 9 days left to find a place before school starts. Saw 2 places, the first one smelled, and I cant quite explain what it smelled like,it just did. The other place, it was small and really dirty from when the last people lived there. Luckly we didnt get the dirty place or the smelly place.After lots of praying, Tony was offered a room in kitsalano with 3 other guys. One is a classical musician and another is a aerospace engineer, and the last guy is a computer animator. They all seem really nice, and the musician took us for a tour of his neighbourhood. Less stress now :) Hopefully we wont get lost too much more. Going from house to house was like the blind leading the blind. Thank goodness for good directions on google maps. Thank you God for providing a place for Tony to live while hes at school!
Next weekend I get to help him move, and hopefully if the weather is nice, go to the beach! I loves the ocean and long weekends :)
And as I sit here at work, I have found breakfast! A partically melted mars bar in my purse. Yea suger rush!
I will leave you all with some art of me with a sunburn.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

I am getting used to this blogging backwards thing. Tricky stuff it is. It was nice and hot the day we went to playland.

Man they were nuts! I could never get onto a ride. It has a 160 ft arm that swings you around and upsidedown. Not for me! I wil stick with my wooden rollercoaster, because I dont have to shut my eyes for that long.

There is Aria and my dad way up there...that thing was so scary! It was higher than the hellivator ride. There was no way I would do that. It was higher than the rollercoaster beside it.

Mom bought the tooth breaking candy apple, an apple that would take out most of your fillings. My teeth were screaming "NOOOOOO" every time I took a bite. It was worth it, and my teeth survived.

We had so much fun, even the lineups were awesome. I love my sisters.
Got Mom, Dad and Mikaela in this one, and its tradition that we all ride the swings first at playland.

Aria and I being silly. We had quite an audience watching us take this picture

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Playland Adventures

So last Saturday, we all decided to go to playland. The weather was suprisingly good, it was cloudy in the morning, and better in the afternoon.
Went on the old creeky wooden roller coaster, man I love that thing. It feels like every bump you take you feel like you are about to pop out, and all you have is a skinny bar holding you in. I love it, I screamed the whole time. Before the ride, me and my mom were thinking about what pose to do on our way down. I had the genius idea to stick our tounges out, but man, I almost bit it off going down the hill. We did get a good shot of me and my tounge out however, but didnt buy it. Aria and Dad were brave enough to do the revelation (a crazy ride of terror that is way too high up for me to try). Dad and Aria love those rides, the ones that hold you upsidedown and all that. They keep themselves upsidedown and up in the air for as long as possible. When my dad gets off the ride, his face is redish purple...ahhh the joys of high blood pressure.
No matter how good they look, candy apples make the roots of my teeth scream. Feels like biting into glass. It was good and tasted like cinamon. They look so pretty, but next time, I wil stick with the carmel apple or those mini doughnuts :) mmmmmm those were tastey!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

and so I saw Meredith's post with her video on it, and am testing it out with a video of my dad making the voice of my cat.

So I figured I would tell you all what I have been up to for these last few years.
I have been engaged for about 2 years now to my wonderful boy Tony. Tony has been going to school to become an engineer. I have been working at a call center, and am getting so sick of it. Tony has been accepted to UBC, so thats great stuff. The thing that is most stressful right now is the task of finding a place for him to live in Kitsilano (because he doesnt have a car) and then him getting the courses that he needs. With him going to school, its made me think of going back to school. I have been helping Tony with his english (because its his worst subject) and I realized that I can do this too (maybe not the math part of that :P ). So I am going to register for the Winter symester at UCFV and upgrade some of my courses to hopefully get into Kinesiology (phisotharapy). YUCK! I hate math, and all that. If I dont get into this kinda thing, I will pick something else, because I cannot stay working at my current job too much longer. I have been working at a call center for almost 3 years. Thats a bit too long for me.
If anyone knows when LOST season 2 dvd's come out, let me know, I love that show.