about me

 Hey there, I'm Miranda! I'm a twenty something girl living in the city. I'm married and we have a cute little girl and a fiesty bird.

I grew up living in the country, and then when we got married, I moved to the city where my husband was going to school. I quite like city life, but day dream about moving back to the country and having some land so I can have a small garden and chickens.

My husband has since graduated university with an engineering degree, AND we're expecting another baby!
Life can be quite crazy, and this is a place where I can document it all.

I'm currently on bed rest until this little guy is born. To check out the story behind it, start here and then check out the rest of the baby updates

Things I love:

Trying out new crafts - I love hitting up thrift stores and craft stores to create cute presents and decorations
Crocheting - I learned only this year how to crochet, and I'm so hooked.
Baking - I wish I had a large family to bake for, as our small family of three cannot eat cupcakes all week long

I also love mashed potatoes and gravy, cheese (of all kinds), poutine, avacados, watermelon, lemon curd, and new york cheesecake.  I drool just thinking of them.