Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Merry Christmas

-Love Miranda and Tony

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I've been tagged by Heidi.
The name of the game is to open the 4th picture folder on your computer and post the 4th picture from that folder on your blog.
Then you need to describe it.
Then you get to tag 4 people to do the same.

This was taken when Aria and my mom came out to visit. They stayed overnight and we went shopping at metrotown for Christmas presents. They had fun, Aria was terrified of the bird flying overhead, the sound of fluttering wings made her cower and cover her head.
We were being silly with the camera right before bed and this is the result of it.

Now I wish to tag Jennifer, Aria and Katie and James!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Merry Christmas from the bird

She was very energetic this morning, so it was hard to get her to pose in front of the tree. She doesnt like the tree at all and refused to get too close.

All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth

or in this case, a dentist.
We were eating pizza, (the most softest food alive!) it just came out of the oven, all gooey and awesome. As I was eating this I saw Tony look a little weird and then head to the bathroom. Maybe there was something stuck in his teeth, well, kinda.
He came back to my desk and put something weird on my desk. At first I thought it was food that was stuck in his face, and was disgusted, until I saw it. A little piece of tooth.
Apparently when eating pizza, your tooth can break off in your mouth.
I thought it could have been a filling, but no, I was wrong.
On our to do list today is to find a dentist.
New dentists scare me.
The hunt is on, hopefully its not something really serious.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

"Thank you for being so good to me"

Says the boy as I come home. He holds a bouquet of flowers out to me. I was beaming.

Its been a rough week, all the exams were this week for Tony, and he was quite stressed out. I would be too if my computer died and I had 4 exams to do.

He seems very relieved to have it all be done with. Now on to the Christmas stress, that will affect me more than him though as I am used to having spectacular Christmases at my parents place. Now its all up to me to make it special. We are having our own Christmas day thing, just me and him, and that is defiantly different, but I am kinda looking forward to it. I am also looking forward to dinner at my parents and his parents house as well.
Mmmm turkey dinner!

Going to try and find the newest episodes of House to watch on my bus rides to work.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Healthy computer and new mac stuff!

I haven't been able to think about what to write.
We got the computer back, its better, Tony is very happy.
He was getting annoyed at the weird functions on my mac.
The bird has been very clingy to him, she is always on him or near him. He totally doesn't mind and he takes her around the house everywhere.
Its almost American thanksgiving! I am so hoping its slow at work, it should be.
We are having a thanksgiving potluck at work, complete with either KFC chicken or those pre bought chickens from Safeway. mmm kfc! I think I am gonna bring cranberry stuff or stuffing cause I dont wanna leave it up to the guys to make stove top stuffing.

Coley and I wanted to see James Bond a couple weeks ago and it didnt turn out well because it was sold out. Since we were downtown we headed over to the MAC store on Robson and we found awesome foundation. It doesnt turn me orange and it covers up everything so well! We each got the same one as our skin is that same pale colour.

Its the studio tech foundation and its awesome! Also, Mikaela, as you can see I have your Hello Kitty neclace still.

There have been so many commercials for subway, and now I am slowly wanting a meatball sub.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Goodbye computer

Last night Tony was turning on his computer and it did this. Well, it first got a bad blue screen error, so he turned it off. Then it flat lined-- literally! He turned it back on and it was black with white lines and a red line going though the middle of the computer.

He called Dell, they said it would need to be serviced. Its motherboard died. He has to send it in and it will be gone for 3 weeks, and most likely they will format his harddrive and that wont be cool. There goes a year and a half of school stuff and work.

This is what Tony looked like after the call to Dell. He was really sad. He tried to use my computer last night, and got pretty frustrated cause its a mac and he doesnt use macs.

Maybe this is why hes not back from school, he might be doing all his homework there tonight.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

one more week

Until Aria returns from Europe! YAY!
Very excited to pick her up from the airport.
I wanna see all her pictures and souvenirs and things from out there!

Today was kind of uneventful, work was slow as it was the American election today.
It seems like everyone voted this year.
I was watching CNN and still am. Apparently they are predicting Obama to win this one, but we shall see the final count later tonight.

The bird is very energetic, flying to my shoulder and back to her cage where her bell is.
I cant wait for the weekend again, every time it hits Wednesday, I get antsy for the weekend.
Perhaps its because I can be crafty and clean the house (which badly needs it)...the dishes are stacked on my tiny counter and they looks awful. This is what I feel like my kitchen is when I look at it...

I should really clean my desk, embossing glitter is all over and when I look at my sleeves they are pretty and sparkly.

I wanna show off my crafts, but they are for Christmas, so I must wait. (They are Christmas Cards)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Goodbye tree

This used to be my pretty ficus tree. It had the coolest roots and pretty green leaves. Now its dead on my table and I have to throw it away. I noticed its leaves were turning brown, thought it got too much sun and so I watered it. I kept watering that sucker. One day I touched its root cause it looked weird, and my fingers squished into the bark. Bad sign.

We thought it would live if we stopped watering it and left it in the sun again. That didn't work out. Now hes waiting on the table to be chucked in the garbage.

I am sad about that tree cause I liked him. Well, all my other plants are doing ok. The basil is great producing more leaves for my food. The basil and the tree are separated just incase the basil sees the tree and drops dead.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

much better

there we go, its not christmasy or anything but I love the colours.

Monday, October 20, 2008


I don't think Tony and the bird were discussing that the bird would share his breakfast, but it happened.

She tried to get her feets in the bowl too, she got shooed away promptly after that.

Presenting Pumpkin Pie!

That's right, I finally made it. I chickened out last weekend and didn't make it, but had all the ingredients for it. Today I woke up and felt I had to make pie. So right after getting dressed and breakfast, I set up all my stuff and went to work on Aria's Pastry Recipe.

First I didn't put enough flour on the counter and the pastry I rolled out stuck to it. Had to re roll it out and that wasn't so good, but it didn't stick. I didn't do anything fancy with the crust on the edges like Aria does, but that's ok. Popped the pastry in my pie plate (from Grandma S) and then went on to the filling.

Filling was fun, Aria's instructions said to mix it until it looked gross, and that was what I did. Filled it, baked it with the tinfoil on for 15 min (not sure if I was right in removing it, but it isn't burnt).

So here it is in all its glory:

mmm this was my sample. It was much tasty!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I am not dressing up, though it would be fun, but I am doing Mik's Makeup for that night.
Tested it out today, and its not bad.

I used a while eyeliner pencil to draw the outline and then a cream purple shadow then a purple and pink shadow to make the colour darker.

I am thinking of trying hot pink in there to see if it will work. I wasnt sure because the hot pink shadow (Sushi flower) isnt as dark as I'd like.

I am hoping she brings her guitar cause she cant be a rock star without it or a mic.

So that was what I was up to this afternoon, that and doing laundry :P

Friday, October 03, 2008

I just want to get rid of the ugly green background!!!

WHY WONT IT LET ME?!??!?!?! GRRRR Stupid template! I dont want to use another template cause I like this one...

Maybe the green will just go away if I leave it a while....

Please don't mind the ugly green in my winter ish set up.

The last thing I want to do when I get home...

is call Bell and yell and wait on hold for an insane amount of time to get things fixed!
I checked my phone bill and things weren't programmed properly...AGAIN!
My fault for not taking a closer look at the bill, but I shouldn't have to have my phones programmed 3 TIMES!

I called and got the evilest HAG EVER!! Oh my goodness, she wouldn't do anything, didn't care to understand or read any of the notes on my account.
Asked for her manager, and waited on hold while she got one. I so thought she was gonna hang up on me instead of getting him.

Well, after waiting for a while, her manager came on. He was so calm and patient and figured it all out. Hes calling me back to reprogram things right and to take care of my bills.

Well, I hope he can fix it up all nice, I am going to await his call on Monday. I will try to be nice to him.

I am kinda glad I work at a call center, I understand what you need to do to get things done, I wish it weren't so difficult though.

I dont care what they offer me when my contract is up, I am sooooo done.

THE LINE IS BACK!!! WRINKLED IN THE MIDDLE OF MY FOREHEAD!!! Not a good after work face. I need to find something to do to calm down. I think a trip to the corner store for a chocolate bar or some penny candy is in order.

ta ta for now

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cupcakes and shopping

Mikaela came over on the weekend. I needed new shoes, and Mikaela the shoe diva came shopping with me to metrotown. She scored a tshirt, 2 tank tops and a curtain for her bedroom door.
Mik helped me pick out the best shoes, black and light blue skate shoes (Vans). They are super cute and now I can throw out my ugly holey shoes that leak when it rains.
No more soggy feet!
We also made spice cupcakes and cleaned up.
My rosemary plant was looking not so good, so we repotted him in a huge pot and hopefully he will feel better.
Mom and Dad brought nectarines and apples from Princeton! YUM!

Haven't had many bad dreams, but this is also because I am not watching Heroes right before bed. De braining people isn't cool before bedtime that is fo sure! Its good those, I definatly recommend to watch it! Made sure that I have something happier or less scary to watch before bed.

Been watching Gossip Girl before bed and on the ipod, and its full of drama! I havent had anything crazy dramatic so its nice (Aria, you should get into it).

I can smell cigarette smoke at the moment....not good, the windows are shut and its coming from downstairs...ewwwww not cool.
Time to get the airfreshner out and hope it doesnt happen to much more.
(I can hear the downstairs person hacking up his lungs)

Just got off the phone with Tony, hes still at school, he had an ecg done on himself so he can figure out how to do it on someone else.

Work is so boring, I have been making a Christmas list of stuff. Also been crafting Christmas cards and presents. I love crafts! I am gonna get going, bed time soon :P

Ps: Peppermint mochas are one of my new favourites!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

breaking glass

Its weird, Jen was having issues with glass breaking and now Tony and I are having the same trouble. We broke 3 cups in 1 week. Thats a lot of cups, and one was a white corel mug. :(
We are both getting into the tv show Heros. I like it and Tony loves it. His favorite character is Hiro (the little Japanese guy). Hiro is pretty funny!
Gtg I think Tony is watching it without me

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

crazy dreaming

A couple nights ago, I was dreaming, dreaming of the end of the world, which wasn't too pleasant but anyways, dreaming away when laughter tinkled into my dream. It got pretty loud before I woke up fully to figure out who was laughing. Tony was laughing, hysterically in his sleep. I rolled over to look at him and his eyes were open and he was laughing in his sleep.
So creepy to see someone doing that sleeping.
Asked him what was so funny, he stopped and opened his eyes more now kind of awake and said "I'll tell you later" and that was it. He stopped and then the giggling started again quietly.

What an interesting sleep.

Never found out what was so funny, and that made me sad.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Interesting stuff about Tony's schooling

Tony came home today from his first day of school, he didn't look too good.
I was all excited to hear what his day was like.
He had the most worried kind of look on his face when he showed me some of the courses he was taking. "I don't know if I am in the right profession or not" he said.
Why, well, apparently he is doing the biology stuff that is related to the engineering he is taking.
He told me that they will be testing some of their "experiments" on themselves, this involves needles he told me with the most worried face. Poor guy. Thank goodness I am not near that profession.
He said in his Labs they might do field trips to the hospital.
*I shudder at the thought of that*
I made it clear he wasn't to test anything out on me, EVER!

Dad, you should hear some of the stuff he might be doing, I was excited.

need to get outta here!!!

Call center workers stressed and depressed...

I kinda always knew this, but I always thought that other jobs were just as bad. Man was I wrong.
School soon for me, I can feel it.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


This was the weather on our second last day. We were pretty sore from surfing, so we brought out the skimboard and Tony had fun in the rain on the beach.

This stuff is so important for skimboarding or surfing. We tried skimboarding without it and wiped out hard on the beach. Looks like we have carpet burns on our knees.

These three ingredients are best after 2 days of surfing, at least, the advil and aloe vera.

This was the rainy day fun we had. Tony was having the best time. He almost had it a few times, and wiped out a bunch. I missed him falling cause I was collecting sea shells and watching out for washed up baby jelly fish.

Surfing in depth...hahhahaha

So, the first day we were out here, we checked the place out, had amazing fish and chips at big daddy's fish fry.

Got a skimboard and tried it out. We weren't that good, but its mostly because we were new at it and we didn't have any wax on the board to keep us on. Had a big wipe out with the board and landed in the very cold ocean, no wet suit at that point. Tony also did the same thing but kinda did a face plant.

Second day out here, Tony was determined to try surfing, so we got lessons for 2 days and equipment and off we went. 2 days of surfing is hard work if you haven't done it before. We went to Pacific Surf School for the "Experience Package".
The instructors were awesome, ours was a long blonde haired aussie I think his name was Jeremy. He told us how to get to the "Car park" at the beach, which Tony then thought of Aria and thought it was awesome.
(Aria might be sighing right now).

So first, putting on a wet suit. We got our suites, they were wet and dripping. I was thinking to myself, "How the heck are you gonna get on a wet skin tight suit when its hard enough to get wet regular clothes off and on???"

Well, for me it was like putting on a wet pair of panty hose that were 2 times too small. I could barely get the legs on and had to keep sinching them up so I could get my arms and the rest of me in. I sat in the car struggling for forever, Tony had to help me pull on the suit. He didn't as bad a problem as me, his was looser than mine.

Those suits leave nothing to the imagination by the way.

We learned all about rip tides and under tows and how not to get sucked out to sea. I had been in the water up to my knees the day before and that aint warm water, so I was really skeptical that these suits would work. Everyone was walking into the water and I started too, wincing and just waiting for the shock of the cold to hit me. THOSE SUITS ARE MAGICAL!!! I didn't feel a thing walking in, it was like I could feel nothing. It was wet nothingness that I was walking into.

First days waves were ok, not too big, perfect in my mind for learning. Second day, awesome high waves. The board outside the parks said "Extreme" waves and all the surfers were out on the beach. I wiped out hard a bunch of times. Had my board hit me on the head pretty hard.
There was another time where I was trying to get up on my board, and I did, and it flipped (cause I was not standing in the center of the board) and the fin hit me in my inner thigh and man that hurt.

(These are Tony's chapped red and somewhat bleeding hands from our extreme few days)

Tony made me realize that it would have been a lot worse had I not been wearing the magical wet suit. I have pretty bad bruises but I cant imagine what would have happened without the thick wetsuit.

Surfing worked muscles that I didnt know I had. Man, if I took up surfing I would have awesome abs and amazing upper body strength.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

surfing+fun= pain

I didn't realize how many muscles I had, let alone the fact that they could all hurt at once.
It was lots of fun though. Couldn't get to standing, but got on my knees and it was fun.

My arms and shoulders hurt the most although my abs hurt now too, I didn't feel them until later on. Its raining lots right now, but was nice enough not to rain for surfing.

Happy painful anniversary to us! It was lots of fun.

I need a hot tub...asap and maybe a drink.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

going going gone

Just for a while I shall be gone.
Going to the island on a belated honeymoon.
Hopefully we shall try skimboarding or even surfing, surfing is a little scary to me though.
Tony is sad at the moment, we are leaving to drop the bird off tonight at his moms house.
He didnt realize that we had to take the bird tonight, he thought it was tomorrow.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Babo's Bird

You know how everyone looks like their pet? Well, Babo looks just like his pet peeve! BIRDS

Babo cant stand birds! They always eat the crumbs his cookies leave behind! Well, too bad because one bird has taken a liking to Babo and now likes to call him mommy.

Sounds serious, right? And Babo doesn't have a mean bone in his body. So now Babo's bird is... Babo's bird. Luckily Babo doesn't have shoulders either. Have any cookie crumbs?

(my bird got pretty freaked out when Babo's bird was in her cage)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

obviously not!

Obviously its not the scented room freshener that has been going for a couple of hours now since hes been home -- he hasnt noticed it yet , hehehe!
He hasn't been complaining of being sick.
I haven't heard him sniffing -- which drives me crazy!

I wonder what it is?
Maybe hes got a poor immune system.
Or maybe its the weather that has been hot -- until recently.

Maybe it was the mattress we had, after all, it was filled with fluff and wasn't a real mattress.
I guess we shall see how this goes.

Hopefully I don't hear him complaining of being sick as much this year.
I shall be praying for him, and hopefully he will be healthier this fall.

Moxy the newest ugly...

Moxy's got a lot of moxy.
She's a real get up and go Ugly,with far more energy than her older brother OX.
Why the big antennas?
Moxy uses them to pick up signals from all over.
Just the other day, OX gave the signal for them to remove any chocolate based substances from the fridge.

Moxy is very curious about YOU.
Whats up with you?
Why don't your toes point towards eachother?
Please discuss.

(will include picture of her toes which point towards eachother later)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

hot days...

Today was hot out, hot enough to dry all my laundry, yay for saving money! Getting ready for my honeymoon, we booked the car, hotel and its getting exciting! Tony is also getting ready for school. He's applied for a student loan and now we shall see if he can get one with me working. We did work it out though and if he cant get much of a student loan we will survive, surviving on soup wooo!!!!

So today was so hot that Beth called and we went to the beach. I made lunch (sandwiches, juice boxes, chips and cookies).

The water was again pretty brown and full of fun things!

Beth started a trend amongst the little kids, cause once they saw her do this, they all copied her.

This was her creepiest face

She had my camera for a bit, and this is what she did with it...

Tony was threatening to throw me in

This was the sign where we set up our place, by a huge log. I got my camera back after that.

Do not get the photographer! YOU WILL PAY!

My sandy feet. I had sand in my shorts too.

Kathryn had a defective straw.

Tony really wants to do sailing, he wants a sailboat when hes done school. I wouldn't mind sailing either, I had lots of fun doing it at camp. My back and shoulders are burned, its time to be aloe vera-ed up.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Gardening with Miranda

Tony and I were riding the bus back home today and I took him to the plant store across the street. We were looking at the herbs, I really wanted a basil plant for my patio garden.
We browsed the ever so fragrant isle of herbs, checked out the cool fennel plant, and the curry plant. I kinda really liked the curry plant but decided against it. My fingers smell like licorice and curry though.
Tony picked out the rosemary tree and I found the basil after a longish search.

There they are! My new plants!

They taste really good, well, I only tasted the basil, but it was good!

That rosemary plant took a while to get out, he was rooted and all happy in his pot.

And now I am off to make spicy lentil soup and salad!