Tuesday, November 04, 2008

one more week

Until Aria returns from Europe! YAY!
Very excited to pick her up from the airport.
I wanna see all her pictures and souvenirs and things from out there!

Today was kind of uneventful, work was slow as it was the American election today.
It seems like everyone voted this year.
I was watching CNN and still am. Apparently they are predicting Obama to win this one, but we shall see the final count later tonight.

The bird is very energetic, flying to my shoulder and back to her cage where her bell is.
I cant wait for the weekend again, every time it hits Wednesday, I get antsy for the weekend.
Perhaps its because I can be crafty and clean the house (which badly needs it)...the dishes are stacked on my tiny counter and they looks awful. This is what I feel like my kitchen is when I look at it...

I should really clean my desk, embossing glitter is all over and when I look at my sleeves they are pretty and sparkly.

I wanna show off my crafts, but they are for Christmas, so I must wait. (They are Christmas Cards)

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Aria said...

6 days!!!! I am so excited to come home now! :D makes me so excited to see you guys at the airport.
Just so ya know, I didn't get many souviners because I am living out of a backpack. so just so ya know, don't expect too much :S

ah leave the dishes and just use new ones. haha

I will blog one right now so check mine in a bit too.

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