Saturday, October 20, 2007

o rly?

I was making dinner last night, and I heard a bunch of giggling and snorting.
Didnt know what was so funny.
Tony was sitting there hysterically laughing, he even snorted.
The boy was so excited to show me this picture. (keep in mind his favourite animals are birds).

And now I present to you what Tony thinks is the CUTEST picture EVER!!!!
(Only Aria might get this picture by the way)

He is giggling as I post this, this picture has replaced our wedding picture on his desktop now...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The day mik came to town!

So I haven't done this in a while! Man!
So Mikaela came for the weekend last weekend.
She slept on my new couch.
She liked the couch!
We wore our fake hair!
We watched Recess! Oh man I missed that show!
Ate mac and cheese and weenies and soup and had fun!
Went shopping at metrotown. It was great! She had so much fun.
Surprised her by walking into build a bear and asked her to make one.
She loved the whole build a bear experience, I recommend it to everyone--yes its for kids, but man its cute and so fun!
She has a picture of her and her bear. She had that bear with her the rest of the weekend.
It was cute.
Then she got picked up and went home.
Work is alright, it kinda sucks, and only because I dont know everything and hate not knowing.
Here are some entertaining pictures of us! (and the new slippers Mik bought this for herself)

Fake hair!!!! Oh I love those wig things! I shall wear mine to work!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

What makes me smile?

1. a blustery day
2. Mikaela's fashion show after a day of shopping
3. being in Aria's fort
4. farting silently and seeing somone else get blamed hehehe
5. Watching Tony's facial expression when he watches the birds, or when hes watching his new favourite movie "Happy feet"
6. Smiffy's cackling noise when she sees the birds
7. The flowers my husband gave me after my crappy friday

Those are my 7 happy things right now....hehehe its been an interesting week.
***Pictures of my pink hair and Mik's blue hair are for tomorrow!***

Saturday, October 06, 2007

After dinner games....

So thanksgiving was lovely! We went to my parents place and had a huge dinner! Matt and Katie and Grandma Abrahams were all there as well. We were all kinda being silly (I think it was the turkey). The silliness went from making the crystal glasses sing, to showing everyone at the table you weird body tricks --- Aria's magic thumb, Tony's weird thumb, Katies funny face noises, Mikaela's eyebrows, and my great trick of really nothing. I am not double jointed or crazy eyed, or nothing. Oh well, its fun to watch them all do weird things.
Oh and then the clean up fun-- more like clean up torture. Even as the photographer, I got nailed a few times. I was unarmed and everything.

Katie got a bad one from Aria on her thigh...she was down for the count. Aria had a lot of practice in YWAM so she did dominate the kitchen. Someone got me right above my knee and it stung! They did try and gang up on Aria, but it was unsuccessful. I am tired, turkey tends to have a nice sophorific effect of me. I am going to watch tv, goodnight!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Moved in kinda...

I have offically moved into our own apt!!
Tony walked in looked around and then looked shocked and said "We should have gotten a studio apartment, I am so not used to all this space." He was right in a way, it feels huge here. We had been trapped in a tiny bedroom for too long.
So, its nice. Got everything moved in a few car loads. Beth came with the car and we packed and cleaned. Then we went to the wack to pick up some dishes and wedding presents, the car was so weighed down then. Mom sent us with a big box of food--Thank you Momma again! We needed it!
I finally got to play with some cool wedding presents!! hehe new dishes are cool! wow, I am a dork.
Set up the bathroom and kitchen. I shall now show you a suprise that I found as I opened the drawer under the oven.

mmm grease and french fries and burnt bits....thanks messy lady before us. Oh well. To combat this evil, I came prepaired!

Take that evil dirt! Me and Mr Clean can Take you!!!!
So here is another picture of my kitchen after it was cleaned.

Its kinda small, but its not bad. I made spaghetti last night, kinda just so I could use the pots and pans and all my cool stuff.

The ipod came on another adventure, this time it was providing excellent music to rock/cook to.
oh, and those mms are all pink! I love them!

I would talk more pictures but its too dark now, and the cellphone camera is just black.
(that one pic of the i pod and Tony in the background, well thats all we have in the living room, the desk and computer and boxes). I have a blanket on the ground, and its like having a picnic inside at dinner time lol.

Anyways, I shall go to bed now, I will be posting more pics of my apt later--the picnic spot! and our lovely view of the alley tomorrow.