Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I hurt.
I cant remember the last time I fell hard but I did today.
I was really excited about getting my package -- the nativity scene.
Waited in line at the post office for 20 min.
So I was on my way to work with the package in hand, and there was my bus, it was getting ready to leave.
I raced down the hill with everything in hand. It was raining a little, no bid deal...
Thats when I felt my shoe coming off, it tripped me and it felt like I was falling in slow motion.
There went my parcel, and my purse and umbrella. Fell almost on my face really.
Skinned my hand, so bad that I peeled a chunk of skin off, it was almost off. I also really badly cut and scraped up my knee.
I noticed my hand right away, not my knee. A nice man picked up my package and there went the bus.
Got up, grabbed the package and my stuff, and said screw it, I am going home, and hobbled back home. Thank goodness I was only a few blocks away.
Once I got inside and saw my knee and the battered jeans, I cried. There go my only other pair of jeans. My knee had blood running down them and my leg.

Must ask Santa for another pair of jeans now.

I am home now, putting polysporin on my wounds and waiting for tony to come home with band aids so I don't have to see the hideous cuts.

Disappointed because my scene is missing a sheep and a little boy figure, but oh well, its mostly complete and its on my bookshelf! I am happy with it anyways.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Must finish Christmas Shopping....

I keep thinking that I need to get this done this week. I hate leaving it all to the end, especially the harder presents! I have a list made, but now I just need to get it all done. So I guess its off to the Pacific Center after work...not bad, its not too too far away. In other news, I watched Nanny Diaries last night. It wasn't bad, although I liked the book way better. I also rented Shrek 3, and Tony and I are going to watch that one tonight! Yay!

I was in Chilliwack on the weekend and my Mom, Mikaela, and Katie went to camp with ingredients and baked in the kitchen. It was fun, made gingerbread men/cookies, sugar cookies, apricot balls, truffles and nanimo bars. I have the truffles hidden, as Tony has now tried one and decided he really likes them.

Oh man, I have been watching Iron Chef America, and I love that show. I saw the lentils one and the tofu one. Tofu one seemed really gross, but I could have eaten the lentils stuff. They made tofu ice cream, this is why I was turned off by it.

What else is new....ummm not much. Excited about Christmas, and excited about seeing Shrek 3. Oh! Must get Christmas carols! I haven't heard much of those, and I miss them. Still haven't received the Nativity scenes yet, but they should be here soon!

Oh and Mom, I found the Noahs Ark Tupperware toys on ebay!! Oh I so would like to get it for Brittany's baby!

So I am going home or to the Mall now...See ya all later!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

7 random facts about me!!

I've been tagged by Jennifer!
Here are the rules:
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Random Fact #1
My hair wasn't always this curly. It was wavy for the longest time and then it became fuzzy and horrible, and then I had bangs, and I had to use hair clips and clip them down on the side of my head and hairspray them to death and sleep like that so they wouldn't frizz.

Random Fact #2
I cant stand people who leave an inch of juice or milk in the container in the fridge. Waste of space and just drink it then!

Random Fact #3
Speaking of drinking, I am quite content with a small sized drink, I cant really drink anything in a larger size and sometimes cant finish the small sized drink

Random Fact #4
I hate public speaking. I would purposely be sick to miss any type of presentation in school. I still hate it now, and dread any type of work presentations or in general, attention directed at me.
Random Fact #5
I am in the habit of collecting dvds, especially ones that I grew up with. I own the Disney cartoon version of Robin Hood and Mary Poppins, along with Toy Story 1 and 2. I wish for the Little Mermaid as well as my own copy of Finding Nemo.

Random Fact #6
my favorite ice cream is island farms rainbow sherbet. Oh man, its sooo creamy and good!

Random Fact #7
It irritates me that when I am standing on the crowded bus and little old people get on, that the stupid ignorant jerks that are 15-25 don't offer up their seats. You have young legs people, use them!!!! I also hate the people who pretend to sleep so they don't give up their seats...jerks!

Now I will tag Aria at http://stuckinamazement.blogspot.com/

Thursday, November 29, 2007

I spy.....

I spy with my little eye something that is blue.....
Its small....
Its flat.....
And I cant live without it....

So when I lose them, I get a replacement even though I know they are somewhere in my house.
Well, these are the old ones from 2 months ago, however they were badly needed when I lost them.

And they are......

My bank cards.

I have a bad habit of losing those.
I have gone through 29 of them (including the temporary ones...so it isnt that bad in my mind).

I have been very good with this new one, the gold is coming off the lettering like it does in the first few months, however I have kept it in my wallet, and not taken it out and left it in my jeans or coat pockets. That was how I lost the 28 other cards before that.

Oh, as I was browsing the internets I found the coolest bandaids!

Man, there were also ninja ones, unicorn ones, and pirate ones. My friend doug had pirate ones and they were awesome! These are sooo cool! Hint aria, I like these!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

No snow!

There was supposed to be snow, and I saw it mixed with rain at work, and then nothing happened. No snow, no cool snowflakes, nothing! I feel ripped off. There was a promise of snow and nothing happened. Tony was pretty sad as well. I found a nice package of jujubes by the couch...they are mine now! MINE!!! I think I like red best. It tastes nice.

Going to visit the wack this weekend. Havent been there in a while, and I miss it. Havent seen the bunnies in a while, I kinda miss them. I miss the cats more however.

So for those of you who care, I found my moms nativity scene on eBay. I am bidding on 2, one for me, one for my Aunt whos one got damaged by water. All my aunts and uncles got this set, its cool

I want this set so bad. I don't really like the other sets out there, but this one is soo cool! Its from the 1940's to the 1950's and they don't make it anymore. I hope I win, I am excited!

What else is new...not much else. I get to use the gym at work now, fun! Saw the Die Hard 4 movie, it was cool. Tony thought of my dad when we were watching it. He told me at one point, my dad would do the same thing with flying a helicoptor. Tried to watch Hairspray, stopped half way through, wasnt in the mood for a musical. It was kinda cute I guess. I kinda want to watch the Sound of Music instead.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

New decorations!

I have been so excited about Christmas, I have been making paper snowflakes and putting pretty glitter on them. I have made about 32 and hung them from the ceiling. They spin so gently when the heat is on.

I also went to ikea to get some neat things for my house. I only have one picture for now, but its of my pictures in my bathroom! They match the colours of my bathroom stuff perfectly! I have more ikea pictures, but they are for later :) I have started my Christmas shopping already and it feels good because I hate being rushed at the end in a packed mall full of other stressed out people. Has anyone else started shopping for Christmas yet?

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Budgie!

We went shopping today, didnt buy anything, just got some ideas.
Walking around, just looking, and then all of a sudden, Tony is like an unstopable force. He bee lined it right for the pet store. While most children and adults were checking out the puppies and kittens (which were brought in for Christmas, it kinda disgusts me how they do that, but whatever...)Tony went right to the back of the store where the birds were. There is only one kind of bird he likes, the common budgie. I have asked him why he likes just those, and not the pretty coloured cute finches or other birds. He told me that he cannot train a finch, however apparently you can train a budgie (I am not sure what you can get it to do, but its trainable). There was only one budgie left. I went and checked out tbe puppies instead, but man, my husband could watch those birds - rather bird, all day. We left the pet store because it was getting a little too crowded for me, and when we were leaving, Tony whispered to me "That bird needs me, he is lonely all by himself. He looked so cuddly and puffy." He was beaming, he was so happy to see the bird. From that moment on, Tony spent the rest of the trip home trying to convince me to let him have a bird. He kept thinking about the bird, and when he did, he giggled, he giggled so hard, he had tears in his eyes.
Its hard to say no to getting a bird when you see his reaction to watching pigeons on the street, or when he hears the neighbours birds next door.
I dont know though. He had a budgie before, and they smell, and squawk, and poop on things. Sitting on the fence as to whether or not I really want one in my house.....hmmmm.

Well, for now I shall post my favourite budgie picture and another bird one that I love.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Creepy things found on eBay....

Who would buy someones baby online? Do people sell babies on eBay? Not really. Instead they make REALISTIC REBORN DOLLS!
Preserve your child in a doll, or buy someone else's child NOW! http://www.reborn-baby.com/ sells them all. They even make the skin wrinkles as real as possible!!! I find this creepy....ewwwwwww. I first thought someone was selling their child, but no. Anyone else heard of these things?

Another thing I found on eBay...a listing titled :

KNIGHT - Noble Title with Chivalrous Rank of Knight

Apparently you get official documents stating your are a Knight and the bids are up $49.00 Become a knight NOW!!!!

And now one more listing I encountered on eBay:

Ex-Wife Toilet Paper "Wipe Away Her Memory!

The add goes on to say:

Erase a bad memory with a single wipe!

Brighten your day while you wipe away!!

Less fattening than Ice Cream and more gratifying!!

More fun than therapy and so much more affordable!!

Cheaper than a lawyer!!

Flush your way to mental well being!!

Sick.......oh well, maybe tomorrow I will find more weird things at work...like cavity

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The REAL Deal!

So I have eaten a fair bit of Chinese food in my life time. Its good stuff! I usually get it packed away in the round tinfoil like containers or like these here: I also watch tv, and felt so ripped off when the people on TV use the cute little take out boxes. They are so neat looking, it made me jelous to see them eating out of their cute little containers with chopsticks -- I can use chopsticks, but its not the same.
Well, Tony found me a place that puts their food in those AWESOME boxes! I went with him more for the box than the food, however the spicy Thai Pad noodles were awesome. Coconut Noodle Express has won my heart!

Boo to all the places with the tinfoil or Styrofoam containers, these are the best! This makes living in Vancouver better :)

Thursday, November 01, 2007


It consisted of us eating mini chocolate bars and watching dvds. nothing crazy happened. Tony did carve a pumpkin with 2 other friends at work. Now, you may see his creation.
When he described it to me on the phone, I pictured something way worse. I like its ears.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

o rly?

I was making dinner last night, and I heard a bunch of giggling and snorting.
Didnt know what was so funny.
Tony was sitting there hysterically laughing, he even snorted.
The boy was so excited to show me this picture. (keep in mind his favourite animals are birds).

And now I present to you what Tony thinks is the CUTEST picture EVER!!!!
(Only Aria might get this picture by the way)

He is giggling as I post this, this picture has replaced our wedding picture on his desktop now...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The day mik came to town!

So I haven't done this in a while! Man!
So Mikaela came for the weekend last weekend.
She slept on my new couch.
She liked the couch!
We wore our fake hair!
We watched Recess! Oh man I missed that show!
Ate mac and cheese and weenies and soup and had fun!
Went shopping at metrotown. It was great! She had so much fun.
Surprised her by walking into build a bear and asked her to make one.
She loved the whole build a bear experience, I recommend it to everyone--yes its for kids, but man its cute and so fun!
She has a picture of her and her bear. She had that bear with her the rest of the weekend.
It was cute.
Then she got picked up and went home.
Work is alright, it kinda sucks, and only because I dont know everything and hate not knowing.
Here are some entertaining pictures of us! (and the new slippers Mik bought this for herself)

Fake hair!!!! Oh I love those wig things! I shall wear mine to work!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

What makes me smile?

1. a blustery day
2. Mikaela's fashion show after a day of shopping
3. being in Aria's fort
4. farting silently and seeing somone else get blamed hehehe
5. Watching Tony's facial expression when he watches the birds, or when hes watching his new favourite movie "Happy feet"
6. Smiffy's cackling noise when she sees the birds
7. The flowers my husband gave me after my crappy friday

Those are my 7 happy things right now....hehehe its been an interesting week.
***Pictures of my pink hair and Mik's blue hair are for tomorrow!***

Saturday, October 06, 2007

After dinner games....

So thanksgiving was lovely! We went to my parents place and had a huge dinner! Matt and Katie and Grandma Abrahams were all there as well. We were all kinda being silly (I think it was the turkey). The silliness went from making the crystal glasses sing, to showing everyone at the table you weird body tricks --- Aria's magic thumb, Tony's weird thumb, Katies funny face noises, Mikaela's eyebrows, and my great trick of really nothing. I am not double jointed or crazy eyed, or nothing. Oh well, its fun to watch them all do weird things.
Oh and then the clean up fun-- more like clean up torture. Even as the photographer, I got nailed a few times. I was unarmed and everything.

Katie got a bad one from Aria on her thigh...she was down for the count. Aria had a lot of practice in YWAM so she did dominate the kitchen. Someone got me right above my knee and it stung! They did try and gang up on Aria, but it was unsuccessful. I am tired, turkey tends to have a nice sophorific effect of me. I am going to watch tv, goodnight!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Moved in kinda...

I have offically moved into our own apt!!
Tony walked in looked around and then looked shocked and said "We should have gotten a studio apartment, I am so not used to all this space." He was right in a way, it feels huge here. We had been trapped in a tiny bedroom for too long.
So, its nice. Got everything moved in a few car loads. Beth came with the car and we packed and cleaned. Then we went to the wack to pick up some dishes and wedding presents, the car was so weighed down then. Mom sent us with a big box of food--Thank you Momma again! We needed it!
I finally got to play with some cool wedding presents!! hehe new dishes are cool! wow, I am a dork.
Set up the bathroom and kitchen. I shall now show you a suprise that I found as I opened the drawer under the oven.

mmm grease and french fries and burnt bits....thanks messy lady before us. Oh well. To combat this evil, I came prepaired!

Take that evil dirt! Me and Mr Clean can Take you!!!!
So here is another picture of my kitchen after it was cleaned.

Its kinda small, but its not bad. I made spaghetti last night, kinda just so I could use the pots and pans and all my cool stuff.

The ipod came on another adventure, this time it was providing excellent music to rock/cook to.
oh, and those mms are all pink! I love them!

I would talk more pictures but its too dark now, and the cellphone camera is just black.
(that one pic of the i pod and Tony in the background, well thats all we have in the living room, the desk and computer and boxes). I have a blanket on the ground, and its like having a picnic inside at dinner time lol.

Anyways, I shall go to bed now, I will be posting more pics of my apt later--the picnic spot! and our lovely view of the alley tomorrow.

Monday, September 24, 2007


I has the keys!!! All 8 of them!!!
WOOOOO almost time to move in!!!
Saturday is moving day!!! YAY!!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

my new favourite show.... and other things...

Ugly Betty!!!!
Cant help but love the bushy eyebrows and fierce orthodontia shes got going on. Reminds me of mean girls and the devil wears prada.
Went to work for the first day. It was slow, boring and the best part was the free drinks they give all their employees. Vending machines, coffee, juice and water all free. I drank all day. I didn't eat anything. I don't like eating in front of people that I don't really know, I just feel weird. I hardly ate anything on my wedding day. I so wanted to, but I couldn't, but then I was just stressed out too.

Learned about what you can and cannot sell on eBay. Cannot sell body parts, weapons, nazi paraphernalia, amongst other things. Cant believe people would sell that stuff anyways, but oh well. Pay pal is your friend apparently and I might just try it out. I haven't actually ever bought or sold anything on eBay, just looked around. I am too chicken. I might scope something out and buy it infront of the class when we learn all that stuff. I am in need of a new purse...hmmm....

What else is new...havent fought for the blankets in a while, Tony seems to share now. He hasnt taken all the pillows in a while either. The pipes make weird humming/ groaning noises when the hot water runs. Its weird and gets pretty loud. Anyone know how to fix creepy pipe noises?

Almost done this month, sooo ready to be moving into my own place! I am soo excited about doing that! I am gonna go and watch another episode of Betty. Ta Ta!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pigeon Tamer Extrodinare!!!

Yes, there is such a thing as a pigeon tamer. Fierce scraggly blonde hair, walked with a limp, had a little crazy look in his eye. His pigeon, creeped along his back, and across his shoulders. Pigeon even cuddled his neck. You should have seen Tony's expression when he saw it. You see, my husband loves birds. All birds. He giggles when he sees pigeons or robins on the street. He loves to see them hop around or chase each other.
He told me that one day he shall train a bird. He said that he will train a budgie. Closest he got to training one, was he said that it would hop on his shoulder and then fly off. Yes....we shall see, one day I might have a BUDGIE Tamer!!! oooooohhhh! But, yes, that was what we saw, crazy guy and his pet. Blech, all the bird poop and disease that thing had made me a little grossed out. This all went down in Gastown while walking to the spaghetti factory. mmm I had lasagna, and it was so good.

Going to orientation tomorrow for work, don't know what happens, probably a tour of the place and the rules. Its three hours long ish :P then I get to go home to Chilliwack.

Got really bored today, bought cookie dough from a package and made it. I personally would have loved to eat the dough, but after a few bites, I realized that its probably really bad for me. I baked them and they are on a plate for the rest of the roommates here. They are boys, they should eat them. I hope...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

kinda lonely

kinda just feel lonely here. I don't start work for another week, and I have nothing to do. Cant bake, cant really cook anything. Theres no place to store food or freeze it and tonys roommates take up most of the space in the fridge/freezer. I am only here another 2 weeks before we get our own place, but it feels like forever.
I get sooo bored. Been through a season of house and Malcolm in the middle and am getting sick of being around. Walks by myself are boring, and I forgot my i pod cord to charge it.
I don't know...I don't wanna go shopping and spend money. I guess I could finish making cards, but I am sick of sitting inside.
I dont know, i guess I am feeling lonely/bored.
I am gonna stare at the ceiling for a while.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Wedding Pictures

As you can see by the title, I have posted some new wedding pictures for anyone who's interested. There are way lots more that I shall have to scan and put on, these are digital taken by my friend Dave (Stephanie's boyfriend...shes the redheaded bridesmaid).
I have ceremony pictures, and more formals, and I am being pressured to get off my computer so someone can use it to play the Sims2. Its only my computer, but its alright, its coming to Vancouver with me on Sunday!!! yay! I have so missed it.
So without further ado, wedding pictures!

Aww the boys looked soo cute. Earl is on the left and the Matt is on the right, hes the best man.

Earl, Matt, Tony, Me, Aria (maid of honor) Stephanie and Mikaela.
It was sprinkling outside, but not too bad. My friends were text messaging me all morning because it started raining. I had like 21 msgs in my inbox on my phone. They were all concerned. It was cute. I wasnt too worried about the rain. I was only concerned about it raining during the ceremony (which it didnt, thank you God).

I wasnt paying attention lol

Thank goodness I was sitting on plastic, my parents think of everything when they take pictures.
It was sooo windy on the docks. Poor girls were soo cold. The boys gave up their jackets for us for a while. Mikaela got my shawl.
Blowing in the wind.

Right after the ceremony we took family pictures....lthese are my grandparents from alberta.

me and my daddy

The family :)

So that is the end for now, maybe tonight I shall resize more and upload them. Hoped you had fun seeing them.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Value Village!!

We were shopping in chilliwack with Mikaela, Mom, Aria and Tony.
Went to the mall, and then went to value village to try and find Mikaela pants.
Me, Aria and Tony were a little bored...I personally love looking at the fur coats they have, and all the weird knicknacks. We got a little carried away. Oh and Halloween commeth, and that brings all the tacky costumes to that thrift shop! Oh man, even if they didnt have the cheap costumes, they still have awesome clothes to dress up in. My Aunty Laura bought us crazy clothes that sparkled and glittered from there to dress up in when we were little.
Here is our photoshoot that we took there :
I wonder how many animals it took to make this coat look good....


Work it Aria!


Aria has more of these :) see ya all later :)