Monday, November 12, 2007

Creepy things found on eBay....

Who would buy someones baby online? Do people sell babies on eBay? Not really. Instead they make REALISTIC REBORN DOLLS!
Preserve your child in a doll, or buy someone else's child NOW! sells them all. They even make the skin wrinkles as real as possible!!! I find this creepy....ewwwwwww. I first thought someone was selling their child, but no. Anyone else heard of these things?

Another thing I found on eBay...a listing titled :

KNIGHT - Noble Title with Chivalrous Rank of Knight

Apparently you get official documents stating your are a Knight and the bids are up $49.00 Become a knight NOW!!!!

And now one more listing I encountered on eBay:

Ex-Wife Toilet Paper "Wipe Away Her Memory!

The add goes on to say:

Erase a bad memory with a single wipe!

Brighten your day while you wipe away!!

Less fattening than Ice Cream and more gratifying!!

More fun than therapy and so much more affordable!!

Cheaper than a lawyer!!

Flush your way to mental well being!!

Sick.......oh well, maybe tomorrow I will find more weird things at cavity


Meredith said...

I don't know what's creepier the hoff from a few months ago or this baby thing.... I think the baby.
e-bay is strange.

Anonymous said...

yes, thats creepy. The baby thing I mean. The toilet paper made me laugh though.

Aria said...

oooo the creepy babies. If they cried and pooed it would make it freakier... always wanted one when I was little though not as realistic...

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