Saturday, November 10, 2007

The REAL Deal!

So I have eaten a fair bit of Chinese food in my life time. Its good stuff! I usually get it packed away in the round tinfoil like containers or like these here: I also watch tv, and felt so ripped off when the people on TV use the cute little take out boxes. They are so neat looking, it made me jelous to see them eating out of their cute little containers with chopsticks -- I can use chopsticks, but its not the same.
Well, Tony found me a place that puts their food in those AWESOME boxes! I went with him more for the box than the food, however the spicy Thai Pad noodles were awesome. Coconut Noodle Express has won my heart!

Boo to all the places with the tinfoil or Styrofoam containers, these are the best! This makes living in Vancouver better :)

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