Monday, December 18, 2006

Merry Christmas....

For Audrey...

Love the Hoff

PS: Audrey, I cant comment on your post right now, so if you have a choice to upgrade to beta, do so, so I can comment on your posts.

Survivor Fan

OH man! The season finale of survivor was on last night, it was awesome, and they definatly changed it up. On the show they mentioned that there have been 13 seasons of it on TV, and its sad because I have seen every season. Really, I am that much of a geek. Its addictive, and I so wanna be on that show. It looks so fun, tough, but fun.
(Spoiler alert incase anyone of my few readers watch it but taped the finale).

My favourite person won. Yul!!!! He was a awesome player, and I havent seen anyone work the game the way he did. He played with as much integrity and honesty as one can in a game of backstabbing and deciet. His competetor Ozzie was awesome as well, but his stratigity was different in that he wasnt part of an alliance really, and just had to win immunity every time (which he did). If either would have won I would have been happy, but Yul was my favourite.
I wish I was an american sometimes to I could play it. I am mean enough (barely) to get by, and I know enough outdoorsey stuff to stay alive (unlike the 2 girls at the end who couldnt even make a sad). Survivor...COME TO CANADA!!!! WAAAAAAA!!!!!!

In other news....Aria leaves for Austraila around Feb 10th. Right before Valentines day. Poor momma...she hates anyone being away from here on that day. She makes a big deal of that day every year. We get cards and candy, and she gets all kinds of spoiling. This year, she either does it early, or might cry on that day. Aria aria aria...when you are gone, who will I have to make me listen to new emo music? Who will find me a guild in guild wars that is awesomely cool??? I will miss you Aria.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

i am a horrible blogger.

I havent updated this in a while, and I feel guilty. Audrey guilted me to do it some more.
I didnt know she has a blog.
So now, onto more important things.
Does anyone have curly eyebrows? What does one do to keep them inplace? I have them obviously (get them from my father, only his are more like horns when they curl out lol).
So I am getting little eyebrow hairs curling all over the place. Using hair gel doesnt work, nor does hair mousse (sp?). So far I have been using clear mascara, but now I find little guys curling out all over the place.
Anyone? I dont wanna use anything too strong so that if it gets in my eye, it makes me blind.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

the search is on for aria's real blog

ack! thats not aria's blog....ignore the link for her, as its someone else.
silly girl!

Aria goes to the land of Kola's!

Yeppers! She goes to austraila in feburary. She starts on valentines day. My mom will cry because she is never apart from us on that day.
And the oregon coast pics that I have are on the other computer....must get them to this one soon!
Watched monster house last night, its stupid and not funny. Not a great kids movie really :P Nothing like a disney movie. I will watch mission impossible however tonight :) Tom Cruise is a little creepy, but I can get past all that.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Wipe out!!!! (insert theme music)

Man, havent felt like being near the computer for a long time. Then, when I get psyched into doing stuff like posting my pictures from my trip, I realise that I need to use photoshop (which just isnt working anymore on my computer). So wanting to post pictures snowballed into me wiping the computer clean and reinstalling everything. Blech! Took me 3 hours to get it back to where I like it, and I am not finished yet. More things to install and set up :P I dont even know if its worth it yet, cause I havent finished setting up photoshop. If it doesnt work, I will be so mad :P Hopefully I get this thing going and post me some decent pictures about my trip to americaland.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

hello Canadaland!

its been a long time since I have done this, I felt guilty about not posting and reading everone else's blogs.
I was on holidays for 2 weeks with my family.We went to alberta, then Montana, Idaho, Oregon, and washington. We werent able to stop by Jen's house :( sorry Jen.
It was fun, and it was the most time I had ever spent in America. You would think that Canada and America are the same, and it lots of ways they are, however...things like finding "casinos" in gas stations, and signs that say "leave your firearms outside" made me think that we are still pretty different. It was fun though. I have more stories about my trips to americaland coming, but i am at work, and dont have any pictures to post yet.

Monday, September 25, 2006

They're BAAACK!!

I cant believe I now own a pair of skinny jeans.
(honestly, I was too tired to hunt through the racks to find decent flaired pants.)

Whats next? Leg warmers? fluffy big feathered hair???? (I want me some legwarmers)

That poor child. *note: the file name for this picture was childabuse* lol no kidding.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I bring you....

Fred the Fierce!

Here is the video of fred.

and here is the other part of this video.

(the dance video is comming soon)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Adventures In Canning

I learned how to can things this year, and we had a ton of fun!
I made pickles, and peaches so far, and this week we were going to do tomatoes. Before we started tomatoes, my mom assigned me and aria the task of cleaning the big jars before she got home. No big deal right...Wrong!
It started off with aria washing the jars and I rinsed and dried them. We had the music blaring in the kitchen, and as aria was grabbing the jars on the bottom of the box, she let out a ear piercing scream, and there is where we made a new friend. We named him Fred the Fierce. He was a humongus wolfe spider. He had made his home out of one of the jars, and it looked like he had a mate for a while, and then ate her. We first thought he was dead, but upon sprinkling water on him, he moved. IT WAS ALIVE!!!!! After much screaming and freaking out, we sealed the jar, and left him on the counter. We made video tape of finding him (which I will on later). After that, we went back to washing more jars, no more suprises. We did find that Fred likes to dance to music that was blarring beside him. Aria, feeling more secure about this than me, grabbed fred in his sealed jar, and proceeded to "dance" with him. She danced, twirled and Moshed with him, until we felt bad and put him back to rest on the counter. Eventually we noticed he didnt dance as well without air. Instead of using a jar lid, we used plastic wrap and poked holes in it. He sat in the kitchen for the rest of the day, until mikaela got him, and when we unvailed him to her, she ran...hehehehee. We put him outside, and I hope he doesnt creep back in the house.
Oh fred, I will miss thee.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I switched to beta because I can, and because I am having a hard time commenting on other blogs now. Maybe this will help, or make it worse.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

One good thing that brightens my day.....

I have the time off to go to Oregon coast and Alberta with my family this october!

This is how I feel on some days
Oh September...

School starts! Yea! Tony is going to his first class in UBC. Yesterday he was pretty nervous sounding before he left for Vancouver. Hopefully he got some sleep, and hopefully he doesnt get lost on his first day ( I would on that campus). I would be terrified if I had to get around that place. I am at work after a 3 day weekend. I loved it, but now back to working, and its getting annoying!

This job is so frustrating some times. I work at a call center, I do technical support for printers.
We have to troubleshoot the issues people have with the printers over the phone. The printers are on the bigger side, but they are easy to get into, and you cant break them easily. Since these printers are used by corperate companies, many people who talk to me think they are above troubleshooting anything, and demand technicans or replacement printers. I am sorry people, because you have a paper jam and needed this printer working yesterday, does not give you any reason to have a technician or replacement printer. They shout back at me that they dont "deal" with printers, and they are not opening the printer up to find a paper jam. They think its ridiculous to have to find a paper jam, or take out a toner and change it. Boo Hoo to you! I am able to walk ya'll through it, and have walked 90 year old grannies through it. They are more willing than you are to find a paper jam. I really hate dealing with people who think they are too good for opening a door of a printer. Bahhhh!!!
Had to rant a while, otherwise I will loose it. My coworkers and I are suprised that nobody had gone postal yet here.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Lost In Vancouver

This weekend, me and Tony took the greyhound to Vancouver to find him a place to stay while he was in school at UBC. It was so stressful for him being out in vancouver all day and only seeing 2 places, and having only 9 days left to find a place before school starts. Saw 2 places, the first one smelled, and I cant quite explain what it smelled like,it just did. The other place, it was small and really dirty from when the last people lived there. Luckly we didnt get the dirty place or the smelly place.After lots of praying, Tony was offered a room in kitsalano with 3 other guys. One is a classical musician and another is a aerospace engineer, and the last guy is a computer animator. They all seem really nice, and the musician took us for a tour of his neighbourhood. Less stress now :) Hopefully we wont get lost too much more. Going from house to house was like the blind leading the blind. Thank goodness for good directions on google maps. Thank you God for providing a place for Tony to live while hes at school!
Next weekend I get to help him move, and hopefully if the weather is nice, go to the beach! I loves the ocean and long weekends :)
And as I sit here at work, I have found breakfast! A partically melted mars bar in my purse. Yea suger rush!
I will leave you all with some art of me with a sunburn.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

I am getting used to this blogging backwards thing. Tricky stuff it is. It was nice and hot the day we went to playland.

Man they were nuts! I could never get onto a ride. It has a 160 ft arm that swings you around and upsidedown. Not for me! I wil stick with my wooden rollercoaster, because I dont have to shut my eyes for that long.

There is Aria and my dad way up there...that thing was so scary! It was higher than the hellivator ride. There was no way I would do that. It was higher than the rollercoaster beside it.

Mom bought the tooth breaking candy apple, an apple that would take out most of your fillings. My teeth were screaming "NOOOOOO" every time I took a bite. It was worth it, and my teeth survived.

We had so much fun, even the lineups were awesome. I love my sisters.
Got Mom, Dad and Mikaela in this one, and its tradition that we all ride the swings first at playland.

Aria and I being silly. We had quite an audience watching us take this picture

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Playland Adventures

So last Saturday, we all decided to go to playland. The weather was suprisingly good, it was cloudy in the morning, and better in the afternoon.
Went on the old creeky wooden roller coaster, man I love that thing. It feels like every bump you take you feel like you are about to pop out, and all you have is a skinny bar holding you in. I love it, I screamed the whole time. Before the ride, me and my mom were thinking about what pose to do on our way down. I had the genius idea to stick our tounges out, but man, I almost bit it off going down the hill. We did get a good shot of me and my tounge out however, but didnt buy it. Aria and Dad were brave enough to do the revelation (a crazy ride of terror that is way too high up for me to try). Dad and Aria love those rides, the ones that hold you upsidedown and all that. They keep themselves upsidedown and up in the air for as long as possible. When my dad gets off the ride, his face is redish purple...ahhh the joys of high blood pressure.
No matter how good they look, candy apples make the roots of my teeth scream. Feels like biting into glass. It was good and tasted like cinamon. They look so pretty, but next time, I wil stick with the carmel apple or those mini doughnuts :) mmmmmm those were tastey!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

and so I saw Meredith's post with her video on it, and am testing it out with a video of my dad making the voice of my cat.

So I figured I would tell you all what I have been up to for these last few years.
I have been engaged for about 2 years now to my wonderful boy Tony. Tony has been going to school to become an engineer. I have been working at a call center, and am getting so sick of it. Tony has been accepted to UBC, so thats great stuff. The thing that is most stressful right now is the task of finding a place for him to live in Kitsilano (because he doesnt have a car) and then him getting the courses that he needs. With him going to school, its made me think of going back to school. I have been helping Tony with his english (because its his worst subject) and I realized that I can do this too (maybe not the math part of that :P ). So I am going to register for the Winter symester at UCFV and upgrade some of my courses to hopefully get into Kinesiology (phisotharapy). YUCK! I hate math, and all that. If I dont get into this kinda thing, I will pick something else, because I cannot stay working at my current job too much longer. I have been working at a call center for almost 3 years. Thats a bit too long for me.
If anyone knows when LOST season 2 dvd's come out, let me know, I love that show.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Gone Nutty

And now for your amusement...Scrats Adventures.


So I have a few questions about God that I dont know how to answer for my friend.
We were talking about what happens to people who never get the chance to find out about God, like babies/people in remote locations of the world.
Anyways, I was pretty sure that babies would go to heaven, but didnt know about the people in remote locations, I mean, I would assume they would go as well, but I am not sure, and I guess nobody is sure, (unless there is something in the bible about it. So if anyone has any info, please let me know :).

Second questions: Why wouldnt God let someone who has lived a "good" life not go to heaven? I dont know really. I dont know the defination of "good life" but you can assume what you want there.

Hmmm as far as questions, these were the two main ones.

I might have more however later.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Working in the Nuthouse

And now its time for crazy work stories with Miranda!!!! But before we do that, I shall explain what I do. I work at a callcenter, I am technical support for a big brand name of color laser printers. I help people over the phone fix these printers. Now onto the stories.

We had a new class of agents (people who take the calls) start their first day after training. There was one new girl in particular that kinda stood out. She had had her whole ear covered in piercings. She was quiet and kinda mumbled to herself. I thought to myself that I have seen weirder (the guy who wears the black cape and hood is a little weirder). She needed a lot of help at the beginning, and my friend Audrey got to help her. She one day, just stood up, and started starring at her boss. Her boss, realized that the woman kept on staring, so she asked her if she was okay and needed help. The lady with many piercings looked at her and said, "I think I am gonna turn blue." Hmmmmm turn blue, alright now that was new. She then said "I dont like turning blue," and kept starring at her boss. Her boss asked if she needed to go home. The lady gave her another blank stare and then took off her headset and got up and went home. She later was moved to a different contract. Interesting....turning blue. Pretty weird.

Another interesting story comes a call that my friend took. He was talking to a customer about their internet connection, and the lady lost it on him. She was hysterical and accused him of kidnapping her (how I dont know), and then said she is calling the cia and mnrtc (???) and they will find him, and kill him, and its all because she cant get into her email. At the end of that call, her mother came on the phone and explained she hadnt taken her meds that morning.

Also heard on the phone was a guy who was so frustrated that he decided to "fix" his computer "his" way and took a hammer to the moniter. He suprised his family because all of a sudden there was lots of yelling from a child and wife. You could hear the glass shatter all over.He calmed down and then asked if the monitor could be fixed under the warrenty...pfftt yea right.

I cant think of any more stories at the moment, but I have a pretty credit card prank link to read.
I giggled at the end.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Blender Blaster

Check it out:

Yep, gotta get me one of these :)

And on to other things. I am talking to a customer who seems to know more than me, which I hate. This means I cannot try and bluff my way through the call. Bah! I also dont like it that he is asking me questions that I dont know the answers to, and when I ask him questions, I feel like I am asking the stupidest things, and these are things this guy knows already. But, I will get through this, got him on hold and will hopefully find an answer out from a friend.

Doug is back from his vacation, and now he gets his nice big comfy chair back :(
I think I will print off more paper ipods and give them away.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

David Hasselhoff - Hooked on a Feeling

Couldn't believe Hasselhoff did this vollentarily. He even has his 2 dogs and what looks to be his children in the video. Man, He sure loves the green screen.
So here goes...
A little about myself. Well, I am 21, I live with my parents still, and I work at a call center. I am the oldest of 3 children. I am the "experimental" child. I am engaged to my wonderful fiance Tony, who is 23 this year.

Here is a picture of me before "tanning" at cultus lake (sorry folks, this is as dark as I get, its pathetic I know).

So enough of that. I started doing this after reading my cousins' blogs. Hopefully these posts will be as intersting as theirs are.

I also have 2 cats, smiff and kiwi. Kiwi is my neurotic cat, shes part siamese and is pure white (except for the red patches--will explain those after). She's a sensitive cat, and when Aria is away for more than a few days, she will scratch her fur out in big patches. She does this until she bleeds. She's getting better at not scratching, but I find patches ever so often. The other cat is smiff, the younger dominate fat cat. That cat sits at the "trough" (as my dad calls it) all the time. She loves to eat if a person is in the same room, and doesn't like to eat without an audience watching her. Shes the stupid cat (and I feel bad for her). She was the runt, and maybe fell out of the second storey of the house and joggled her brain a little (she did fall). I think that might be why she sits on the stairs and won't move, even if you are about to step on her. If you do step on her its because she will not move, and she will yowl, and get up, but then get under foot again. Cats have 9 lives for a reason, and this one has used up few. I am amazed that I havent killed her by stumbling on her in the mornings. Guess the fat saves her.

This is my fat cat Smiff at Mikaelas birthday. She hunkered down on the ground and scooted on her belly to get the lai off her neck. She loves to lay on her back, in the middle of the room.

This cat has hips :)

Anyways, I will post more later on