Friday, November 30, 2012


So, my last post was a while ago, and it was while the kids and I were fighting a horrible head cold. Well, the kids recovered, but my sinus' did not. A week after they were better, I was still feeling like I had been punched in the face. So, I went to the clinic 5 min walk from our house and was diagnosed with a sinus infection. Got my prescription filled for antibiotics and went on my merry way home, excited to be rid of this.

Took my first dose of pills, and 3 hours later, they appeared. The HIVES. They weren't bad, I was speckled all across my torso, and I've had them before, so I wasn't too alarmed. I stopped the pills and the next morning when the hives were still there, I went back and got a new prescription, this time it was more penicillin based. Ok!

So paid more money, for more drugs, and went home. My hives were getting better, but hadn't gone away. I started new antibiotics, and did what the bottle said. I took 2 doses, and around 6 pm, I was a big red welt.

I've never seen hives quite that bad before. Tony and I were due for a date night, and I was determined to go see Skyfall, even though I was covered. At least my face, hands and feet weren't bad. Tony kept asking if I wanted to cancel, nope. Not skipping date night.

I have priorities.

Obviously I didn't realize how bad it actually was, until the end of the movie. Why the end of the movie?!?!?! Arrrg! I started feeling like there were pins and needles in my skin, and I got antsy in my seat. Concentrated enough to catch the end, and then we bee lined it outta there.

Tony suggested I get in the tub, and then I realized how bad it was. From my thighs up, I was just a solid red painful welt. I took allergy meds, and waited, and waited a couple hours. It just wasn't getting better, and in fact, it started getting worse. It wrapped around my calves and then hit my arms.

After waiting and talking to my family and Tony, we called the nurse hotline, who said its best to go to the hospital cause the reaction could get worse and quickly, especially after describing the severity of it all.

So I spent a few hours at the hospital. They sent me away loaded up on a ton of benadryl. I felt stupid. I could have done that at home. The doc was nice enough to give me a bunch of free pills for the next few hours.

The day after it seemed to clear up that morning, and then, boom! Fever hit, and wherever I hadn't have the hives is where they hit. My face, hands, feet, and neck were all covered. Felt like death that day.

I am very grateful that the kids were easily amused with tv, mandarin oranges, and french toast. Another day later after being stoned on benadryl (it really knocks me out), I was good to go.

Strangest reaction I've ever had. I will call it a reaction, though the dr said it was part of my cold virus....pffftt....I actually don't know what to think anymore, cause the fever was the weirdest part.

So, we're kinda back now. I'm feeling better, and hopefully will have more things to write about.

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Friday, November 16, 2012

under the weather

The kids brought home some sort of plauge, and we're all terribly sick with it (except Tony). Luckily I stocked up on sickie supplies right before I developed a hacking cough and lack of desire to do anything.

We've been camped out on the couch watching the most mind numbing shows, drinking lemon ginger tea and playing with mega blocks.

Praying that we get over this thing quick, and that Tony avoids it, hes got a huge presentation at work on Monday or Tuesday. The last thing he needs is to be sick.

More stuff to update you on later. First, its time to do a hot steamy shower to knock this phlegm outta me (sorry, tmi).

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Monday, November 05, 2012

Holy Fungi!

As I was sitting at my desk, reading and sipping tea, out of the corner of my eye I saw a crow. Now crows are common in my yard, but this fatty was eating something. Curious, I stood up and peered into the yard to see him tearing up a humongous mushroom. But then I saw that there were a ton of fungi growing.  It has been rather moist, raining most of the week, but man alive, I've never seen something quite like this. Won't be taking the kids outside until we mow these suckers down.

They are fascinating though.

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