Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Living in the "armpit"of the world...so to speak

One of the many places Calcutta has been called.
Aria should be there pretty soon, or now. Mom and I looked at the weather forcast for them. 40 degrees celcius in the day, and then it "cools" down to 30 degrees or so at night. I cant even imagine the dehidration she would probably get, or the frustration with her not being able to sleep. Poor Aria. Darjeeling shall be better, with 20 degree highs and lows at night at about 7 degrees. Only a week in Calcutta which is good.
Dad is home, maybe we can eat indian food and crank the heat and pretend we are in india (minus the dirty water :P).

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Went out for sushi on thursday. Larissa and I have had it before, but Brittany has never done anything like that before.
Larissa mentioned that some older lady one time went walking around the restruant hollering "wheres my fork?!?" and Brittany was stunned that there were no forks or spoons really to eat with, and all that was provided were chopsticks.
Took Brittany 25 min or so to kind of get how to use them (kindof).
She created an invention so it would be a bit easier, and now I shall let the video explain...

(the video is really pixelated, thats what I get for not using a real camera, and using a cellphone).

Saturday, May 19, 2007

rain rain go away

come again some other day. *sigh* I could have cleaned my room, or evicted the spiders from the downstairs bathroom, but no, I sat around and watched tv and played games and did nothing. I guess I needed a day of nothingness to get me back to cleaning and all that.

Theres a half eaten snickers bar beside me and a season of CSI. Now the question is: is it such a good idea to watch an episode of CSI before bed? Maybe I shall try and pick a "tame" one. Ya right. Cant leave the snickers opened and alone for more than a day. In this house, chocolate goes missing if left like that. You have to mark it with your name generally, or my mother will find it.

Not watching M*a*s*h again. The episode where Nick gets burried alive was really good, but creepy. Bah, I think I shall take my chances and watch it.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

wanted: an Ark...

Since I mentioned at work that Chilliwack might flood, everyone went into a almost panic.
My friend Larissa is now worried about her new house and couches and has printed off the Emergency Flood Checklist so she wont go unprepaired (it includes goggles, playing cards, and a saw).
Oh man, everyone is in a tizzy!
I live in a basement partially underground, near 2 dikes and a flood wall. Yippee for me! If the weather gets nice all week (like the good ol weather man says) I will be moving my stuff upstairs and everything thing else in the basement! :P
Yay for camping out in the living room!
Maybe the flood wall will hold....maybe the dikes will be fine....maybe I wont have to pay rent if I find myself in a foot of water when I wake up....hmmmm there is a pro to the whole flood thing.

Harry potter and the order of the pheonix (newest trailer)

Tee hee hee hee Its out!!! The newest trailer, and I am so Excited. Gave me goosebumps!!!
Oh I cant wait, and also cant wait until the final book is out as well.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

a typical day...

Oh and my day went like this:
4:30am- got up, got dressed and all that, stumbled upstairs, jugged the rest of moms coffee
5:00-got to work, the computer was really slow (like me).
6:00 ish-getting busier at work, everyones starting to get in.
8:00-busy busy busy, no time for anything, 11 people waiting for me to answer, they arent doing their jobs, making my job harder.
9:00-hang out with beth a bit, talk about her czech friend, and the new czech words he taught her.
10:00-2:00- busy busy at work again, lazy agents again, too many calls, and 2 supervisor calls that could have been avoided if the agent didnt put them on hold for sooooo long ( I would hate being on hold for 15 min too if I had better things to do).
2:00pm-go in the van, drive off to abby, rent chairs and tablecloths for wedding with momma.
3:00-visit grandma, she shows me her pretty silk blue flowers she made for the cake table.
5:00-get to mcdonalds for mc happy day (an excuse to get happymeals for everyone to support the ronald mcdonald childrens house things). The Mc donalds toys were cute, shrek and the cat we have right now. Need to see shrek 3!!! Spider man 3 --NOT WORTH IT - :P
6:00-hop on msn, nobody really there, read blogs and stuff...
7:30-shower, find a spider in the bathroom, I am needing a dustbuster or something smaller than can suck up a spider, cause I hate squishing them and then cleaning spider guts.
8:00- America's Next Top Model!!! One episode left after this one.
9:00-Bedtime and then we get to do it all over again

There aria, there ya go.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Lock down confirmed!!!!

Reports are correct folks!
Some stupid children brought toy guns to the Highschool down the road.
The streets are blocked off and the cops had all the kids in school lined up and were frisked and searched.
Mikaela, I am sorry I was doubtful, I didnt think that this would happen to us, let alone, a school down the road from us.

Stupid kids. Hope they are punished for freaking out the whole community.


Mikaela says some kid pulled a gun at her elementary school today. She says this explains the helicoptors flying around above the school. Hmmmm...Shes also upset that the school is doing a mock lockdown incase this kind of thing happens, but the mock lockdown happens tomorrow.
Hmmmm I wonder whats got helicoptors flying around above the school. I can hear them, I live down the block from the school.
Dad and Mik went to investigate....

we shal see.....

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I wish all my cats were kittens.

Dashboard Confessional - Stolen

I love these guys, this is by far my favourite song from them.


In the living room, we have a big shelf full of knickknacks and candles and pictures. Since Aria is gone, we have been collecting things to give her in her little packages.
Mom will forget unless its somewhere she can see it all, so we throw it all on the top shelf.
We accumulated quite a bit of stuff up there, mom lovingly calls the shrine of Aria.

Well, I was being silly and made it look more like a "real shrine". hehehee

But something was still missing....CANDLES!!! hehehee Mom was a little weirded out, and made me take it all down after I was done with the camera. She was giggling though.

I didn't have incense, but thats ok, I dont like it anways, it can get a little too strong for me.

Oh, and wedding stuff is getting done slowly. Have a MC, and getting the pastor done this monday, and then on to other things like cake, dress altering, and finding of tuxes (not mobster ones that tony wanted---I dont even know what he means by that, and he doesnt either, his friend thought they were cool.) Pfft...Boys. They can have sunglasses and be "cool". I am looking forward to getting the cake and food stuff all done. Gotta dig up them white mini lights I used to have in my room. (Used to have them nailed up around the room in the townhouse,they were white and some were rainbow). Oh the decor of a 15 yr old.