Tuesday, July 31, 2007

the UPS man came!

Mikaela is gone to camp, so it is just the three of us at home :) Dad went to work, and my mother and I were watching some sort of tv show when the doorbell rang. Thinking it was mikaelas friends wanting her to play, I answered and was suprised! the UPS man was on my doorstep with a package for me! WOOOO the mac stuff is here!
This is what I ordered Jennifer :

3 brushes, and the seedy pearl eyeshadow. I had ordered one more thing, but forgot it, and its coming in a few days I expect :) FUN FUN FUN! *I also added my face primer with sunscreen stuff in it. Got that a little while ago.*

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

more weekend fun

Mom and Dad took us to Vancouver to check out places to live. We didn't have much luck. Called a bunch of places, left messages, got nothing. Checked out a bachelor suite. I figured it would be small, but I had to see it. It was half my bedroom with a kitchen, and the kitchen is like a converted closet. The bathroom in that place was up the stairs on the next floor. When you walked up the steps, you felt like you might fall through the green fake carpet through the rotted stairs. yay! We shall see what God has in store however and I trust that he will take care of this.

Went to a Mexican food place in Vancouver, it was YUMMY! had a chicken chimmichanga! it was sooo good!

When everyone eats beans on the way home however, makes for an interesting ride back. the windows were rolled down some of the time.

I ordered some really neat mac makeup and am getting it soon! hehehe makes me excited!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

the weekend...

Was busy! Did makeup with Jennifer on Friday, learned a ton...and then proceeded to purchase some things from mac online and I cant wait to do it all :) Thank you again Jennifer for hanging out and showing me cool tricks! hehehe. Checked out the newspaper for apartments and was very disappointed in finding nothing that was cheaper or close to where we want to live in Vancouver :P frustrating. Checked the craigslist and responded to ads, however have no response to any emails. More frustrating! ARG!
Hmmm....scanned a ton of pictures to the computer for wedding stuff. Got flowers sorted out, must now get a place to live still, read the rest of harry potter 7 before anyone spoils anymore of it (stupid la senza sales lady). I was up till 2 am reading it because I wanted desperately to finish in a day, and that hasn't happened, but hopefully will tonight.
Up until the wedding will be sooo busy, and I am stressing out, but its ok. things are getting done kinda.

Going to find something entertaining for you all. My last pictures weren't that great.
Oh, and my parents rented "Breach" and it was very interesting if you are into fbi spy movies.

This was when we were making the invitations...I almost got him in the face with a red fingerprint hehe.

I have more pics later to post, but not yet...

Saturday, July 07, 2007

The flood that never came...

This is what we did to prepair for the flood that might have hit us. Thankgoodness it didnt, cause the shower exploding poo water was bad enough, and I cant imagine what a whole basement of water would be like :P
So, Mom, Dad, and I moved everything from storage and all the valueable basement items upstairs. The only place to put everything was Aria's room because shes not here :D

The cat loved sitting up high supervising. They went nuts while we moved, they raced around the house and chased eachother. Kiwi was wiped out and fell asleep on my lap right after. Smiff got lost downstairs and cried helplessly until mik found her.
She hates moving.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Mosquito's and more

Bah!!! Silly internet explorer 7 will not load any other windows right now, so I shall just have to wait until later to try and make more comments.

Work was boring, the americans have their holiday, which is not one day but probably going to last until monday. Man, its almost like Christmas for them again but in July.

Soooo what else does July have? The harry potter movie and book! I AM SOOO EXCITED!!!! Also, Family BBQ is coming up, I am excited about that as well, get to see all you long lost cousins again.

Mikaela's bday and Aria's Bday are coming up...what do they want? hmmm....must find something quick, Miks is coming up soon.
The mosquitos are all over the place, I hate them! They greet me in the morning as I leave my house and sing in my ears when I try and sleep. Man, I regret taking down my netting that hung over my bed. I might use that stupid electric zapper and keep it next to my bed at night. I really hate that thing, but it works. Those bugs make a nice sizzling noise whent hey get hit, sometimes they pop.

So, I shall have some pictures to post later on, I dont have any new ones yet :P