Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Mosquito's and more

Bah!!! Silly internet explorer 7 will not load any other windows right now, so I shall just have to wait until later to try and make more comments.

Work was boring, the americans have their holiday, which is not one day but probably going to last until monday. Man, its almost like Christmas for them again but in July.

Soooo what else does July have? The harry potter movie and book! I AM SOOO EXCITED!!!! Also, Family BBQ is coming up, I am excited about that as well, get to see all you long lost cousins again.

Mikaela's bday and Aria's Bday are coming up...what do they want? hmmm....must find something quick, Miks is coming up soon.
The mosquitos are all over the place, I hate them! They greet me in the morning as I leave my house and sing in my ears when I try and sleep. Man, I regret taking down my netting that hung over my bed. I might use that stupid electric zapper and keep it next to my bed at night. I really hate that thing, but it works. Those bugs make a nice sizzling noise whent hey get hit, sometimes they pop.

So, I shall have some pictures to post later on, I dont have any new ones yet :P


Jennifer said...

can't wait to hug and squeeze you soon!

Aria said...

awww! I AM SO MISSING OUT :(((

Hugs from afar will have to do

aw I miss you guys!

OH so Miranda, I do NEED CLOTHES (if I could underline I would) so that would be a wonderful birthday present eh? I am thinking pants and perhaps shirts...

oh boy I bought you a present today :) makes me happy and I hope it makes you happy.

Love you.

Meredith said...

I don't feel like I've been lost for long. Really I'm just over here. See you next week!

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