Tuesday, November 30, 2010

feeding time

 This is what has become of meal times with her. My ravenous child would rather jab herself in the face with her spoon than have me feed her. So we compromised. I guide fill her spoon, and she grabs it and thrusts it towards her face. I gently guide it to her mouth and lo and behold, she sucks it back and is ready again for more. I'm thinking she thinks its a game. Like when the cell phone is just out of reach and all she wants is to have it in her mouth. I didn't even put a bib  on her because the last few times we tried solids, she would wail at me at the first spoonful. This was a spur of the moment "lets try and see what happens AGAIN" thing.

She was tossed into the tub and had a great time splashing me. In the end, I was soaked and covered in sweet potato rice cereal. Oh yea.

ohh blog neglect :(

We've been pretty busy here the last few weeks. There were mid terms, physio appointments, doctor appointments, snow, and a weekend away in chilliwack.

Sadie had her 6 month doctor appointment last week. Tony and I took her. Shes 14.5 lbs. She roughly gains a lb a month. Doctor said its fine, shes on the same growth curve shes always been on. Shes still tall for her age, and I can tell. Shes grown out of all the 3-6 month onsies, and we are moving close to being able to wear 9 month ones. We did her shots like always. I sit down, not watching, Tony holds her fat little hams still and the doctor pricks her. She screams, and then cries, and the second one comes and she screams harder and wails. I hate shots. Through all those tears, she managed to smile at the doctor as she left. After the smile, the tears were back. Poor gal. So she calmed down as we left and we went to find Tony a toque at Oakridge Mall.


I liked this one kinda. Looks like a lumberjack. It actually fit him too. (In case you didn't know, he has a giant head)

In the end, he got this one. Its nice and stretchy and looked good. Why were we looking for a toque for him? Well, lucky boy gets to go skiing at Whistler for his friends bachelor party. Just a little jealous.

So we got home and I made a cup of tea and dunked my stroopie. It was delightful.

A few days after this, I had to take her to physio. Tony had grad photos during that time and it was snowing. I bundled Sadie up till she looked like a michelin man and out we went. I found out very quickly that strollers are not meant for snow. Not even a few inches. Oh I got quite the work out. I was sweating in all my winter clothes trying to push that stupid thing to the bus stop. It wasn't my easy close bus stop, it was a ways away. I was trying push that sucker forward with enough force to get er going, and at the same time be careful not to slide it near the road. Yay for un shovelled sidewalks. We managed to get to the appointment 10 min early. I am not one for being late for anything, so we left super early thankfully.

Shes doing well as far as her neck goes. She can now turn to the left 80 degrees instead of 45. Gotta work on getting her to do the last 10 and also work on how she tilts her head.

So then we spent the weekend in Chilliwack. Saw Harry Potter 7, decorated the house for Christmas, wrapped presents and went shopping. It was a busy good weekend. Next weekend I am alone with the baby. We do have plans to crochet with Larissa, and then I have plans on baking, cleaning and crafting some more. Gotta finish my ornament for the ornament exchange.

Ohh man, lots of stuff. I shall be getting back to posting regularly again.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How I get my daughter to look to the left:

Put the "forbidden" remote and cell phone on the left just out of reach.

She's been trying for a while now. When she gives up, she rests her head facing left and just stares at them.

Physio is this Thursday, so we shall see how shes doing with her neck muscles. In other news, she had her 6 month shots and a flu booster thing. She gets the rest of the flu shot in a month :( Tony is so good. I sit in the chair and not looking, he holds her legs still and the doctor jabs her. She always screams and cries. He cuddles her and she wails. This time though, she was wailing and when the doctor said "bye bye" Sadie smiled. She smiled through the tears and red eyes. As soon as the doctor was gone though, the crying continued. She stopped after she got dressed. Shes only 14.5 lbs, but shes on the same growth curve as before, so the doctor says there's nothing to worry about.

She's been clingy today but still pretty happy. After next month we dont have to do shots until shes 12 months old. YAY!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Granny Square!

Yesterday we had company over. Dad, Debbie, Colin, Kayla, Beth and Kathryn. Our tiny apartment got pretty full. Nothing we can do. We had marble cake that Debbie brought and an apple pie that I made.  Baby and I took some pictures together on the floor before hand all dressed up nicely.

Its pretty chilly in our place. I have the heat turned on, but its not heating the house. Its weird. Might have to call our landlord to see whats going on. 

And now the granny square. Larissa, I can teach you now. As long as you can do a double stitch we can do it up. I need some more colours of yarn. I am gonna do up a bunch of these for a blanket.

Bless this Nest Ornament Exchange

So while looking through the blogs, I saw this! Looks like a lot of fun, so I signed up. I have some spare ornaments already made, so away we go. Going to be making some more ornaments today. Not sure what I will be doing, but I want it to be something different. Maybe I will try to crochet a snowflake.

Oh that reminds me! Yesterday Beth, Kathryn and I went out to get yarn. I have white, pink and orange now as well as a multi coloured one for making kitchen stuff. Gotta get my crochet on so I can test out some new things and get good at them. Granny Squares are tough, but so far I found a way to maybe cheat and I may just try it out. Beth taught me the cheat and it worked better than what I was doing. I shall post progress of them later if I finish one that I like.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Christmas Ornament #6

Some of you might be thinking "GASP! She desecrated the Scrabble game!" Well, it makes fun crafts and it was in the name of Christmas, so don't fret. Besides, its not like I took a brand new game and ruined it. I have had this spare scrabble set in my storage locker downstairs. I've been just waiting for something fun to use the tiles for.

I hot glued the tiles to pretty Christmas scrapbook paper and then put the ribbon on it. Done!

So for all my scrabble lovers, they might just get one of these this year. I have no more "J''s but I can do Noel with some letters.

Friday, November 19, 2010

10 habits + guilty pleasures

1. [Habit] I never check my voice mail. Usually I will call the person back who I missed rather than listen to the message.

2. [Habit] I pick at the hangnails on my thumbs, especially when I am stressed or nervous. Its bad cause I might not notice it until my thumb bleeds.

3. [Guilty pleasure] movies: Harry Potter

4. [Guilty pleasure] Colourful markers, I have oodles of them and the crayola sections always draw me like a moth to the light. Who can say no to rainbows?

5. [Habit] I leave the toothpaste in the shower, Tony hates that.

6. [Habit] I play with my hair without thinking about it

7. [Guilty pleasure] tv show: America's Next Top Model

8. [Habit] I wiggle my feet when I try to fall asleep.

9. [Guilty Pleasure] Fillets of Fish (I will admit, I've eaten a double one of those...very terrible)

10. [Habit] I fall asleep watching tv shows on the ipod

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy belated 6 months baby

You are grabbing and reaching for everything. You swing your toys around and flail your arms when you get excited. You play shy but still are coy and smile. You are known as the "happy baby" at Safeway by the cashiers. You make everyones day better with that beautiful grin. You are eating solid foods. Apple sauce, squash and sweet potatoes.

Yesterday, you and your daddy practiced standing. You were doing so well, working those legs.

Christmas Wreath

There, its done. I'm so thankful that I found the hot glue, otherwise it would drive me crazy not being able to finish it (especially when everything was done, just needed assembly). Its kinda simple, and just has Christmas colours in it. I will get a picture of it on our front door when I get something to hang it with.

Christmas Ornament #5

So these didnt take too long, even with the hand stitching around them.
What you will need:

Felt (or other material)
Embroidery thread
Needle (a big one)

Pretty simple. I stuffed mine with a cotton ball inside. Also made a tree, and a star (The star was way ugly and is not going to be used).

Aria says that one year starbucks had something similar to these. I never saw those ones, but I wish I had just to see what they did. Mine were cheaper.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

its even worse than this picture now

Ran out of hot glue. This was RIGHT before I was about to put the whole thing together. I finished all the pieces and everything. Very sad. I'll be off to the dollar store first thing tomorrow so I can get this sucker done. I want it on my door.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

just some random happenings

She's been teething or something again. We fight a lot these days about eating. She thrashes like a fish out of water when I try to hold her to get her eating. She knows the "assumed feeding position" and once that bottle appears, there's screaming and wiggling and more screaming. Her teethies are bugging her again. I can feel many little bumps under her gums. We fight and its a disaster. Formula goes on the floor, on her, me, all over her face, but never swallowed. She even goes as far as to gurgle it back at me in protest while she cries. I did manage to get her eating though. If I restrain her arms from interfering, she tends to give in--thank goodness.

I have yet to find those teething tablets, but I haven't checked london drugs or shoppers yet. Fiona, I know you mentioned somewhere, but I cant remember where. 

She's been sleeping ok, but waking up more to eat as shes not eating as much in the day time. She has found that its funner to grab the spoon of food and play with it between her fingers than it is to eat it. She also looks like she wants to feed herself (which isn't going to work just yet).

She enjoys dinner time when we all sit at the table. I've been making it a habit to do it if Tony is around. Before S, we would sit in the living room. I didn't feel the need to eat at the table if there were just 2 of us. She has her own chair now though, so its nicer to have her sit and observe. 

This was lunch the other day. Its my favourite sushi roll now. Its the Panda roll. Deep fried yams, asparagus, avocado and sea weed. So awesome. I had to eat it with my fingers because when I got home, there was only 1 set of chopsticks in the take out container.

she's a UBC girl

This was something that Tony had to get for his little girl. She's really rocking the ears.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas Shopping

This morning I woke up feeling pretty crappy. I was cold and felt gross and couldnt wait for naptime. Now that its naptime, I get to online browse/shop for the little girl and Tony. He is also sleeping in after staying up late doing homework.

So far for Christmas, I bought only one thing...really sad for me actually. I like to get it all done like now, but I am only just starting. BOO

So far I found a roly poly ball for the girl. Yay eBay.

Also am looking for a cute ugly doll. Going to the Childrens place/market...whatever its called (on granville island) soon to grab one for her. She does love her collection of them so far. They are nubbly and great for sucking on and laughing at.

So I am almost done my button tree craft. The wreath needs work still. Larissa and I did an attempt at wreath making. I need some filler stuff for mine.

Hmmm what else. Gotta think of something to do for an Advent calendar this year. Maybe my mini tree will be an advent calendar. Oh speaking of tree...we were given a 3 ft tree this year (Thank you mom and dad). So now instead of a toilet brush looking tree, I will have bigger better one. Now I gotta get some ornaments going. If I make a couple a day it might look nice.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sadie Sauce

My momma made special apple sauce, called "Sadie Sauce". Made with unsweetened apple juice and apples. She canned them all in pretty little jars just for my girl. 

She loves it. We are almost done one jar of it so far. She shows me that the "cool" thing to do is to suck the food off her high chair tray. That works for me. 

Its also cool to abduct the spoon and shove it and your fingers in your mouth all while eating.

Huzzah, I've got it!

This was a second attempt at making a washcloth or potholder. The first attempt was very triangular looking. There were issues with missing stitches and tension. This was all ripped out and this one was the result.

And then there was the progression of making squares with scraps of yarn. I tried to "fix" the first one by making it pretty with a purple border. Ya...that didn't work. It now accentuates the lopsided ugliness of it all. By the last one I decided to try the washcloth thing again.

A somewhat better cloth. Still issues with tension, but its not triangular, just more loose in some parts than others.  I think I will try another and then learn a new stitch or pattern maybe. I think I like this crochet thing now.

She got a little tired while watching me crochet, so she is napping now. While she sleeps, I will start making another cloth and plan a trip to Ikea for Christmasy things (Tony wants to try the meatballs).

Monday, November 08, 2010

Getting things organized

 I needed a place to organize my plans for Christmas this year as there are lots of things we have to do.

This is just a booklet of scraps that has my gift lists, food ideas, and other to do's. Its small enough to fit in my purse and I made it pretty with tape and fancy old Christmas paper. 

After that was all done up, it was time for a peppermint mocha with Tony and the baby. The baby bunting thing was made my Tony's mom for her girls. It fit her rather well and she was nice and cozy during our walk.

we went from happy to this...

It doesn't help that she whacked her head on the floor though.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Testing out Christmas treats

I've been meaning to test out this dish for a while now. I love my brie just straight up with crackers, but baked...well that would ruin a perfectly beautiful brie, wouldn't it? 

Thankfully superstore had cheap brie to test this out on. I would rather ruin a cheap brie in the name of a food experiment. I drizzled rosemary garlic olive oil over it, baked it until it was puffed up and then we gobbled up the goodness with fancy crackers and cranberries.

This cheap brie was a success and it will be a Christmas day treat for our family.

busy busy busy

Its been a while since I last posted. We've been pretty busy. Last weekend we were visiting Chilliwack. Tony stayed just the weekend and I stayed till Wednesday. So nice to visit the fam. We hadn't seen them in a long while and they were baby deprived. 

I had the best time there. We went to abbotsford, got my hair cut at a fancy place. Visited Grandma. Then momma and I went to the thrift stores. I scored tons of craft supplies. I love it when old ladies dump off their buttons, yarn and things. It was the best deals at Bibles for Missions cause they had 25% off everything. I paid $6.25 for a bag full to the brim of stuff. I kinda felt like I was ripping them off. I will be back there for more. I am glad my momma likes to go to these places.

Today it was kinda spur of the moment, but Sadie and I decided to try going to Granville Chapel. I had an extra hour to kill from daylight savings and since babies do not sleep in an extra hour, we headed to church. Got there a little late but we made it. She was so well behaved, she sat with the couple next to me. She liked them. They were really nice and I wish I remembered their names. Oh well, always next time. This church is not what I am used to, but it was nice, and the people were super friendly.

I shall post more later on what I've been making with my thrift store finds.