Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How I get my daughter to look to the left:

Put the "forbidden" remote and cell phone on the left just out of reach.

She's been trying for a while now. When she gives up, she rests her head facing left and just stares at them.

Physio is this Thursday, so we shall see how shes doing with her neck muscles. In other news, she had her 6 month shots and a flu booster thing. She gets the rest of the flu shot in a month :( Tony is so good. I sit in the chair and not looking, he holds her legs still and the doctor jabs her. She always screams and cries. He cuddles her and she wails. This time though, she was wailing and when the doctor said "bye bye" Sadie smiled. She smiled through the tears and red eyes. As soon as the doctor was gone though, the crying continued. She stopped after she got dressed. Shes only 14.5 lbs, but shes on the same growth curve as before, so the doctor says there's nothing to worry about.

She's been clingy today but still pretty happy. After next month we dont have to do shots until shes 12 months old. YAY!


Fiona said...

OH I am not looking forward to the 1 year shots! THEY DO 4!! And if they are walking I hear they have to do them in the arms... fantastic :S

Miranda said...

4! SICK! Poor little arms!

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