Thursday, June 30, 2011

Chicken Salad Sandwich

I had to think of easy things to make while at home in vancouver, and chicken salad popped into my head. Now this isnt your ordinary chicken salad, it has red grapes in it. Yes, that's right, red grapes. 

Now you may be thinking, Miranda, fruit?!?! In your sandwich? Yesssss... precious....yesssss

I put in chicken, lots of red grapes (thats just my taste), then celery, helmans mayo (not miracle whip, its gross that way) and then salt and pepper.Love my pepper.

The red grapes add sweetness that you need to make the salad less bland and the celery gives it a crunch. I've also had it with little canned mandarin oranges, and almonds, but I was out of almonds at home.

I made a big batch of this stuff and its been lunch for me for a few days. Not sick of it yet.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

[baby update] week 31

Its kind of surreal that in 9 weeks (or maybe less) we will have 2 babies!

This week I wasnt able to make it to my ultrasound, but it was ok with my doctor. I had the dreaded glucose test. I got a phone call 2 days later telling me I failed, and that I should go in for the 2 hour test. Gross. I had to do the same thing with Sadie, and I dont remember it being super fun. In order to get that stupid sucker down under the 5 minute deadline, I had to bounce a little up and down in my seat to jiggle it down. I made the nurse laugh. I guess its a good way for her to start her morning. In the end, I passed the 2 hour test. Same results as I had with Sadie.

So I had my doctors appointment in Vancouver, and it went really well. Everything looks good, baby is measuring exactly as he should be. She thought he was breech - but when she ultrasounded me there on her tiny ultrasound machine, she found out that it was just his big bum. Yes...I'm sure he has a big bum, he probably takes after his momma. I can feel it shifting from side to side when he gets antsy. She said that by 34 weeks I can most likely stay in Vancouver because things are looking so good. Tony is so excited. I feel so bad for him, being alone all week long.

Heartburn/Gallbladder attack: Haven't had issues with heartburn yet. Been taking my acid reducers every once and a while just when I think my food will cause issues,  and I dont eat before bed at all.

Cravings: mmm icy cold watermelon, ice cream, semi frozen juice boxes - I'm all for things being super cold, and its not even summer (well it is, it just doesn't feel like it)

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

mini road trip

More like obligitory doctors appointment in vancouver, but whatever gets me out of the house these days works.

Monday, June 27, 2011

bad day

I'm having a bad day

Remember the The Big To Do List?

"Miranda," it said "You CAN'T get any of this done, you aren't ALLOWED.
You havent even finished Sadies Blanket yet!"

Well I have had ENOUGH.

It's silenced now, and I'm still learning how to deal with the fact that things aren't going my way and won't go my way.

We can't move
We can't get out to do a marriage course
We can't go take time away
And I'm gonna end up throwing out a ton of crafting stuff after we move and not before.

Pretty sure its God's way of telling me that I am not in control, even though I want to be. It's tough to leave everything in someone elses hands. I'm a master planner of vacations, or events. I make zillions of lists for things, and I am lost when we do something on the fly, I hate it, it feels strange, and I don't like it.

But its not in my hands anymore.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Candy Stash

I have a thing for sour blue raspberry candies, and american chocolate bars. Theres a candy store that opened only a few months ago called Stickies, and they carry all the american candies that we dont get up here in Canada. The closest thing we have to Almond Joys are Bounty bars. Bounty bars in my opinion are just inferior.
I'm going to be going home to Vancouver for a few days doing doctors appointments and such, so I'm gonna try and save some of this for when I'm out there. The key to this plan is to hide the chocolate from Tony.

Fact 1: I have to hide the chocolate chips in my house from him.
Fact 2: I've hidden them in his dresser drawer at the back under some clothes.

It worked for months before he found them putting his laundry away. When he found them, he told me I had insulted his intelligence. Although he acted upset, I could see his amusment behind it all.

I won.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Food Drama

For the past month or more, we've been battling Sadie. Every meal time, she will eat maybe 5 bites of food and then spit the rest out of her mouth. We've given her the favorites (yogurt, watermelon, beans, apple sauce, and banana) and its the same thing. Its hard especially cause she then doesnt eat enough during the day and wakes up twice a night to drink a bottle. Her tiny tummy gets too hungry.

Yesterday after a 3 hour nap, she was starving, and did the 5 bite thing and spit it out. Mom gave up and dumped a spoon of spaghetti (another recent favorite) on her tray. The famished baby gobbled down that spaghetti by herself proving that she seems ready for her own spoon and perhaps will start eating more. We can only hope. I think the next experiment is to see if cutting down on snacks is better for her at meal times. I'm thinking it will help a bunch.

Its not a pretty sight...just not pretty at all

Any tricks to getting your kiddos to eat more at meal times?

Guest DIY post at Miss Larissa Bree's blog

I'm over at Larissa's blog doing a crafty little DIY while shes away on her well deserved vacation! Check it out here

Thursday, June 23, 2011

dreaming of...



Dreaming of decorating a new place. Or at least trying to decorate after we move. Its sad but I've never really decorated a place before, and although I'm afraid of screwing it up, I'm determined to try and make it pretty. I'm on the hunt for a couch, and I'm really liking the idea of finding a grey one. My old granny blue floral one is too small for entertaining. Ohhh maybe they will let me paint my new place when we move.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

less stressed about breastfeeding, hurray!

Besides hanging out beside the pool with Sadie, and relaxing, I finally got to meet with a doctor in chilliwack who happily took me as a patient for just-in-case reasons. So being away from vancouver where I'd like to have this little guy, things could happen here where I could end up in preterm labor...far away from everyone that knows my situation. For peace of mind, I decided that I should get someone out here that knows everything too. The last thing I want is to not have anyone know my situation, and end up getting joe shmo doctor from who-knows-where dealing with this, and not getting things done in time. My worst fear is having to wait for some random doctor to do a c-section with the cerclage possibly tearing my cervix because its contracting. Something I've had nightmares about.

So, a while ago when I had my gallbladder attack, I met with a really nice OBGYN that said it would be smart to connect with her throught this pregnancy in case anything happens here at my parents. I got to meet her again yesterday, and she was the nicest doctor by far that I've met.We talked about my other huge worry-breastfeeding, and she put me right at ease. I know what to do now in case I get stuck in a situation like what happened with Sadie. I never really talked about what happened with breastfeeding Sadie on here. It was a frustrating situation all together, and I felt like a failure. I know now that it was a lot of issues that weren't addressed right away, and that its something that I wont let happen again.

The story last time with Sadie: 

My supply was terribly low. I was behind because I didnt start breastfeeding until about 8 hours after having her. She was sleepy and jaundace, so feeding was hard, she wasnt really into it. Milk didnt come in until day 3, but there was so little that I needed to suppliment with formula because she was losing weight and not getting better. I started pumping way late, like day 3 when they realized that Sadie was getting worse, and I was happy if I got 1oz.  So my doctor told me to breastfeed every 2 hours, feed her formula, and then pump for 20 minutes afterwards. Combined with no sleep, I was a mess. I cried all the time with frustration, was prescribed drugs to boost supply (2 months later) and then quit after 4 horrible months. That routine drove me over the edge for sure.

So, any of you have similar issues? How did you get through them?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First day of summer

We spent out first official day of summer outside today. After quite a gross spring, it was so nice to feel like that summer was finally here. While mom was blowing up the pool, we explored Mikaela's patio strawberries. We touched the grass - which still is not cool to walk on according to Sadie.

It was a cold dip in the pool for her, but she loved it. She had a marvelous time. She especially liked the part where she could be a little nudist and play with the pretty weeds flowers.

Monday, June 20, 2011

weekends are for

Our weekend was good. How was yours?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

 Happy Fathers day to my wonderful husband, daddy to my little girl, and baby boy,
and Happy Fathers Day to my dad.

Friday, June 17, 2011

lunchtime +my favorite sandwich

 I miss spending the afternoons alone with my girl, so today we had lunch by ourselves.It was lovely. She ate yogurt and fruit, and then cooked mixed veggies. I, on the other hand, ate my curent favorite sandwich:

sundried tomato cream cheese, avacado, tomato, and cheddar cheese on a toasted bagel.

It was delightful.

Sadie didn't appreciate my sandwich as much as I did. She stole a piece of cheese and figured it wasn't for her.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

oh disappointment

After the first period, I knew it was over. I'm not a Canucks fan, but I had hoped they would win.  I was on the road going back to chilliwack when I heard the final score, 4-0 Boston. Props to them, I was a big fan of their goalie. We turned the raido station to some pop stuff that my sister loves and became oblivious to what happened after the game.

 Made a quick stop to an IGA for milk for Sadie, and casually asked the cashier about what happened afterward. Riots and fires the guy said. Whoa...As we got home, I watched the shocking and horrific scene that was downtown in my city. I was stunned. I expected a little bit of rioting, maybe a car being tipped, but nothing like what happened last night. I had friends downtown watching the game. It really worried me, and I am glad they were ok.

Most footage showed fans standing around watching the idiots tipping cars, setting them on fire, and then this morning I woke up to see more terrible footage, looting, damage, guys in masks. Those aren't fans. Fans dont come prepared to the game with balaclavas and gear to cause a riot. I am appalled at how people behaved.

So, this morning I'm a little sad. What is our world coming to? What's your take on the Vancouver riots?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

[baby update] week 29

Due to the craziness that was downtown Vancouver, I was a little late for my doctors appointment, and that meant no starbucks treat for me- boo.

So todays appointment went well. Nothing crazy happening other than feeling some pressure every once and a while from baby's big head. Ultrasounds are looking good, things are holding (as far as the stitch is concerned). I asked her about coming home, and that was a no. Can't come home until the baby is almost all the way baked, so that will be when baby turns 34-35 weeks. Super unhappy about that, but I kinda figured she'd make me wait. Tony was sad, but he understands. So little boy will bake away, I still have ultrasounds every 2 weeks, and same with my doctors appointments.
This little bunny was so good for us today. She woke up from her nap super sassy and full of energy.

How was your day today?

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this afternoon I will be...

hitting up Starbucks for a quick iced tea lemonade and going to my doctors appointment. I'm a little anxious today. From what I gathered at the ultrasound, it seemed good, no change, but...I'm gonna ask her about moving back home. I've been home for 3 days now with Sadie, and its seems to work out rather well.

Also, question for any mommas who've been on bed rest: Are baby kicks more painful?

These baby kicks feels like, "OMG THE BABY IS GOING TO COME OUT OF MY BELLY ALIEN STYLE!!!!" I figured it was because of my weak muscles. On my right side, if he kicks or moves, I swear, it feels like hes separating my muscles to explode out of me. Never felt this way with Sadie, and she was pretty active.

So anyways, I will be just chillin here until Tony comes home to take care of squirt while I escape the house. I'll let you know how it all goes tonight

Wednesday, June 08, 2011


So for lunch today, Sadie and I shared my bran muffin. I tore off small pieces of muffin, and she was real excited to pack her little mouth full. While she was waving around a piece of muffin, I took it out of her hand with my mouth and ate it. Well! Now eating time is a game! She delightfully grabbed more muffin bits and shoved them into my face, all the while beaming at me. I'm thinking, great! She's learning to share! All the while trying to keep up with her eating all the bits that I'm putting on her plate. I'm obviously not fast enough with getting the muffin on the plate, because she was out of things to share. Well, food is food right? She spat out a big chunk of spitty chewed up muffin and shoved it in my face. GROSS!!! Thank you sweetie for sharing...em....ew. ew EW! Nothing better than having second hand muffin pressed on your cheek.

So now if you share, be warned, she will feed you!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

31 things

I haven't done something like this in a while, so I figured, why not? So here we go!

1. I hate confrontation, I avoid it at all costs
2. When I get angry, I always cry
3. I'm what they call an "ugly crier" cause my eyes get all puffy and red and my nose runs
4. I still have never driven a car
5. I hate gobs and gobs of icing on cupcakes...
6. ...but like to pipe lots and lots of icing on cupcakes to make them pretty
7. I NEVER get brain freeze
8. When we answer the phone, my sisters and mom and I all sound the same
9. I would love to quit facebook, but I just...can't
10. I have been through 2 surgeries, going on three, but still cry getting needles
11. I regret not paying more attention in my highschool sewing class
12. I am a money spender, not saver
13. I love the thought of being organized, but I struggle with it all the time
14. Used to think that pet birds were the equivallent to owning pet fish--boring and stupid, and I was wrong
15. Watching Mad Men makes me want to take up smoking (but I won't)
16. Sometimes I memorize license plate numbers to see how long I can remember them for
17. I hate it when candy grab bags are loaded with those spongy banana candies
18. When I'm pregnant, I crave watermelons, and pepsi slurpees
19. I miss cleaning the house
20. I love a good charred hot dog cooked over a fire
21. I love watching the food channel
22. Although I've been peed at, I've never been peed on by my baby -- that could change with baby #2
23. I've eaten so many sour keys that my tounge was raw for days
24. I love rollercoasters, but am terrified of heights (so I shut my eyes going up the first hill)
25. I love tea way more than coffee
26. When I walked home from elementary school, I used to think of an emergency what-to-do-when-someone-attemtps-to-kidnap-you plan
27. I get giddy and excited when there's a thunder storm (love me some thunder and lightening)
28. I hate cottage cheese
29. I was one of those kids in high school that liked to spend lunch hour in the art room
30. I hate Dora the Explorer and refuse to buy Sadie anything with her on it, or let her watch it
31. I sometimes count stairs just because

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Summer fun already!

We took advantage of the nice weather by having some summer fun. 
Boy did we have a blast!

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Dreaming of...

 My dear friend Larissa had blogged about her dreams, and I figured I'm gonna tell you some of mine as well.

One of my biggest dreams is to go on a week long vacation to somewhere tropical. Hawaii has always called my name, and I've been dying to go. Sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, tropical fruit, and nothing but relaxing is what I want.

A dream that Tony and I share is to own a home. Apartment, house, whatever it is, we want to own a space of our own. I dream all the time about decorating my own place, painting the walls whatever I want instead of white.

Another shared dream that my husband and I have is to have more kids. Ya, we're crazy to some people, but its something we've wanted since before we were married. Of course after this little guy, we are gonna wait at least 2 years before we have another one. Tony was thinking of waiting longer, to give my poor body a break. I want to not have them be too far apart, so we shall have to see. I mean, we make 'em cute.

 Lastly, I want to do something that makes me happy. I want a job that I can be happy with. Not sure yet what that will be, but maybe something crafty.

Friday, June 03, 2011


With special permission from my doctor (that I got the day before the ceremony), I was allowed to go to Tony's graduation ceremony at UBC. He graduated with distinction with a Bachelors of Electrical Engineering.

It was sunny all morning, and right after the ceremony, it started raining...then pouring. The weather didnt put a damper on his day though. He was smiling the whole time.

After the ceremony, pictures and a little bit of wandering around campus, we headed off to have mexican food at Andales on W. Brodway. The chimichangas were the best -- and dont worry, I took a pill before eating spicy deep fried food, so no gallbladder attack for me. YAY! You cannot imagine how awesome it is to eat a treat and not worry about searing pain that could come from it.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

[baby update] week 27

So I mentioned in my last baby update that I had an ultrasound that I wasnt too happy with. Well, no calls from the doctor = less worrying about it. Doctor seemed pleased with results when I saw her on the 30th. She said that my cervix shortened a little, but its not something to be too concerned about with it right now.  My weight gain is good right now, its not too too crazy (less greasy food, and more fruits has helped a lot), and baby is moving a ton.

A funny thing happened while Tony and I were waiting in the exam room. We were in a new exam room. It had big tack boards all over with pictures of babies that were delivered by the doctors that share the office. So we were just browsing the boards, checking out the weird babies, fat babies, and multiple sets of twins when I spotted IT.

"TONY CHECK IT OUT!" and as I pointed at the baby, I touched him across the stomach. He spazzed and jumped back in horror. "ITS LOOKING AT ME!" I found a picture of a c-section baby, just the head emerging from a crazy belly opening. Gruesome...

So we're not having pictures of that. Not gonna happen, and I dont care if someone else did it, or let their husbad look past the curtain, its not happening with any of our babies.

I also asked the doctor again about c-section vs vbac birth. She mentioned last time that it wasnt a good idea, but I wanted to know how high the risk was of my uterus tearing during delivery. Apparently babies that are more than 18 months apart or more, the risk is 1/200. 2 years is the best amount of time to wait. Anything less than 18 months is very dangerous to both me and baby. She has seen 4 cases where the uterus tore, and she said the outcome was bad for both mom and baby. She said best thing for me is to do a c-section again. So it will be scheduled for a week before my due date, and if I go into labour earlier, its an emergency c-section instead.

I'm trying not to be disappointed, especially because this is best for all of us. Recovery is going to be longer and harder with 2 little ones, but we will figure something out. It limits the amount of kids that we can have in the end, but we just want a healthy baby.

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Wednesday, June 01, 2011


As soon as the tub starts running, she beelines it for the bathroom, so you best be giving her a bath.