Wednesday, June 08, 2011


So for lunch today, Sadie and I shared my bran muffin. I tore off small pieces of muffin, and she was real excited to pack her little mouth full. While she was waving around a piece of muffin, I took it out of her hand with my mouth and ate it. Well! Now eating time is a game! She delightfully grabbed more muffin bits and shoved them into my face, all the while beaming at me. I'm thinking, great! She's learning to share! All the while trying to keep up with her eating all the bits that I'm putting on her plate. I'm obviously not fast enough with getting the muffin on the plate, because she was out of things to share. Well, food is food right? She spat out a big chunk of spitty chewed up muffin and shoved it in my face. GROSS!!! Thank you sweetie for sharing...em....ew. ew EW! Nothing better than having second hand muffin pressed on your cheek.

So now if you share, be warned, she will feed you!

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