Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I hurt.
I cant remember the last time I fell hard but I did today.
I was really excited about getting my package -- the nativity scene.
Waited in line at the post office for 20 min.
So I was on my way to work with the package in hand, and there was my bus, it was getting ready to leave.
I raced down the hill with everything in hand. It was raining a little, no bid deal...
Thats when I felt my shoe coming off, it tripped me and it felt like I was falling in slow motion.
There went my parcel, and my purse and umbrella. Fell almost on my face really.
Skinned my hand, so bad that I peeled a chunk of skin off, it was almost off. I also really badly cut and scraped up my knee.
I noticed my hand right away, not my knee. A nice man picked up my package and there went the bus.
Got up, grabbed the package and my stuff, and said screw it, I am going home, and hobbled back home. Thank goodness I was only a few blocks away.
Once I got inside and saw my knee and the battered jeans, I cried. There go my only other pair of jeans. My knee had blood running down them and my leg.

Must ask Santa for another pair of jeans now.

I am home now, putting polysporin on my wounds and waiting for tony to come home with band aids so I don't have to see the hideous cuts.

Disappointed because my scene is missing a sheep and a little boy figure, but oh well, its mostly complete and its on my bookshelf! I am happy with it anyways.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Must finish Christmas Shopping....

I keep thinking that I need to get this done this week. I hate leaving it all to the end, especially the harder presents! I have a list made, but now I just need to get it all done. So I guess its off to the Pacific Center after work...not bad, its not too too far away. In other news, I watched Nanny Diaries last night. It wasn't bad, although I liked the book way better. I also rented Shrek 3, and Tony and I are going to watch that one tonight! Yay!

I was in Chilliwack on the weekend and my Mom, Mikaela, and Katie went to camp with ingredients and baked in the kitchen. It was fun, made gingerbread men/cookies, sugar cookies, apricot balls, truffles and nanimo bars. I have the truffles hidden, as Tony has now tried one and decided he really likes them.

Oh man, I have been watching Iron Chef America, and I love that show. I saw the lentils one and the tofu one. Tofu one seemed really gross, but I could have eaten the lentils stuff. They made tofu ice cream, this is why I was turned off by it.

What else is new....ummm not much. Excited about Christmas, and excited about seeing Shrek 3. Oh! Must get Christmas carols! I haven't heard much of those, and I miss them. Still haven't received the Nativity scenes yet, but they should be here soon!

Oh and Mom, I found the Noahs Ark Tupperware toys on ebay!! Oh I so would like to get it for Brittany's baby!

So I am going home or to the Mall now...See ya all later!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

7 random facts about me!!

I've been tagged by Jennifer!
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Random Fact #1
My hair wasn't always this curly. It was wavy for the longest time and then it became fuzzy and horrible, and then I had bangs, and I had to use hair clips and clip them down on the side of my head and hairspray them to death and sleep like that so they wouldn't frizz.

Random Fact #2
I cant stand people who leave an inch of juice or milk in the container in the fridge. Waste of space and just drink it then!

Random Fact #3
Speaking of drinking, I am quite content with a small sized drink, I cant really drink anything in a larger size and sometimes cant finish the small sized drink

Random Fact #4
I hate public speaking. I would purposely be sick to miss any type of presentation in school. I still hate it now, and dread any type of work presentations or in general, attention directed at me.
Random Fact #5
I am in the habit of collecting dvds, especially ones that I grew up with. I own the Disney cartoon version of Robin Hood and Mary Poppins, along with Toy Story 1 and 2. I wish for the Little Mermaid as well as my own copy of Finding Nemo.

Random Fact #6
my favorite ice cream is island farms rainbow sherbet. Oh man, its sooo creamy and good!

Random Fact #7
It irritates me that when I am standing on the crowded bus and little old people get on, that the stupid ignorant jerks that are 15-25 don't offer up their seats. You have young legs people, use them!!!! I also hate the people who pretend to sleep so they don't give up their seats...jerks!

Now I will tag Aria at http://stuckinamazement.blogspot.com/