Sunday, December 02, 2007

7 random facts about me!!

I've been tagged by Jennifer!
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Random Fact #1
My hair wasn't always this curly. It was wavy for the longest time and then it became fuzzy and horrible, and then I had bangs, and I had to use hair clips and clip them down on the side of my head and hairspray them to death and sleep like that so they wouldn't frizz.

Random Fact #2
I cant stand people who leave an inch of juice or milk in the container in the fridge. Waste of space and just drink it then!

Random Fact #3
Speaking of drinking, I am quite content with a small sized drink, I cant really drink anything in a larger size and sometimes cant finish the small sized drink

Random Fact #4
I hate public speaking. I would purposely be sick to miss any type of presentation in school. I still hate it now, and dread any type of work presentations or in general, attention directed at me.
Random Fact #5
I am in the habit of collecting dvds, especially ones that I grew up with. I own the Disney cartoon version of Robin Hood and Mary Poppins, along with Toy Story 1 and 2. I wish for the Little Mermaid as well as my own copy of Finding Nemo.

Random Fact #6
my favorite ice cream is island farms rainbow sherbet. Oh man, its sooo creamy and good!

Random Fact #7
It irritates me that when I am standing on the crowded bus and little old people get on, that the stupid ignorant jerks that are 15-25 don't offer up their seats. You have young legs people, use them!!!! I also hate the people who pretend to sleep so they don't give up their seats...jerks!

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Meredith said...

yes me too about bus people and movies... I own most of the ones you mentioned and Gabriel really wants me to get RH for Christmas for him. It's in the Disney vault and I've seen it at the kids consignment store vhs for $8. or of course there's always ebay.

Aria said...

ahahahha Miranda I love it. But now I have to come up with randomer stuff cause I hvae some of the same "random facts' haha.
Love you and miss you.

Miranda said...

haha you must do it!

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