Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Status of the Cats with eating disorders:

My poor cat. Or, rather, Aria's poor cat. She has not been eating much. I shall introduce you now to what my cat does not look like just incase you confuse white fluffy cat with this:

Kiwi is part siamese. Shes a very tempermental kitty. She loves menthol/ mint tea smell, ham, cereal milk and her crunchy cat food. Lately she hasnt eaten any of her crunchy cat food. I caught her eating it and she reacted as if she wasnt allowed to eat and took off. Poor thing. We havent had ham for a while, and when I had some she gobbled it down. Gave her the rest of my vanilla icecream, and she wouldnt eat it unless I hand fed it to her off my fingers. Shes a thin cat, and I hope she doesnt get thinner. I am gonna try to feed her cheese. Now she doesnt get people food often, but when she doesnt eat anything for a long time, we can usually persuade mom to get sandwhich meat for mik and feed some to the cat. :)

The other cat binges on everything. She eats most of the crunchy food. We try to feed kiwi seperatly. Fat cat always gets a scoop of wet cat food every morning, and if she doesnt get it, she bites your toes in the morning to remind you to feed her. Shes a nusance! If you kick her off the bed, she will sit on you or yowl. Dad was mean and put a plate over the crunchy food to stop her from eating. Hes not being mean, cause the cat will eat the food so fast she will gag or throw it up. Its sick and yet really funny.

Kiwi hasnt eaten too much since aria left, but she is getting better

Oh and its snowing here now. Mom has some nighttime pictures of the snow. The weather man said 5 cm total, but we already have that and it keeps coming.

*mom took these cause i was too cold. I am a wus

Monday, February 26, 2007

Photoshoot last night with Mikaela...

She is doing so well with her guitar lessons, when you listen, its songs, not just random notes. I am so impressed with her and how well she has picked it up. (she can play "swing swing" by the all american rejects, and it sounds awesome!)

Me? Well, I am more the poser guitarist. I think me and the little guitar look good together. LOL I should totally try Canadian Idol. "what? I cant sing? But I look awesome with a guitar."

Finally tried taking pictures with the lightsaber, and its cool in the dark. Now if only I had another one so we could duel!

Mik was having a hard time taking a pic and not have it blur, so this one isnt the best, but it will do. I wasnt ready to pose lol. Ah well...

Friday, February 23, 2007

dont judge too quickly

A commercial that made me chuckle :)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

for you aria...

Here is a picture of your Trend-setting Father. He misses you too, but hopes you are having fun. He also hopes you take better pictures than your friends blurry pictures.--lol just kidding that was more ME thinking that. We loved them however, and want more asap.

Oh and here is the new van!

The sliding door opens with a button on the keychain. When mom and I were parking in the driveway, the car doors kept unlocking and locking fast and then the sliding passenger door opened all on its own. Thought the car was possesed, until of course, we realized that mother had squashed the buttons while holding her coffee cup. Her excuse was that she was "tired".

We ate taco's and thought of you, and Mikaela almost cried as we explained how your fierce grip crushed the tacos before she could really bite into them. We eat a lot more of them now since you have been gone.

So Aria, what things would you like from Canadaland? Any kinds of candy you miss? Anything special, or anything you forgot? Let me know so I can pass on this info to the others :)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Friday, February 16, 2007

promoted, and other misc things...

I applied for a senior technical support position, and I got it! I have only tried 4 times or so. I am happy, I get a raise...wooooooo! I didnt tell anyone I applied because everytime they get my hopes up, and everytime I was rejected, I would get so upset and fall hard. So only my work peeps knew and its was okay.
And now different into a marriage course in the brodway mb church! YAY! Its on a saturday, so I am extremely happy. Needed it to be a friday or saturday, and its only one day, but ALL day long :P I am more of a person who prefers to have the info spaced out, but oh well, nobody else I know does this on fridays or saturdays.

Oh, and I bought new shoes. They are flat and black and cute! I will try and post an action shot of them. Mik already tried them on and said they fit her (ya right, they are 3 inches too big lol).
Oh mikaela...

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Goodbye Aria!

Well, shes off to Austraila! We all headed out this morning at 8 am to drop her off at the airport. Had a going away party last night, it was lots of fun.

After the party, I was awake for a few hours, couldnt sleep at all (aria was up late as well with the same problem.) Hopefully she gets some sleep on her flight, as its 13 hours long *yuck*, or a good movie.

In December, the movie selection on Qantas Airlines was Snakes on a Plane, and the one about the 9/11 plane that didnt hit the whitehouse. When I saw that, I thought that it was kinda awesome that the airline had a sense of humor. At least she doesnt have to watch those now.

I found out from Mikaela that she got to LAX safely and found her way to the right terminal after a while. She should be calling tomorrow to let us know shes in austraila. Mikaela is a little emotional, especially tonight before bed. She got teary again, and hopefully she is alright at school tomorrow. I cant sleep, so I think I will watch a movie for a bit and then sleep.
(got a little teary eyed in the pic of the 4 of us, I hate crying pictures.)

Goodnight everyone out there, and you too Aria, wherever you are over the ocean!

PS Aria: Remember to read your comics I made you in the little pad of paper that you have

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Commander Keen

Back in 1995 or so, I got my first computer. It was My uncle Darrels computer. It was really neat. It had a whole bunch of old games my cousins played and files from a library system. We didn't know what to do with those, so we left them. We were very new to computers.
No Internet, but solitaire was the Bomb! After solitaire we found a cool pinball game. Andy had all the high scores, but with a little work, I took over the high score list, making it impossible for Aria to get on the list. Looking for a new game to beat, we found a floppy disc for Commander Keen. Man, that was the coolest thing ever. Aria and I had never had a Nintendo, or Sega or video game ever before this computer (except pong on the Atari thing that plugged into the tv that my dad had when he was a kid). Keen was awesome when the computer was having a good day (good days were when we had colour , bad days were when the monitor overheated and everything turned purple, or red). Keen was a challenge then, but we did pretty well. Never beat the game, because one day, Aria in her infinite wisdom decided to clean up the computer files that were left there. Well she deleted almost everything, including the folder called "startup". Once the computer shut down, we were lost. It wouldn't turn on without that folder. That was a sad day. She dug up the floppy discs my uncle left with us, and she installed them one at a time (8 total) I took a long time, and we got it to work, but Keen would never work again. By that time we got a new machine, but it was sad because we never beat the game or got it to work on any other computer. Apparently it only runs on dos and windows that have dos.
This week I was on the Internet and searched the game for fun, and low and behold, you can run it on XP. I wont get into the technical details, but after half an hour of tinkering, I got it!!!
I played the game for a few hours last night and was grinning the whole time. The graphics are terrible and its got no sound, but man its awesome. Now I kinda wanna find the atari game my dad had, that thing was so old. I think he threw it out. ahh well. Time to sleep for a bit. Goodnight