Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cupcakes and shopping

Mikaela came over on the weekend. I needed new shoes, and Mikaela the shoe diva came shopping with me to metrotown. She scored a tshirt, 2 tank tops and a curtain for her bedroom door.
Mik helped me pick out the best shoes, black and light blue skate shoes (Vans). They are super cute and now I can throw out my ugly holey shoes that leak when it rains.
No more soggy feet!
We also made spice cupcakes and cleaned up.
My rosemary plant was looking not so good, so we repotted him in a huge pot and hopefully he will feel better.
Mom and Dad brought nectarines and apples from Princeton! YUM!

Haven't had many bad dreams, but this is also because I am not watching Heroes right before bed. De braining people isn't cool before bedtime that is fo sure! Its good those, I definatly recommend to watch it! Made sure that I have something happier or less scary to watch before bed.

Been watching Gossip Girl before bed and on the ipod, and its full of drama! I havent had anything crazy dramatic so its nice (Aria, you should get into it).

I can smell cigarette smoke at the moment....not good, the windows are shut and its coming from downstairs...ewwwww not cool.
Time to get the airfreshner out and hope it doesnt happen to much more.
(I can hear the downstairs person hacking up his lungs)

Just got off the phone with Tony, hes still at school, he had an ecg done on himself so he can figure out how to do it on someone else.

Work is so boring, I have been making a Christmas list of stuff. Also been crafting Christmas cards and presents. I love crafts! I am gonna get going, bed time soon :P

Ps: Peppermint mochas are one of my new favourites!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

breaking glass

Its weird, Jen was having issues with glass breaking and now Tony and I are having the same trouble. We broke 3 cups in 1 week. Thats a lot of cups, and one was a white corel mug. :(
We are both getting into the tv show Heros. I like it and Tony loves it. His favorite character is Hiro (the little Japanese guy). Hiro is pretty funny!
Gtg I think Tony is watching it without me

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

crazy dreaming

A couple nights ago, I was dreaming, dreaming of the end of the world, which wasn't too pleasant but anyways, dreaming away when laughter tinkled into my dream. It got pretty loud before I woke up fully to figure out who was laughing. Tony was laughing, hysterically in his sleep. I rolled over to look at him and his eyes were open and he was laughing in his sleep.
So creepy to see someone doing that sleeping.
Asked him what was so funny, he stopped and opened his eyes more now kind of awake and said "I'll tell you later" and that was it. He stopped and then the giggling started again quietly.

What an interesting sleep.

Never found out what was so funny, and that made me sad.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Interesting stuff about Tony's schooling

Tony came home today from his first day of school, he didn't look too good.
I was all excited to hear what his day was like.
He had the most worried kind of look on his face when he showed me some of the courses he was taking. "I don't know if I am in the right profession or not" he said.
Why, well, apparently he is doing the biology stuff that is related to the engineering he is taking.
He told me that they will be testing some of their "experiments" on themselves, this involves needles he told me with the most worried face. Poor guy. Thank goodness I am not near that profession.
He said in his Labs they might do field trips to the hospital.
*I shudder at the thought of that*
I made it clear he wasn't to test anything out on me, EVER!

Dad, you should hear some of the stuff he might be doing, I was excited.

need to get outta here!!!

Call center workers stressed and depressed...

I kinda always knew this, but I always thought that other jobs were just as bad. Man was I wrong.
School soon for me, I can feel it.