Thursday, November 29, 2007

I spy.....

I spy with my little eye something that is blue.....
Its small....
Its flat.....
And I cant live without it....

So when I lose them, I get a replacement even though I know they are somewhere in my house.
Well, these are the old ones from 2 months ago, however they were badly needed when I lost them.

And they are......

My bank cards.

I have a bad habit of losing those.
I have gone through 29 of them (including the temporary it isnt that bad in my mind).

I have been very good with this new one, the gold is coming off the lettering like it does in the first few months, however I have kept it in my wallet, and not taken it out and left it in my jeans or coat pockets. That was how I lost the 28 other cards before that.

Oh, as I was browsing the internets I found the coolest bandaids!

Man, there were also ninja ones, unicorn ones, and pirate ones. My friend doug had pirate ones and they were awesome! These are sooo cool! Hint aria, I like these!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

No snow!

There was supposed to be snow, and I saw it mixed with rain at work, and then nothing happened. No snow, no cool snowflakes, nothing! I feel ripped off. There was a promise of snow and nothing happened. Tony was pretty sad as well. I found a nice package of jujubes by the couch...they are mine now! MINE!!! I think I like red best. It tastes nice.

Going to visit the wack this weekend. Havent been there in a while, and I miss it. Havent seen the bunnies in a while, I kinda miss them. I miss the cats more however.

So for those of you who care, I found my moms nativity scene on eBay. I am bidding on 2, one for me, one for my Aunt whos one got damaged by water. All my aunts and uncles got this set, its cool

I want this set so bad. I don't really like the other sets out there, but this one is soo cool! Its from the 1940's to the 1950's and they don't make it anymore. I hope I win, I am excited!

What else is new...not much else. I get to use the gym at work now, fun! Saw the Die Hard 4 movie, it was cool. Tony thought of my dad when we were watching it. He told me at one point, my dad would do the same thing with flying a helicoptor. Tried to watch Hairspray, stopped half way through, wasnt in the mood for a musical. It was kinda cute I guess. I kinda want to watch the Sound of Music instead.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

New decorations!

I have been so excited about Christmas, I have been making paper snowflakes and putting pretty glitter on them. I have made about 32 and hung them from the ceiling. They spin so gently when the heat is on.

I also went to ikea to get some neat things for my house. I only have one picture for now, but its of my pictures in my bathroom! They match the colours of my bathroom stuff perfectly! I have more ikea pictures, but they are for later :) I have started my Christmas shopping already and it feels good because I hate being rushed at the end in a packed mall full of other stressed out people. Has anyone else started shopping for Christmas yet?

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Budgie!

We went shopping today, didnt buy anything, just got some ideas.
Walking around, just looking, and then all of a sudden, Tony is like an unstopable force. He bee lined it right for the pet store. While most children and adults were checking out the puppies and kittens (which were brought in for Christmas, it kinda disgusts me how they do that, but whatever...)Tony went right to the back of the store where the birds were. There is only one kind of bird he likes, the common budgie. I have asked him why he likes just those, and not the pretty coloured cute finches or other birds. He told me that he cannot train a finch, however apparently you can train a budgie (I am not sure what you can get it to do, but its trainable). There was only one budgie left. I went and checked out tbe puppies instead, but man, my husband could watch those birds - rather bird, all day. We left the pet store because it was getting a little too crowded for me, and when we were leaving, Tony whispered to me "That bird needs me, he is lonely all by himself. He looked so cuddly and puffy." He was beaming, he was so happy to see the bird. From that moment on, Tony spent the rest of the trip home trying to convince me to let him have a bird. He kept thinking about the bird, and when he did, he giggled, he giggled so hard, he had tears in his eyes.
Its hard to say no to getting a bird when you see his reaction to watching pigeons on the street, or when he hears the neighbours birds next door.
I dont know though. He had a budgie before, and they smell, and squawk, and poop on things. Sitting on the fence as to whether or not I really want one in my house.....hmmmm.

Well, for now I shall post my favourite budgie picture and another bird one that I love.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Creepy things found on eBay....

Who would buy someones baby online? Do people sell babies on eBay? Not really. Instead they make REALISTIC REBORN DOLLS!
Preserve your child in a doll, or buy someone else's child NOW! sells them all. They even make the skin wrinkles as real as possible!!! I find this creepy....ewwwwwww. I first thought someone was selling their child, but no. Anyone else heard of these things?

Another thing I found on eBay...a listing titled :

KNIGHT - Noble Title with Chivalrous Rank of Knight

Apparently you get official documents stating your are a Knight and the bids are up $49.00 Become a knight NOW!!!!

And now one more listing I encountered on eBay:

Ex-Wife Toilet Paper "Wipe Away Her Memory!

The add goes on to say:

Erase a bad memory with a single wipe!

Brighten your day while you wipe away!!

Less fattening than Ice Cream and more gratifying!!

More fun than therapy and so much more affordable!!

Cheaper than a lawyer!!

Flush your way to mental well being!!

Sick.......oh well, maybe tomorrow I will find more weird things at cavity

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The REAL Deal!

So I have eaten a fair bit of Chinese food in my life time. Its good stuff! I usually get it packed away in the round tinfoil like containers or like these here: I also watch tv, and felt so ripped off when the people on TV use the cute little take out boxes. They are so neat looking, it made me jelous to see them eating out of their cute little containers with chopsticks -- I can use chopsticks, but its not the same.
Well, Tony found me a place that puts their food in those AWESOME boxes! I went with him more for the box than the food, however the spicy Thai Pad noodles were awesome. Coconut Noodle Express has won my heart!

Boo to all the places with the tinfoil or Styrofoam containers, these are the best! This makes living in Vancouver better :)

Thursday, November 01, 2007


It consisted of us eating mini chocolate bars and watching dvds. nothing crazy happened. Tony did carve a pumpkin with 2 other friends at work. Now, you may see his creation.
When he described it to me on the phone, I pictured something way worse. I like its ears.