Tuesday, March 27, 2007

dreaming of rats...

The other night I was sleeping, I heard a rustle. I live in a basement with ugly faux wood walls and a drop ceiling. Well, noises dont bother me normally, except it was a noise from over my head. It was scratching scuffling noises. I had the blanket over my head incase a rat dropped from the ceiling onto my bed. Nothing dropped, the noise went away, but it was a eerie feeling afterwards, and for the next few nights.
Well, I was in bed last night, almost asleep, and it came back! Scuffle! Scratch! I was not going to live in fear tonight! Quietly, I creeped out of bed, and turned on the light. No noise.....and then a MEOW! Well, the sneaky white cat was in the ceiling. I didnt see her at first, I saw her in the reflection of the mirrors.

CREEPY CAT! I pulled her out of the ceiling, and proceeded to boot her out of my room. Well, she didnt want that, she ran to the bed, cleaned her dusty self off and went to sleep.

She wanted in the room! I always close the door, and shes not the type of cat to scratch on the door, she has in the past head butted herself in, but never meow or scratch. Silly! I think I will have to get used to leaving the door open or else have nighttime creepers in the ceiling.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Whos this Cutie???

Pretty isnt he? Well, I wouldnt call him pretty, but unique is a very good answer for those who would avoid hurting the artist's feelings. He used to be a snake, as you can see with the highlighted red.

Way back in the day, Aria and I would entertain eachother when we were bored by playing drawing games. Sometimes I would tell her what to draw and she would have to draw it with her eyes closed. The requests got harder as we got older, but soon we were getting too good. So the newest game we played was that one would draw a scribble or line, and the other would have to make a picture out of it. At first we drew simple things, shapes, flowers, snails, easy stuff. The scribbles got a lot harder, but the game got more interesting and detailed.

We started playing with Mikaela at church. Mik doesnt have a sunday school class yet, so she colours. Well, she gets pretty bored of colouring. The bulletins have gotten pretty detailed over the past few months. Mom has gotten in on the game as well while listening to the service.

Today, Mik and I were doodling and mom felt left out. She was bored, and started adding on to Mikaela's Snake. While mom was adding lumps and hairs to the tail, I would whisper to her about adding nubbly wings or a horn. She was tearing up trying not to burst out laughing. She ended up with the lovely creation above. The horse thing, with runners.
Here are some close ups of the scribble game:

(I drew this one, it was hard because the scribble had a loop on it)

Mom did this one, again with the loops!

Mik made sure the punk rocker had all the required piercings.

Vampire Cat! Mom did this one, I told her to add fangs, but instead she gave it a tounge. This one had potential to be a real evil looking fella.

a little tid bit of info...

Mikaela figures polka dots are called "Polk-la dots".
Funny girl.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


These are the tastey chocolate cookie treats that Australian's use to dip or suck coffee through. Found these last night in superstore.

(click to enlarge)

Dont know how to use them when I tried sucking tea through the cookie like Aria said, it went to mush! Blech! They are a good cookie to dunk in things. Mom likes them, but she thinks that theres no way to suck coffee through them. I think we are doing it wrong. Mikaela was not so impressed with them.

Flicr hosts these pics

Monday, March 19, 2007

Stories from Grandma

I took this video of Grandma Abrahams about a year or 2 ago. It was not too long after Grandpa passed away. Aria and I had just figured out how to use video, and tested it out on ourselves, and then without her knowing, we videoed Grandma telling stories to Mik. We always love hearing about when they were growing up, they have so many neat things to tell.
One of my favourites was listening to grandma tell us about how her and her family would ride in a sleigh at christmas time and how there was a little stove in that sleigh. She has the advertisement for the auction they had when they sold it and a few other items so they could travel from Sask. to BC.
I wish I knew how to rotate the video, but alas, I cannot figure it out. So all you watching will have to tilt your heads sideways.

Friday, March 16, 2007

The smelly dimpled one is.......

Fractured her foot falling off the steps at school, and the girl walked all the way home on her gimpy foot. Poor thing, I on the other hand, would have laid on the ground crying uncontrolably until mom came to get me. A new mascara made miks pain lessen a little. (She can only wear it at home as she is 11 still.)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

What hobbles on one leg, smells funny, and has dimples?

You will find out in the next post....

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spagetti Night

More dysfunctional dinner time stunts. This is one of Aria's favourite tricks. I hope that one day, I too will be able to do this, and not gag.

We put the 'Fun' in 'Dysfunctional'

Dinner time can sometimes be a rather chaotic event. Usually we eat, Mikaela talks, and she ends up being the last one at the table. Someone always mentions that Mik hasnt eaten the vegitable of the day, whining insues and sometimes tears fall. The parents then have to tell her to eat them or else, and this is when me or Aria mentions that if she doesnt eat them she will never grow, and be stunted for life. I know when to stop egging her on, Aria never really knew when to stop, or had to have the last word. Mikaela is a child that seems to never shut up until she has the last word. Those two usually fight until one gets hurt and cries (mostly Mikaela).

Now sometimes, everything is normal, or quiet. Its been pretty quiet since Aria is gone. Mikaela doesnt have anyone to fight with except me, and I dont fight much.

Well tonight, Mikaela started it (as if I would take the blame). She hit me, and I smacked her arm back, and it went back and forth. Mom got a picture of it. Typical dinner time fun.

Mom sighes ever other night and says "its not the same without Aria". Well, I think this helped make it more like Aria was here. (Mikaela was the one who started it, the Smirk on her face totally gives it away.)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A hug for Aria

I loved the pics of the Geckos, roaches, and flowers! Post them on your blog for everyone else to see. Grandma loved the flowers you have. I need to sleep, but I wanted to tell you that I love you and I miss you. BAH these things make me emotional. Anyways, you are going to recieve something in the mail soon. I wonder what you will get...hmmm. :) I am going to bed now. Love your older sister (by another year tomorrow).

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Winter Picnic-ing

We havent had a winter picnic in years, but we did this year. Back when we were little, mom would pack hotchocolate and sandwhiches or whatever and we would go to cultus lake for the day.

Me and Aria would find the coolest leaves, or just chuck rocks in the lake.

So, we packed up the hotdogs, tea pot, campstove and wood and headed off to the lake (and grabbed a friend for Mikaela so she wouldnt get bored as easily).

We wanted to go to Hicks Lake, but they were closed. So off we went down the hill to Harrison lake.

It was great fun. Mik and her friend Danielle went exploring and we found freshwater clams and fish bones. Being the twisted little kids they were, they found a pile of rocks and declared those rocks to be the Splatter rocks.

They took turns finding clams and crushing them against the rocks. The innards of the clams splattered all over the place, including them.

:P yuck!

After squishing clams, we went exploring in the woods and found a creek. It was cold!

When I was trying to climb on the log and wait for Mik to focus I almost slid right off and into the creek. Never underestimate the slipperyness of Moss.

Girls played with the embers of the fire, trying to get it going again, until it was completly out, and even then, they had a great time pouring water on the hot sand and watching the steam shoot out.

I have some more pics of aria later that I will scan tomorrow. I was having a hard time getting the scanning program to load, turns out you need the scanner plugged into the computer... good job miranda! lol.