Sunday, March 25, 2007

Whos this Cutie???

Pretty isnt he? Well, I wouldnt call him pretty, but unique is a very good answer for those who would avoid hurting the artist's feelings. He used to be a snake, as you can see with the highlighted red.

Way back in the day, Aria and I would entertain eachother when we were bored by playing drawing games. Sometimes I would tell her what to draw and she would have to draw it with her eyes closed. The requests got harder as we got older, but soon we were getting too good. So the newest game we played was that one would draw a scribble or line, and the other would have to make a picture out of it. At first we drew simple things, shapes, flowers, snails, easy stuff. The scribbles got a lot harder, but the game got more interesting and detailed.

We started playing with Mikaela at church. Mik doesnt have a sunday school class yet, so she colours. Well, she gets pretty bored of colouring. The bulletins have gotten pretty detailed over the past few months. Mom has gotten in on the game as well while listening to the service.

Today, Mik and I were doodling and mom felt left out. She was bored, and started adding on to Mikaela's Snake. While mom was adding lumps and hairs to the tail, I would whisper to her about adding nubbly wings or a horn. She was tearing up trying not to burst out laughing. She ended up with the lovely creation above. The horse thing, with runners.
Here are some close ups of the scribble game:

(I drew this one, it was hard because the scribble had a loop on it)

Mom did this one, again with the loops!

Mik made sure the punk rocker had all the required piercings.

Vampire Cat! Mom did this one, I told her to add fangs, but instead she gave it a tounge. This one had potential to be a real evil looking fella.


Jennifer said...

you guys have so much fun together

Meredith said...

There is still more artistic talent on the program than I have in my pinky finger. :)

Anonymous said...

Well you can say that you were a part of the expression of worship even though you find messages a tad bit of color but least energy being used wisely. Yes God can use many things to look for what he is saying to us. Have a great day.

Aria said...

AWWW I miss church with you guys! I have been just doodleling on my notebook and that's about it. It's looking pretty spiffy.

Aw well those are some awesome pics and so awesome that you posted them! yay!

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