Tuesday, October 20, 2009

chocolate chip banana bread with flax seed

Rainy days make for good baking days. Yesterday I found some really cute mini loaf pans on sale and grabbed those as well as some Christmas cookie cutters. I felt guilt today because I buy bananas cause they are good for us and then I never eat them. Sometimes I'll throw one in a smoothie, but I forget about them sitting there on the counter.

At least my guilt is gone as I have used all the bananas in my bread. Very easy recipe that my sister gave me when I moved out to Vancouver. Half way through the recipe I could hear my mothers voice "My grandchild will thank you for all the brain cells you give it when you eat things like flax seeds". We were with her at Costco when they were handing out samples with yogurt. She told me that its super good stuff (I already knew that), so Tony grabbed a big bag of it. I didn't like its grit when using it in yogurt, but I figured I could hide it it other things.

Hidden in the bread I couldn't taste it, so that is a bonus.

chocolate milk bubbles

I forgot how fun it is to make milk bubbles, even better ones are the chocolate milk bubbles!

Bird and I were cleaning in the bathroom this morning. He has the best time in front of the mirror chirping and dancing around.

We put a sand paper like covering on his pearch and hes been rubbing his beak and head against it (I think hes sharpening his beak, Tony thinks hes just ready to molt again). Turns out I was right. He has been biting Tony more in the evenings and it hurts a lot more than it used to.

Sandpaper was not for his beak, but to sand down his little claws (which is not happening).

So during my crazy busy thanksgiving we went to my Mother-in-laws house and did dinner. Got a chance to look through old photo albums (one of my favourite things). We did this at my Grandmas thanksgiving dinner. Awesome blast to the past. Anyways, one of the things we got to take home was Tony's blanket that his mom made for him. Its beautiful and intricately made, and so warm!

Its perfect to be wrapped in to watch tv in the evenings. I used to have one that was blue, but it was made more loosely than this and got huge holes in it.

Monday, October 12, 2009


This year is certainly one to be thankful for. Almost finished with Canadian thanksgiving, one more place to go tonight and then turkey days are over.

Did a small thanksgiving with just my sisters and parents. My dad got all excited that he made his own butterball turkey. Yes, he injected it with melted butter using and syringe. Thankfully I was not there to witness that. Tony had to stay and work on friday, so it was just like the old days when it was only the 5 of us.

We then did big turkey dinner at my Grandmas house with my extended family. It was awesome seeing my cousins that I haven't seen in forever and hanging out and relaxing. I don't have the pictures from the event, my mom has them on her camera. :( I should be taking mine over more, but its way more convenient to use theirs.

So off topic, I saw the "Niagra" episode from "The Office" and loved it! Its one of my main shows now.

I think this is my favourite quote from the most recent episode of "The Office":

Pam is constantly throwing up because of the pregnancy. If she eats something the fetus doesn't like, she is screwed. It's amazing: a three ounce fetus, is calling the shots! It's so bad ass.

So true, baby calls the shots these days. Anyways, off to surrey for a bit.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

to clear up some confusion...

I've been telling people that I am going to BCIT cause its a little easier to explain. I tell them I am taking courses for graphic design. The confusing part is that my program is partnered with Emily Carr so I am also taking classes there. Its a nice mix of technical stuff at BCIT and art stuff at Emily Carr. I haven't ever been to Emily Carr before this week, so I took a trip to Granville Island before my first day and it wasn't too hard to find, yay!

So at BCIT I am learning how to use a mac more effectively for my graphic design stuff, which is awesome cause I know that even though I own a mac, I need to better my skills with it. I was using PCs almost exclusively before that (except elementary school lol). Also learning the programs like InDesign which is proving to be quite the challenge (well mostly the first class, but hopefully it gets better).

So its been fun, I've loved buying new art supplies. New paintbrushes are my favourites so far, as well as the new sketch book.

Its really nice outside, so I think a walk to Starbucks for something decaffeinated is in order. I miss Timmy hos so much. If they had one near my house, I think this Starbucks thing would stop.

Tony is feeling a little down about not being in school yet, I feel bad for him too, cause I know he would love to be back again.

I also totally forgot that thanksgiving is next weekend, and I am thinking about making a smallish turkey. I love turkey soup and left overs and without making my own turkey, I don't get that awesome stuff.