Monday, October 12, 2009


This year is certainly one to be thankful for. Almost finished with Canadian thanksgiving, one more place to go tonight and then turkey days are over.

Did a small thanksgiving with just my sisters and parents. My dad got all excited that he made his own butterball turkey. Yes, he injected it with melted butter using and syringe. Thankfully I was not there to witness that. Tony had to stay and work on friday, so it was just like the old days when it was only the 5 of us.

We then did big turkey dinner at my Grandmas house with my extended family. It was awesome seeing my cousins that I haven't seen in forever and hanging out and relaxing. I don't have the pictures from the event, my mom has them on her camera. :( I should be taking mine over more, but its way more convenient to use theirs.

So off topic, I saw the "Niagra" episode from "The Office" and loved it! Its one of my main shows now.

I think this is my favourite quote from the most recent episode of "The Office":

Pam is constantly throwing up because of the pregnancy. If she eats something the fetus doesn't like, she is screwed. It's amazing: a three ounce fetus, is calling the shots! It's so bad ass.

So true, baby calls the shots these days. Anyways, off to surrey for a bit.

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