Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Wipe out!!!! (insert theme music)

Man, havent felt like being near the computer for a long time. Then, when I get psyched into doing stuff like posting my pictures from my trip, I realise that I need to use photoshop (which just isnt working anymore on my computer). So wanting to post pictures snowballed into me wiping the computer clean and reinstalling everything. Blech! Took me 3 hours to get it back to where I like it, and I am not finished yet. More things to install and set up :P I dont even know if its worth it yet, cause I havent finished setting up photoshop. If it doesnt work, I will be so mad :P Hopefully I get this thing going and post me some decent pictures about my trip to americaland.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

hello Canadaland!

its been a long time since I have done this, I felt guilty about not posting and reading everone else's blogs.
I was on holidays for 2 weeks with my family.We went to alberta, then Montana, Idaho, Oregon, and washington. We werent able to stop by Jen's house :( sorry Jen.
It was fun, and it was the most time I had ever spent in America. You would think that Canada and America are the same, and it lots of ways they are, however...things like finding "casinos" in gas stations, and signs that say "leave your firearms outside" made me think that we are still pretty different. It was fun though. I have more stories about my trips to americaland coming, but i am at work, and dont have any pictures to post yet.