Thursday, January 31, 2008

The things I wont miss about Alberta

-the negative 28 degree cold
-the wind that makes it colder
-the way my snot freezes in the cold making me feel like I have icicles in my face

I will miss:
-the wind (yes I said I didnt like it, but I do when its the nicer chinook wind we had today)
-my family
-the goodtimes and many stories that made me laugh so hard

I have had a good trip, I am glad to be leaving for home tomorrow. I miss my mountains, the lack of snow and even the rain.

I had a great phone call from three of my closest friends. Coley, Doug and Rob. After that phone call, I felt sooo loved, and it makes me want to come home sooner :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

negative 24 degrees and going lower!

Yes, I am writing this from my motel room in Lethbridge Alberta. Its freezing, haven't been in this type of weather since I was last out here when I was 8 years old.
The Rogers pass was coldest at negative 29. BRRRRR! Didn't want to leave the car really, but needed to stretch my legs.

Saw some very impressive icicles on the way up, as well as up close.
Yellow ones were really neat.

I did forget to mention why I am out here with the family. My Great Grandpa passed away early this week and we travelled out for the funeral. He was 101 or 102 years old, cant remember which. He was pretty coherent up until the last days.

So I am going to finish Iron Chef America the Goat Challenge now, and call my husband who is alone in Vancouver with the exception of our new family member. :)

Pictures of new family member and trip to come :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


So last night at 12:00am ish I was downtown by Broadway and Granville waiting for my bus to arrive, it was cold, there weren't many people around, a couple girls were waiting with me. Saw a electric bus pass, saw the cool sparks as it went by, nothing crazy. Things got crazier after the second bus passed, it was not in service, but as it went by I heard a huge BANG! and then saw a flash of light. The cable snapped and hit the ground moved a bit and then stayed still. Sounded kinda like a gun shot, freaked me right out. Well, the bus driver got out alright, my feet felt weird but other than that, it was kinda cool. Stopped the traffic for a while, then I caught my bus and went home.

Short story is over, the END!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

noticable things...

As my friend Coley and I were walking to work she mentioned to me that it was hot outside.
Really, is it hot? Well we both agreed that since the sun was out we should call it hot outside because walking in the shade made it a little cooler. Makes us both excited for the summer! Cant believe I am talking about summer in January! I am loving the weather however, its been grey and gross for too long. I am just hoping my rain boots come soon so I can keep my feet dry for when this weather goes grey.
Tony left his keys at home today :P Silly boy. Oh well, that just means I get to meet him at work and maybe have lunch with him :)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Learning to cook...

Well, I kinda know how to cook, however I have tried something new that I have never done before--- Stew!

I recieved a crock pot / slow cooker however you want to call it for Christmas from Aria. I also got a great cookbook on slowcooking recipies from Matt and Katie!

I have been wanting to test it out for a long time, and while I was cleaning the kitchen, I was checking a few recipies to see what I could make.

Today, I am making Chicken Stew.

It is simmering in the pot and has a few hours to go, however I shall post its progress now for you all to enjoy.

Such a pretty crock pot! I have to wait a few more hours, but thats alright, Tony is still working, and will be home probably just in time. :)

I am excited for him to come home because I want to eat stew and watch the Bourne Ultimatum with him. I am hoping to come out to Chilliwack soon, but not this weekend, I need new shoes badly and Tony needs jeans. Shopping day is tomorrow!

Saturday, January 05, 2008


So today, Mik and I travelled to the mall and saw Enchanted. It was super cute, and really girly. It had a pretty basic plot and all, but it was just like a Disney Princess movie.
I loved Giselle, she was the best by far, the other characters were alright.
Jennifer, you should really take C to see it, I think you both would like it. I was in the theater looking around, and there were only 2 guys there. One father with 3 little girls all about the age of 6 and then an older man with his wife. I remember being in a movie like that before, it was the Ya Ya sisterhood thing. In that movie, the whole audience cried, and one poor guy was suckered into going with his girlfriend, who was sobbing.
LOL I know not to bring Tony to one of those movies. I made him watch Pride and Predjuice (I cant spell it to get the spell checker to make it better) and he almost ruined it for me. I had to watch it with my mom and sister to make it all better.

After the movie, I was wondering around the mall with Mik and we just had to see the sales at the Body Shop. Mmmm satsuma body butter. I love that stuff, and bought some. Now I am sitting here smelling like nice oranges. Tony made fun of it a little, but he likes it. Also, found some cool tea tree oil stuff for my face, maybe it will help my acne. :P

I shall go to bed soon, I have to work tomorrow :(

kinda have nothing to say...

I felt compelled to blog even though I don't have much to say. Its been a while and I feel guilty just reading other blogs.
Christmas was good, got a ton of bath stuff. The coolest stuff by far was a bubble bar from Lush. It smells like berries and made lots of bubbles and the water was pink.

Watched Harry Potter 5 and disappointed myself when I watched it. I imagined parts that I really wanted to see actually in the movie, however those scenes weren't in the movie. So sad, but it was an alright movie.

new years was good, had Ian and Beth over and we played Guitar Hero, Mario Brothers, and watched a movie. I had fun, but didnt like the after mess. :P

Throwing out shrimp is bad when you dont empty the garbage right away....ewww the smell of dead fish was gross.

Mik is over today, we are going to see "Enchanted" at Oakridge. It looks super cute.

I am going to go get ready, I have another suprise to blog about hopefully this week :)