Tuesday, January 29, 2008

negative 24 degrees and going lower!

Yes, I am writing this from my motel room in Lethbridge Alberta. Its freezing, haven't been in this type of weather since I was last out here when I was 8 years old.
The Rogers pass was coldest at negative 29. BRRRRR! Didn't want to leave the car really, but needed to stretch my legs.

Saw some very impressive icicles on the way up, as well as up close.
Yellow ones were really neat.

I did forget to mention why I am out here with the family. My Great Grandpa passed away early this week and we travelled out for the funeral. He was 101 or 102 years old, cant remember which. He was pretty coherent up until the last days.

So I am going to finish Iron Chef America the Goat Challenge now, and call my husband who is alone in Vancouver with the exception of our new family member. :)

Pictures of new family member and trip to come :)

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