Thursday, January 31, 2008

The things I wont miss about Alberta

-the negative 28 degree cold
-the wind that makes it colder
-the way my snot freezes in the cold making me feel like I have icicles in my face

I will miss:
-the wind (yes I said I didnt like it, but I do when its the nicer chinook wind we had today)
-my family
-the goodtimes and many stories that made me laugh so hard

I have had a good trip, I am glad to be leaving for home tomorrow. I miss my mountains, the lack of snow and even the rain.

I had a great phone call from three of my closest friends. Coley, Doug and Rob. After that phone call, I felt sooo loved, and it makes me want to come home sooner :)

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Jennifer said...

never really been to alberta....

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