Wednesday, June 30, 2010


We are patiently awaiting the arrival of the family. They are here to borrow a camera and bring me my laundry that I forgot. Mikaela will be staying a few days to help me clean and take care of small one. I love it when they help cause I get to have a longer nap.

She was on her tummy this morning and shuffled herself around in a full circle by kicking her legs. She is liking being on her tummy more now. She used to bonk her head on the floor and scream.

She is awake now and so we shall play some more.

Friday, June 25, 2010


I have already somewhat rubbed my warped sense of humor on my child. We have been playing with these guys today and she's loving them. Moxy (The pink one) tickles her neck with its ears and Ice Bat is fun to look at. Tony thinks its cute and strange that I've done this.  Sadie and I have been playing lots more, and she smiles and makes cooing noises at me.

So far today I've been trying to think of something good for my blank canvas but nothing so far. I have an idea for a craft that I've been wanting to do since I was pregnant but I couldnt make it out to the craft store to get the supplies. I am hoping that I can do that this weekend.

I cant wait for the day when I can move into a bigger place. All I want to do is to be able to decorate or paint the walls and make Sadie's room pretty. I've been looking at this site:

Its got awesome stuff on it.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

shes been smiling more

Yes, more legitimate smiles from her finally. I thought I would try and catch them on film (or rather digital) but she was not as cooperative.

I did get some beautiful pictures of her though.

She likes zerberts (raspberries) on her tummy. They can trigger the smiles, but I only got part of a smile. I hope this post keeps her grandma happy for a while until we visit tomorrow evening. 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

being silly

Goals for tomorrow:

  • dishes
  • sweep floor
  • pick up living room
  • pack over night stuff for Sadie and I
This is so I can visit these crazies on the weekend...

 They are excited to see Sadie mostly, and I guess go shopping, FINALLY!

Going to bed now and then when Sadie wakes up, I shall watch an episode of "The Big Bang Theory". Awesome show. Fiona, Sheldon is defiantly my favourite character.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

its such a nice day out

Just sitting here listening to the little girl grunting in her sleep. Shes almost awake, but still not quite there. Its warm out today. Its so nice and sunny and a perfect day to bbq.

I've run out of thank you cards again and have to make some more. I only need a few more though, so thats good.


Tony is doing a mid term at the moment, so hopefully that goes well. We were both grouchy this morning. Sadie and I camped out in the living room for part of the morning, sleeping on the couch listening to tv. It was a good little bit of sleeping in after a not-so-fun night.

I really hope we can visit chilliwack this weekend. I desperately need to go shopping for clothes for me.

Monday, June 21, 2010

beginning the day

We woke up, the little girl dozed after waking me up. Little meanie. Maybe she secretly knows that I cant sleep once I am fully awake.

Oh yes, finally on sale! This is MY cereal, not Tony's. He inhales cereal, so I hide this stuff.

Played with the bird. He was ringing his bell to be let out.

And then the little girl had a snooze and gassed it up. I wish to snooze and shall do so soon.

Friday, June 18, 2010

check it out!

New freezer is sitting in our apartment! Its perfect for keeping freezies cold (amongst other things). It was so hot today in the house. I dread the heat from summer. We keep forgetting to haul up the fans from storage. Our place is kinda like a green house in that all our many windows face the sun during the day in the summer. We have a lot of windows, and it makes for sweaty times. Last year I laid infront of our big box fan and used a spray bottle of water to cool me down.

 Today I lived off a lot of blue and white freezies. Those are my favourite flavors. I think white is coconut and blue is blue raspberry. Orange comes in third and then all the rest. Sadie was a little too hot and had a bit of heat rash near her neck. I am hoping a nice bath and being naked helps.

This is what we did today. We tested out the vibrating bouncy chair. Once it started really vibrating she had a good time looking outside and being mostly naked.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

back to crafts

Finally finished this painting from when I was on bed rest. Its a crappy photo from the iphone, but I was charging the battery in the big camera. Did this and many thank you cards while Sadie was napping. Also worked on a craft that required spray paint. It was windy outside but that didn't stop me. I got it done and now it should be super dry with the wind and all.

Baby is smiling more, could be gas but there are so many more smiles, and she did it while focusing on my face and being all cute. She did the same thing with my mom. Mom melted.

Hmmm another new thing happened. We got a freezer from Tony's mom as a present. Super awesome present! It way beats my freezer in the fridge. Cant wait to put more things in it. Right now we have a big box of freezies. Havent been able to get those in forever.

The blue ones are the best.

Pee wee will probably have a late night tonight. She did last night as well, but she slept well and although she fussed early in the morning, she slept again (or did something, I didn't look to see what she was up to) for another hour and a half. yay!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

many travels this weekend

Before I go into detail, here are some older cell phone pictures of baby at home chilling out.

Went to the park today. Its just down the road from our house, like a block away. I took Sadie out to get out of the house. It was beautiful outside and the stroller was parked downstairs, so I didnt have to have Tony haul it down.

It was just a date with me and her. We first headed over to Mc Donalds for Dollar Days pop, and I grabbed a large one. Pop may not have been the wisest choice, but its liquid and I am trying to drink a ton more to get this breastfeeding thing going better.

(since the park, I have drank about 3 glasses of water).

She was sleeping for the most part until I woke her up and took her out of her stroller.

We had a good quiet date at the park. It was nice and breezy out. Such a pretty summer day. Oh, I met another mother of a baby at the park. She came to see Sadie, and I checked out her baby and we chatted for a bit. It was a little hard though as english was not her first language. Her baby was 2 months old and reminded me of a sumo wrestler. He had the biggest head and many chins (Like Sadie). He was 2 months old though, so maybe that was why I thought he was gianormous.

We went to the doctor yesterday (Ahhh public transit with a stroller...scary). I was so nervous. It doesnt seem like a big deal, but I was worried about hitting someone with the stroller, or running over their feets. Also worried about carrying her car seat to the doctors office. I managed to not run over or mangle anyone on the trip, but I over did it with carrying her seat and a few groceries. I could feel it in my stomach and back, so sore. I napped yesterday for an hour and felt better.

Sadie is growing and the doctor is happy with everything. She is 10 lbs and something ounces (I've already forgotten).

More travels to come though, as we are still super busy. We have a birthday, visit from great grandparents, grandparents and a shopping date. Fathers day approaches, and this time we get to celebrate. I missed Mothers day by a few days and it made me sad. Thinking about making a craft with Sadie for Tony.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

getting into the swing of things

Its taken a bit, but I am finally getting the hang of this baby thing so far. Shes finally sleeping for about 5 - 6 hours straight at night and its been so nice. I've been feeling more like I can cook real food instead of instant crap. Today for lunch its whole wheat greek pasta salad. So my favourite salad. I forgot onion, but I am quite alright with that.

Baby is napping in a pink bundle on the couch. We were "playing" on her tummy and when we both had enough, I flipped her over on her back. I guess we tired her out cause she fell asleep there on her own. I like having her in the living room sometimes cause shes cute when she sleeps and is oblivious to the noise that we make. I love seeing her little arms above her head.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

today so far...

Why do you always kick off your blankets? Are you perpetually hot all the time? No, you just have little frog legs.

We then hung out on the couch. She was being very curious. She even went back to bed after waking up. yay!

She obviously doesn't feel like being on her tummy. The angrier she gets, the more she lifts her head, so she will have to be angry.

Tony and I made brunch today as she went to sleep after she woke up. It was kind of like she let us sleep in a bit. We had eggs benny, with sauce out of a mix. Its one of my favourite breakfasts. The other would be waffles with strawberries and whipping cream.

She always gets the hiccups, and shes ok with that. I've been organizing her clothes and getting all the piles of stuff sorted and put away. Its a slow process, but its going.

what to do early in the morning

have a photo shoot in bed...

good morning cuties!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

First adventure sans small one

It felt a little weird not bringing her along but I managed to stay sane while Tony and I had a date. Yes, a date to see Robin Hood. I haven't left the house without her yet and I will admit, I started to miss her at the end when we were waiting for the bus home. The movie was good, I liked it, but Tony thought it was too similar to Gladiator.

Larissa and Colton did an excellent job of babysitting. Sadie pooped at them too. They have been christened now lol.

And here we are in bed, trying to get all the burps out. This one is tough to burp sometimes.

its going to be one of those days..

This morning we all woke up feeling way too warm. This led to being grouchy and tired. I also dropped my hair brush and it fell in the toilet. I wonder what else this day will bring...

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

working out the kinks

still trying to get this blog layout to work how I want it to. I uploaded it before I saved the last one...whoops. So had to go back and re add all the blogs that I read. BAH! Still making it work

weekend stuff

So this weekend was jam packed full of stuff. My good friend Stephanie was getting married. We rented a car (stupid PT Cruiser) and headed off to Chilliwack. Man it felt so nice to drive just with Tony and now with Sadie. I miss going out for drives. On the way, we had to hit up a drive through of any kind cause we havent done one of those on our own in FOREVER. Man, its sad but we were so excited to do that. First thing we found was a McDonalds. While waiting to order, Tony looks down at his door and asks "where is the window switch?"....what???? I look at both doors and panicked. WHERE ARE THE STUPID DOOR SWITCHES?!?!?! we were frantic for about 30 seconds before Tony found the really terribly marked switches by the cd player in the middle console. We both agreed that this car has terrible design. Door lock switches were also in that spot and we also couldn't figure that out until later that day.

Feeling nice and full of fries, we headed off to chilliwack. We stayed at my parents place and in the morning got ready for the wedding. Sadie was so cute in her pretty pink dress, tiny socks (that never stayed on) and little white shoes.

Wedding was beautiful and Sadie was excellent until the dessert and speeches. Then she needed to eat. Tony and Aria saved me some dessert and I got back to see the dancing and the happy couple before we headed home.

Church was the next morning and I hadn't been since I was hugely pregnant. Sadie was the star of the show. She was not put down at all, and I saw my family dividing up times to hold her. They passed her down to each other all through the service. Aria and Mik shared her while I had a nap later at home. They switched her back and forth every half hour. "Why put her down when we have arms" Aria stated.

It was a very good weekend.