Saturday, June 12, 2010

many travels this weekend

Before I go into detail, here are some older cell phone pictures of baby at home chilling out.

Went to the park today. Its just down the road from our house, like a block away. I took Sadie out to get out of the house. It was beautiful outside and the stroller was parked downstairs, so I didnt have to have Tony haul it down.

It was just a date with me and her. We first headed over to Mc Donalds for Dollar Days pop, and I grabbed a large one. Pop may not have been the wisest choice, but its liquid and I am trying to drink a ton more to get this breastfeeding thing going better.

(since the park, I have drank about 3 glasses of water).

She was sleeping for the most part until I woke her up and took her out of her stroller.

We had a good quiet date at the park. It was nice and breezy out. Such a pretty summer day. Oh, I met another mother of a baby at the park. She came to see Sadie, and I checked out her baby and we chatted for a bit. It was a little hard though as english was not her first language. Her baby was 2 months old and reminded me of a sumo wrestler. He had the biggest head and many chins (Like Sadie). He was 2 months old though, so maybe that was why I thought he was gianormous.

We went to the doctor yesterday (Ahhh public transit with a stroller...scary). I was so nervous. It doesnt seem like a big deal, but I was worried about hitting someone with the stroller, or running over their feets. Also worried about carrying her car seat to the doctors office. I managed to not run over or mangle anyone on the trip, but I over did it with carrying her seat and a few groceries. I could feel it in my stomach and back, so sore. I napped yesterday for an hour and felt better.

Sadie is growing and the doctor is happy with everything. She is 10 lbs and something ounces (I've already forgotten).

More travels to come though, as we are still super busy. We have a birthday, visit from great grandparents, grandparents and a shopping date. Fathers day approaches, and this time we get to celebrate. I missed Mothers day by a few days and it made me sad. Thinking about making a craft with Sadie for Tony.


Cara said...

Sounds like a nice date you had. I remember having times like that with Sarah.
Yes, drinking (water :) is good for breastfeeding. I remember a normal tall glass was too small for me once I started nursing and I switched up to a large canning jar for a glass :) I was always so thirsty. Bye for now.

Jennifer said...

Most of the time when I cut somebody off with my buggy in the grocery store I tell them after apologizing that that's the way I drive on the road too...and then laugh.

My skin was dry until 6 weeks after stopping bfeeding.

I've been using my large canning jars as my water glasses for years.

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