Monday, December 18, 2006

Merry Christmas....

For Audrey...

Love the Hoff

PS: Audrey, I cant comment on your post right now, so if you have a choice to upgrade to beta, do so, so I can comment on your posts.

Survivor Fan

OH man! The season finale of survivor was on last night, it was awesome, and they definatly changed it up. On the show they mentioned that there have been 13 seasons of it on TV, and its sad because I have seen every season. Really, I am that much of a geek. Its addictive, and I so wanna be on that show. It looks so fun, tough, but fun.
(Spoiler alert incase anyone of my few readers watch it but taped the finale).

My favourite person won. Yul!!!! He was a awesome player, and I havent seen anyone work the game the way he did. He played with as much integrity and honesty as one can in a game of backstabbing and deciet. His competetor Ozzie was awesome as well, but his stratigity was different in that he wasnt part of an alliance really, and just had to win immunity every time (which he did). If either would have won I would have been happy, but Yul was my favourite.
I wish I was an american sometimes to I could play it. I am mean enough (barely) to get by, and I know enough outdoorsey stuff to stay alive (unlike the 2 girls at the end who couldnt even make a sad). Survivor...COME TO CANADA!!!! WAAAAAAA!!!!!!

In other news....Aria leaves for Austraila around Feb 10th. Right before Valentines day. Poor momma...she hates anyone being away from here on that day. She makes a big deal of that day every year. We get cards and candy, and she gets all kinds of spoiling. This year, she either does it early, or might cry on that day. Aria aria aria...when you are gone, who will I have to make me listen to new emo music? Who will find me a guild in guild wars that is awesomely cool??? I will miss you Aria.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

i am a horrible blogger.

I havent updated this in a while, and I feel guilty. Audrey guilted me to do it some more.
I didnt know she has a blog.
So now, onto more important things.
Does anyone have curly eyebrows? What does one do to keep them inplace? I have them obviously (get them from my father, only his are more like horns when they curl out lol).
So I am getting little eyebrow hairs curling all over the place. Using hair gel doesnt work, nor does hair mousse (sp?). So far I have been using clear mascara, but now I find little guys curling out all over the place.
Anyone? I dont wanna use anything too strong so that if it gets in my eye, it makes me blind.