Thursday, April 26, 2007

Night of the Meatloaf

Normally I dont like cooking dinner when I am told I have to.I like doing it when I want, not when I am told. This will change of course when me and Tony are on our own, and I will have to get used to it. So, I found the loaf pan and Aria's meatloaf recipe card, and went to work at it.

Never had made something like this before. This dinner is more hommade than what I am normally accustomed to making (sidekicks and frozen veggies mixed together, and I like to believe they are "good for you" when you add veggies, but man, they must be high in sodium and chemicals, but the veggies must be good.)
I hate mixing things with my hands because I hate the feeling of meat under my fingernails, and my fingernails are short. :P I was mixing away, the meat felt like brains, it was cold. I was by myself for a while and noticed that the
Cat was overseeing the whole operation. She loves sitting up there on the cabnet beside the fridge, cause its warm. Tony came upstairs and I recruited him to be my potato minion. He peeled them all so nicely for me :) I tend to peel my fingers cause I am careless. He did well and didnt peel fingers.
Hes here for a bit because hes done school for a bit.

This over here is my meatloaf with "aria's secret sauce". The recipe card was quite cute, but I cannot post it due to the secrecy of the recipe.

Mikaela, who is picky about things with sauce on them, approved of the meatloaf.

There you go Aria, it was a success. I also enjoyed making dinner, and might even do something like this, again. Hurray for food thats not prepackaged!!! hehe and as I write this, I am going to make me some sidekicks and veggies for lunch tomorrow. Oh well.

Friday, April 20, 2007

In aria's room

I hope you enjoyed my photoshoot in Aria's room. I just watched the taped "America's Next Top Model" and felt inspired. Although I am far from model, it was so fun to dress up in Aria's clothes and mess up her closet (only a little and yes we put it all back). We didnt snoop as the picture implies, mom suggested it as she got to be the photographer. Could have gotten a better shot of the cat if she hadnt been so upset that I held her for all of 30 seconds. Stupid camera shy animal.
Anyways, I am going to get to bed, getting up early tomorrow :P

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

RRROLL up the Rim to win...

Ya right! I was doing well this season, won a few for my mom and dad, but one day, I rolled up the rim prematurely...a third of the coffee left. Since then, havent won a thing since. I think the premature rolling cursed me.
Now the one who wins is my mother. Yes, shes had a good winning streak. She also gets "lucky fingers Mikaela" to roll her rims. That kid never loses.
I think this is the only time I really drink tims coffee or tea though. I enjoy the excitement of rolling the rim, even if I know I wont win.

a sad roll-up-the-rim-er is going to try to win again!

Computer art...

Hope you enjoyed my art. I love photoshop, dont know what I would do without it.
You also have mail coming, mom and I sent it this morning. Also, made sure the flower lady was booked for the wedding. So glad I am done with picking flowers....never thought there would be so much you needed to know about them. I dont have a clue what half the names of the flowers are, or what they look like as long as they are pretty I dont care. At the meeting we had with her, it felt like I had to care about every little flower in the wedding. Pffft! dont care, make it pretty and have some blue flowers in it so it matches the colours. Oh well, should look really nice now. Got my favourites in there (lillies). Love the smell of those.
I shall be off, momma has leftover chilli warming up, and I am hungry!

Be My Scape - Reliant K

:D I get to see these guys tonight!!! This is one of my favourite songs from them. Mikaela is so excited! Shes bringing most of her money so she can buy a music book and a t shirt.
After the concert, we are staying the night in vancouver and then going shopping for Mikaela at metrotown for a dress for the wedding. Everything is about her pretty much, and shes loving every minute of it.

Monday, April 09, 2007

After easter...

Feel a little sick from eating bunny, and the sugar rush is wearing off, and now the sleepy feeling is setting in....
Church was good, there were like 12 children in the nursery where mik was helping for the first time. It was a little overwhelming to see them all screaming at the end. She said they were good until the last 5 min. Poor kidlets.
One was making noise just because and it sounded like crying, but it wasnt. what a cutie.
Tony was there, and he was a little scared of all the kids crying all at once. It was pretty loud, even for me. Told him not to worry, as we wont have 12 kids all crying at once.
Made him feel better, but not much.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Snow and birdies!

While I was sitting at work trapped inside when there was snow to be played in, Mom and Dad went out to Princeton.
They didnt think it would keep snowing, well they were wrong. Time to test out the new van's brakes and such. Man freak snowfall was amazing.
They got some cool pics out there.

I remember icicles as big as me. That one came close to being half her size!

There was also this very bold birdy that came right up on my dad's hand to eat some crumbs. Pretty fat birdy. I thought rw's little one would appreciate the bird after what happened in her last post.

Feeding the birds reminds me of Mary Poppins! Feed the birds tuppins a day!

*and why does blogger put extra spaces in my paragraphs after inserting pictures! Frustrating!