Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Snow and birdies!

While I was sitting at work trapped inside when there was snow to be played in, Mom and Dad went out to Princeton.
They didnt think it would keep snowing, well they were wrong. Time to test out the new van's brakes and such. Man freak snowfall was amazing.
They got some cool pics out there.

I remember icicles as big as me. That one came close to being half her size!

There was also this very bold birdy that came right up on my dad's hand to eat some crumbs. Pretty fat birdy. I thought rw's little one would appreciate the bird after what happened in her last post.

Feeding the birds reminds me of Mary Poppins! Feed the birds tuppins a day!

*and why does blogger put extra spaces in my paragraphs after inserting pictures! Frustrating!


running wildly said...

Well, at least the birds in your hands are alive.

Aria said...

:D I love the pictures, they are beautiful.
Oh what colour is the van?
OH GUESS WHAT! the snow reminded me of me wearing my canada toque almost front and center in this live commerical they filmed at the agmf concert. haha will tell more later!
I miss snow almost I think.

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