Monday, September 28, 2009

oh baby

Its baby time! My first reaction was probably utter shock when I saw that the pregnancy test came back positive. I thought that if I didnt check the test results, or postponed the test that this all might be in my imagination. Well, I managed to check the test, and ta da! I think we were both in a lot of shock, Tony especially. He kept telling me that I was just timing things all wrong.

Well, after taking 2 tests we were 100% positive. I am feeling better about baby, so is Tony. Hes excited / nervous now cause we need to figure out how to afford a baby and still finish school for Tony.

Had a doctors appointment and things so far are good. They did 3 blood tests, 2 to make sure my hormones were still going up and one to find out my blood type (I have no idea what it is). My poor left arm had green bruises for a while, the other arm was ok. Tony liked watching my blood explode into the test tube things. I just laid there with my other hand covering my eyes and cried and shook. Needles are a huge fear and so when I walked into the office I would start shaking all over and need to sit. The smart girls who work there said I needed to lay down, which was good cause I would have passed out otherwise.

Next we did an ultrasound to see how things were going. Baby is the size of a small grain of rice. (Tony calls it his little rice or just baby). I saw the baby's heart beating on the screen, so its doing good. Baby is 7 weeks 5 days old as of today.

So as for me, I feel a little oogy, more so now. Haven't thrown up due to morning sickness, so that's nice. We shall have to see what happens once school starts.

I've been postponing writing this post cause I don't want to jinx anything. Its really early still, and so I worry sometimes, but I have a hopeful feeling that this baby is here to stay.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

gotta get on it

My shop has been looking pretty bare lately. I guess I need to get going and find some more cups to do. I am going to start doing sets of 4 and get some mugs from Ikea I think. Ikea has such nice mugs and tea cups.

Lately I've been working on making bad bunny soap. Gotta get some good photos of it and see if it will sell. I think its cute, I have been using the peppermint bunny soap in my bathroom. I am also getting better at pouring it into the mold so that it doesn't get all gloopy and lumpy at the bottom.

I am going to try selling 2 bad bunny orange soaps. First need to find out what I should price them at. Time to get info from some of my fiends on facebook. :)

What else did I do today...hmmm well I didn't go to school like all the normal kids cause my classes dont start until the 27th. Lamesauce!

Also had awesome thai chicken curry for lunch with Tony. It kept getting hotter and hotter. I must have gone through 3 - 4 glasses of water. Must find out if they do delivery to us.

Friday, September 04, 2009

again yay!

Theres my robot again! This time the front page feature worked well and I sold 4 mugs tonight. Awesome stuff. I need to get back home and get these out, and find more boxes :D

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

its hammer time!

Its been a long time since Tony was able to use his cell phone. He started noticing issues with it a couple months ago. It wouldnt connect or receive calls and in the last month he couldnt use it unless he smacked it hard against a wall, usually brick walls were the best. Today we finally went down and he got himself a new iphone. Hes been bugging me to get an ipod or something since I use the one I got for him and the iphone was what he choose. He was so excited to get home, but only so he could kill the other phone.

The above picture was his angry face.

I've always wanted to do this, but he got to it first. It snapped so easily. Oh Motorola, you really suck.

While he was planning on how else to kill it, I was starting to cut some paper for crafts. "GIVE ME THE SWORD" he exclaimed gleefully, and with that, he stole my scissors and proceeded to stab the phone (in the heart).

Well, if he wanted to kill it, the best way is to SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER! I found the hammer and tea towel and he sat right down to work. It was kinda creepy, he started talking to the suffering phone, telling it that he was tucking it in and then beat it to death.

He went to town on that phone and now its in many tiny pieces on the table.

I like this one, he was so determined to break it in every way. All the anger is out now. All is well for now.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Yes I went hiking today. Its been such a long time since I last went. The last hike I did was lindeman lake / greendrop lake and I was way out of shape and it was brutal. That hike took forever and there was a rock slide to climb over and I was huffing and puffing all the way up. I was way behind everyone else on that one and was just slowing everyone down. That sucks. Never again for that one.

Today I went with Coley to Lynn Loop. She warned me that only the first 5 minutes were bad, the rest was pretty easy. She was totally right. I didn't bring my camera which was stupid, but next time it will be there for photographic evidence.

While up in the forrest we were going up the trail which mostly seemed to be just tree roots and rocks. Got lost up there, and we accidentally took another trail back down instead of doing the whole loop. We combined the trails and did double the distance which was 8.6 km. I am pretty proud of myself. We are almost definatly set to do a hike next week and this is exciting. I so miss hiking. I am a little afraid to do the grouse grind. The word "Grind" is in the title, so it doesn't entice me to do it right yet.

My knees and legs hurt lots and I've been taking the pain killers a lot after getting home. Even a hot bath didn't help :P Stretching out on the couch watcing Iron Chef helps :)