Wednesday, March 05, 2014

fiddling with half square triangles

I promise I'll go back to the cat quilt soon. I ran out of white fabric and need to make a quick trip to get fabric.

I've had a stash of blue fabrics sitting around for a while and I haven't found the right project to use for them. Couple days ago I decided to just use a little bit to practice HST's. The last time I did those blasted half square triangles was for Lucas' quilt, and they were such a pain.  Since that quilt, I read more about better ways to cut them, and it has really helped. I still need to trim them up a bit, and thats tedious and frustrating, but I'm getting better.

So, instead of doing a quilt with these (cause it'd drive me mental) I made a mini one to hang in my kitchen. One day I'm sure I'll try these as a quilt, but this is all I can take for now. The colours remind me of the movie "Frozen" (one of the only two academy award winning movies I saw this year).

Its my cute Frozen shooting star mini quilt. I'm thinking I might do a large scale quilt top with this shooting star thing. That way I can avoid millions of half square triangles. This is its temporary hanging spot until I get some small dowel.