Sunday, July 31, 2011

I think we know why she had a bad nights sleep the other night

I felt around inside the sharks mouth and found 2 new molars and a front tooth.

Poor little shark.

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Since when was sleeping optional Sadie?

Its currently 3:11 am, and Sadie is not sleeping. We are all NOT sleeping. This has happened for 2 nights in a row now.

Last night, she went to bed an hour later than she should have. Usually its not a huge deal, we just wake up earlier because of it. see, she woke up at her usual 1:30 time, for a bottle. I'm ok with that. Then she went to bed, and woke up at 2:30, then 4, then 5...and as you can see, it just got worse. I ended up taking her out of our room at 6:30 am as she was crying so loud, and Tony had to work that day. Maybe part of the issue was a few mornings ago, I didnt feel like giving her a bottle, so I gave it to her and she took it herself in her crib. I think now she just wants a bottle every time she slightly wakes up. I'm not game for that.

So at 1:30 this morning, I got her a bottle, she got quite upset that she couldnt hold it, so I let her. Then she didnt drink that much, and went to bed. Then she woke up again at 2:30. I gave her the rest of her bottle, and she then decided that sleeping was not for her. She wasnt all "happy lets play" she was more like "im miserable, and I want to cry". I tried rocking her, rubbing her head, soother, then remembered that I felt a sharp tooth in her mouth the other day. So we did tylenol and orajel. Well, it hasnt helped, or its not her teeth.

I dont know anymore. She had crappy naps today, and one crappy nap yesterday. I'm used to her napping in the morning for 2 to 2.5 hours and then a 2 hour one in the afternoon, and yesterday she did a 1 hour nap, and today same thing. Maybe its her sleep schedule that is changing, but its all getting her all out of wack, and driving us crazy. 

Tony and I finally felt like we'd try letting her cry until she went to sleep. Ya, lets see about how thats going to work when you have to share a room with her. We really need to move to a 2 bedroom apartment...SOON, cause I can't deal with crying for that long, or with the lack of sleep. We would all sleep better in seperate rooms.

There was much crying, pleading, and tears this morning, but now, after an exhausted cuddle, shes sleeping.

That better not jinx it...

I'm going to bed, its 3:35 am and hopefully this makes sense given the fact that I'm hitting a blurry publish button.

So if any of you have tricks to getting toddlers to sleep at night, please let me know. Keep in mind, we all share a room, and its not going to change until we move in the fall :(

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Recent reads...

I've been reading a lot of books lately. It helps that I have a few ebook apps and a lot of time on my hands. Besides re-reading The Hunger Games series (love love loved it!) I've been downloading a bunch of baby/pregnancy books. These are a few that I've read in the last few weeks:

You: Having a Baby by Dr. Oz and Dr.Roizen
Talk about information galore! Being that its written by 2 doctors, it had lots of technical information. Probably some of which I will never remember.  It was a very medical take on the whole pregnancy/birth process. I liked it compared to the "What to expect when you're expecting" book,  because it was more interesting and gave out a lot of information that I found to be more current. The only down side I found was that some of the information went over my head a bit. I will admit, some parts of it I skimmed.

Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy
I saw this book online, being that it was cheap and had a good rating, I downloaded it. Although there was some language, I was giggling in my bed, trying not to wake Sadie while I read it. She explains her experiences, and  I regret not reading this sucker before I had Sadie. It was hilarious and told you all the things nobody ever tells you about pregnancy or birth. It talks about all kinds of things, including pooping, and made me laugh out loud. I even read some of it to Tony, who also thought it was hilarous.

The Baby Whisperer by Tracy Hogg
I read this sucker before Sadie was born, and re-read it again. Tracy is all about routine and structure - something I totally agree with. I got a lot of good information with this book. This book was wonderful in helping me find out how to deal with setting up a routine and getting Sadie into proper sleep habits. I found it quite helpful in also figuring out what she wanted instead of guessing. I thought some of the stuff that she did was a little out there in terms of how you talk to your baby, but most of it was really good. The best part is taking the quiz to find out what type of temperment your baby is, and how to deal with that accordingly.

 It Gets Easier!...And other lies we tell new mothers by Claudine Wolk
This book had me wishing that I had read it before Sadie was born. It was a good light hearted book that I could have used to de-stress with. It came from a mom who choose bottle feeding over breast feeding, and I hadn't read a single book on a mother who did. It didnt make you feel guilty about choosing formula over breast feeding, and that was reassuring for me, who was debating quitting. I still wish I could have breastfed Sadie longer. Anyways, we're getting off topic here...So this book also talked quite a lot about what to expect in the hospital, how to deal with visitors (loved that part), and talked about keeping a baby on a schedule.Something that the Baby Whisperer was all about, but this book didnt sound so hokey about it.

So these are some of the books I've been reading lately. Any good suggestions on books that you've read lately? Anything thats as good as The Hunger Games? I'll just throw it out there, if you haven't read The Hunger Games yet, you really really need to.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

[baby update] 35 weeks - a phone call and a headache

Today started off just like any other. Tony went to work, Sadie and I hung out - by the way, she now tries to do the Itsy Bitsy Spider when I sing it to her - so cute! Anyways, its now her naptime, I've been resting, crocheting, and having lunch. It was all great and wonderful, until the phone rang.

At first I thought it was the timer I set for the buger I was making, but no, no it was my doctors office in chilliwack. They hadnt seen me in a while, and wanted to follow up- thats fine.

Apparently my ultrasound reports from the hospital in chilliwack were not being faxed to my vancouver doctor. The doctor who needs these ultrasounds. The doctor I asked at every appointment to have the reports sent to!

How do I know this? Well, my chilliwack doctor was making sure someone was following up with me about the low amniotic fluid levels they measured at the last ultrasound. HUH??? I wasnt told any of this, and I'm certain my vancouver doctor would have talked to me about it had she received those reports. So I semi calmly called the hospital, and had them send in the reports that they didn't fax to my vancouver doctor. I'm so BOILING MAD because I asked every time for them to send them to her, and gave the info for my vancouver doctor each time. They nodded and smiled and said they would. LIARS

So now, I'm upset, I'm pretty angry, I'm super worried, and I'm stuck waiting for a phone call to see if things are really urgent.  I'm gonna try and not worry, and drink a ton of water in the meantime. Oh, and Google = not your friend, especially when you look up medical crap.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Giveaway on Miss Larissa Bree's blog!

There is something for all you coffee (or tea) drinkers out there.

Who doesnt want something pretty to cover that ugly paper cup that you drink out of? Well, I've crocheted a reusable coffee sleeve that fits a Tall and Grande sized coffee cup from Starbucks.
Its made from cotton yarn, so its washable, and I'm pretty sure if you stretched it, it would fit a Venti sized coffee cup. I've put it in with Larissa's blog giveaway. She's also giving away some awesome Funk Off products from one of her favorite Etsy shops, a starbucks givecard, and a pretty potholder her friend Olivia.

Visit Larissa's blog and follow her instructions on this post to enter.You have until July 31st @12am.

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its a baking type of day

Its the perfect day today. Not too hot, but cool enough that having the oven on wont kill us all with heat. I probably almost set off the fire alarm today too. A couple days ago, I put in a cheapo frozen pizza, only to discover later that it was cracked in half, and the cheese ooozed all over the bottom of my oven, stinking up the kitchen, and burning cheese to the bottom. I may have forgotten to clean it. whoops...

I turned on the oven, and as I was mixing my ingredients,  I noticed smoke coming up from inside through my elements. Needless to say, muffin baking went on hold as we scraped burnt cheese out of the oven. 

I may have messed up on the recipe a tad, and thats probably the reason they look more like frankin muffins, instead of pretty ones. I used this recipe from the Joy of Baking website, only I forgot to melt the margerine and add it in the mix. I just tossed in a square of margerine that was kinda too soft and melty. Oh well. They still taste great. I also cut down on the sugar so Sadie can eat them. She's big into muffins.

---Oh, I should also mention something from the baby update that I should have addressed. Its not that I'm super impatient for this little guy to come out, no. Its just that I hate huge big needles, hospitals, and thinking about being awake for any type of surgery, no matter now minor. So its not that I want this little guy out faster, its that I'd rather either wait on taking out the stitch, or see if we can get both surgeries (c-section and stitch removal) done at once.If not, I'll live. I'll be praying for a lot of courage to get through it all though. Hopefully, we can get the stitch out at the office--dreading that part, but  its better than a hospital stay.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

On any given day, I feel:

Full of energy

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Monday, July 25, 2011

[baby update] week 35

Ultrasound: It went rather well in my opinion. Babys head is so low though that she couldn't get a proper measurement of how big it is (not that it matters really), but she had to tilt the bed so my legs were higher than my head to see if he would move off of my cervix to get a measurement. No such luck.

Dr appointment: So thats where the interesting part happened. I explained that I had been feeling intense pressure lately. Like, it stops me in my tracks, and makes me feel like I need to lie down now to get his head off of my cervix. So I told her about this pressure (no pain or anything) and her eyes went like this o_0. So she said she wanted to check things out, and went on to talk about when we were going to take the stitch out.

Apparently they can take it out at the office, if its not too embedded. yay....(dont like thinking about the term "embedded") So after measuring the baby, and listening to his heart rate (which is all good), she poked around to see if she could find the knot of the cerclage stitch. That was not pleasant, but it does look a little embedded to her. Grrreat....

She explained that if its too embedded, they'll need to book me into the hospital in the next week or 2 to get it out with a spinal block in place. Not the things I wanted to hear. The last thing I wanted was another epidural procedure, and hospital time. So if it has to happen, it has to happen. I'd like to kill 2 birds with one stone if possible and see about just getting the c-section done at the same time then. That's something I've got to discuss with her though.

Feeling: not so happy. I really didnt like the news about the possibilities of 2 hospital visits in the last few weeks of this pregnancy. I'm now dreading my next appointment, and at the same time, I just want to get it over with. I'm also feeling a little more excited now, knowing that this guy only has 4 weeks max left to be a guest in my belly. I'd like to have my body back to myself, and be able to enjoy this little guy on the outside.

So that's all for this tired momma tonight.

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Treats

I dont think it matters what flavor it is, if its cold, creamy, and in a cone, she comes a runnin! She toddles over as fast as she can, pointing and squealing. If I dont share fast enough for her, she will let me know...

She'll HOLLER!

She won't leave your side either, not until its all gone. So be warned. If you are coming over and we have ice cream, you'll need to share, unless you want a tearful child standing beside you with puppy eyes.

Friday, July 22, 2011

raspberry picking

Right now, the weather has been kind of crappy, well, crappy as far as summer weather is concerned. I quite enjoy the semi cold summer we've been having. Its almost like fall, but with less rain. Anyways, when the weather is nice at my moms place, we can't really go in the yard to enjoy it, unless we want to be eaten alive by the terrible mosquitos. Well, there was a breeze, and so we were able to go out for a little bit and pick raspberries.

Sadie loves raspberries. She loves to eat them, juice them in her hands, and then cover you with raspberry prints. I am also loving the raspberries. I hope that I can get a few little baggies of frozen ones, or maybe enjoy a few smoothies when I'm there next.

My mom and Sadie had a great time picking them, until the breeze went away and the bugs came to play. Then we sadly headed inside.

In other news, I had an ultrasound while I was out there, and things are looking ok it seems, so that is good. My second last doctors appointment is monday, so we'll see what the doctor thinks. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

a walk down memory lane

This is just a look back at some of my growing up pictures.

This is me, all 6lbs 8oz of me. My little peach fuzz widows peak was shaved off so that the nurses could put an IV in my forhead. I was born a month early, and I had some issues breathing, so I was transferred to another hospital where I was in an incubator for a bit until I stopped turning blueish.

I still have the little pink bunny and the whatever animal that is on the right side, the one with the pink furry hair. I dont think I resemble Sadie at all as an infant. Maybe its because Sadie was born with redish brown hair.

I wonder if this next little guy will look more like me as an infant. Not long until we find out! 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

the good ol' birth plan

I've never really felt that birth plans were necessary. In fact, I kind of figured it was a new yuppie type thing that new moms to be used to feel "in control" on the big chaotic day.  I'm mistaken about this though. As long as you keep things realistic, and understand that your plan may change suddenly, its helpful to have. I realized this after I had finished writing a very long list of  To Do's of things I wanted to remember.  I'm quite forgetful these days. After I wrote down this list, I realized, I pretty much wrote a birth plan, or maybe instead of calling it a "birth plan" I can call it...Birthing To Do list. Whatever, its still a birth plan, as its plans, and its regarding birthing. Ew, I dont think I like the word "birthing".

Anyways, mine isnt about taking or not taking drugs, or breathing methods, and stuff like that. I'm pretty much set for having an epidural as this guy is a scheduled c-section. I'm not printing it out and handing it to all the nurses and doctors. I wrote it down on my notes section of my cell phone, and sent it to Tony in an email  We're both in on it, and Tony knows it backwards and forwards. This plan is more for what I want afterwards, not during the birth. I kind of wish I had written down a list when Sadie was born, but alas, I figured it was all hippie nonsense and my plan was to get this baby outta me.

My "birthing to do list" is simple:

-go in for a c-section
-remember the camera- almost forgot it last time
-ask about breastfeeding during recovery
-remember to ask about a breast pump in case things are going slowly - had supply issues last time
-no visitors on the first day after the baby is born (after a chaotic birth with Sadie, I want to relax, get a handle on breast feeding and stuff before having anyone visit).

That's it, its my birth plan. Kinda basic and simple.

Have any of you made a "to do list" or birth plan? How did it work out for you?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

a week of instagrams

This week I've relied on taking photos with the iPhone. Near the beginning of the week I was working on some blog posts and when I went to take photos from my memory card, they disappeared. PANIC! So I tried with the other computer, I tried a recovery, and alas, they are gone forever. I almost cried. Thankfully I have some of those pictures already on my mac, but I think 400 are gone for good.

This was my week so far:

1. Sadie had a park date, ate sand and rocks, and gleefully watched the kids playing on the jungle gym.
2. Obviously, its Laundry day/week.
3. We cleaned the house in preparation for company -- it took a lot of work to get it like that too, yuck
4. Part of our daily routine now is to cuddle and play on the big bed after a nap. Makes her a happy girl
5. Went out to one of our favorite restraunts for Tony's birthday dinner - Thai House. Girl had to look good (for all of 2 minutes before the sunglasses came off).
6. Tried new veggies. So far its kind of hit and miss. She eats the florettes, and sometimes spits it all out. Trying to get her to eat broccoli though.
7. We have big bed cuddles before naptime.
8. No, its not wine, its raspberry ginger-ale. I tried to be all classy :)
9. This little chickie "helped" make the bed, and then escaped bum first off the end of the bed.

That's all for now. I'm going to try and whip up some soup or spaghetti sauce for this evening

Friday, July 15, 2011

Momma vs Sadie: The great toothbrush battle

"Oh momma, why cant I just suck the crap off my toothbrush!?!??!"

I'm sure she thinks this every time we brush her teeth. She acts all good about it, and then runs off with the toothbrush, chewing on the end and sucking the gunk off of it. Then, when I catch her, she howls when I take it away. 

So, my question is: Do I let her run away and play with her toothbrush? Or do I let her use it a little on her own before I try brushing her teeth?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The great kitchen purge!

There it is, my gross looking tiny kitchen. Excuse the mess please, I'm working on one thing at a time now-a-days. So I've doing a lot of thinking about moving, and how I'm not going to be moving at all this time (bedrest + recovery from surgery = no lifting) so I figured I'd help in the best way possible, purging our stuff.

When we got married, we didnt have much. I hadn't lived on my own ever, and so I had some bedding and clothes. Tony had some things, but they were old hand-me-downs of mismatched cutlery, plates, and random kitchen gadgets. After the wedding, we got a lot of presents, and more hand-me-downs. We kept it all thinking that we would need it, or that it was cool. Well, its just clutter, and its been taking up my itty bitty kitchen.

Today I focused on of the worst drawers in the house, the cutlery/everything-ends-up-here drawer.

ew, right?

So I emptied it on the counter, but actually it took up all my counter space...

TA DA! There it is, organized and put away. I got rid of a huge bag of stuff, and thats only one drawer in my kitchen. Boy does it feel good to do that. I've purged my craft stuff (before bed rest) and I think its going to feel tons better knowing we aren't moving boxes of crap to a new place.

My goal is to slowly go through my house and purge the worst of the worst.

alien baby movements

Once Sadie got this big, all I had to deal with were little baby kicks in my ribs. This guy is quite the active little dude. He stretches with all his might to try and make room. Sorry buddy, its not gonna happen. He's soooo gonna hate this last month and a bit.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sadie's finished granny square blanket

I've felt so guilty lately that Sadies blanket was going unfinished now that I started her brothers blanket. On Friday, I made it my goal to get the last strip of her blanket crocheted on, and then finish the boarder. So, while Sadie napped, I listened to Harry Potter (and the goblet of fire) on DVD and crocheted away until at last, it was completed.

I'm so happy with the end results. Once she woke up from her nap and saw it laying on the floor, she trotted right over and sat down with the biggest grin on her face. She's always known it was hers. She's played with all the squares since I started making this sucker months and months ago.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Made my day...

It totally made my day when I got to take Sadie to the park for the first time in 2 months.

Thank you Coley for babysitting and helping us go to the park.

I've so missed doing this.

Easy summer salad

Even though its been a rather cool summer out here, I am back home now and am in need of easy to make meals. I've made a list of things that we can have. Today has been all about prepping all kinds of food so that I can just put it together easy peesy. It is getting hotter outside and our apartment turns more into a green house than a apartment, so I'm avoiding things made in the oven.

Today I cooked a big bag of bowtie pasta early in the morning and then packed away half for pasta dinner, for tomorrow, and half for a big pasta salad.

I put in cucumbers, my pretty cherry tomatoes from the farmer, peppers,sundried tomatoes, and feta. I used up the rest of a sundried tomato and oregano dressing that was in the fridge, andthen, done! I tend to like roasted red pepper or greek dressings too, but this one tasted just as good.

Its pretty close to a greek salad, but I was just not interested in crying over onions this morning, and so I skipped my least favorite veggie. I did miss the black olives. I live for olives.

Monday, July 11, 2011

[baby update] week 33

So my doctors appointment went well today. Very well despite the fact that I was late by half an hour because I wrote down the wrong time. Oh well, it wont happen again I swear, even if it means perminate markering it on my body somewhere.

So besides being late, things are looking good. Baby measures exactly 33 weeks as far as size, so hes right on the money again. Ultrasound tech said hes roughly 4.5 lbs now (give or take). Ultrasound looks good. I can stay home for until this little guy is out, and that's wonderful news, especially to Tony. While I was gone, he started working later hours just because he hated going home to an empty house just to be lonely.

My doctor might just take out the cerclage a few weeks early if its not too too embedded in there. I cringe a little thinking about it being embedded...ew yuck, and maybe painful :( I'll cross that bridge when I get to it though, and she might do at our last appointment, maybe. The best news yet is the c-section is scheduled, and coincidentally, its on my dads birthday (sorry, its Aug 23rd). The end is in sight!

Feeling: Anxious, worried about getting into the swing of things with 2 kids. I will be away from Vancouver after having the little boy as its gonna take 6 weeks ish to recover. I say 6 weeks ish only because I dont want to be away that long, and I hate thinking about Tony being away from his babies for so long.

Also feeling so excited to be at the end of this. I have 2 doctors appointments left before the big day, and that is awesome.

Cravings: Been on a sugar high lately. I love icy cold sweet things like smoothies and popsicles.

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Friday, July 08, 2011

fresh from the farm

Look what I got today! Fresh, pretty tomatoes. We took a country drive out to the middle of nowhere, where my momma knows of a guy who sells his produce for cheap. Now only out in the country do they have these little stands. It was an unmanned stand that has plastic bags hanging full of farm fresh produce. You have a sign that tells you the prices of the day, and then a place to drop in your money. Today there were tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers today. I bought these lovelies and some cucumbers to take home. I have plans on making them into a pretty tomato salad, or greek salad. The green and red ones were nice and sweet, very tomatoey tasting.

Monday I will have another doctors appointment, and I shall update you all on how baby is doing. From how my ultrasound went, everything is still holding, and that is very very good.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Sadie Loves...

Biting your toes
Music that she can dance to
Head butting the fat cat
Sitting on the fat cat
Being chased down the hallway
Climbing onto the chairs

Hearing herself scream
Cuddling in the big bed
Playing fort!
Playing wash the dishes with her aunties
Pool time

Anything involving water really
Tastes of popsicles
Having sunscreen sprayed on her
Chewing on straws

Chewing board books
Reading her chewed up books
Touching the eject button for the cd drive
Taking her socks off
Making friends while shopping
Pull clothes off the racks while shopping
Smiling and acting coy

Helping with the dishwasher
Her daddy.

PS: I wore this dress when I was little. I'm gonna search for the photo of me in it for you all to see. 

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Homemade iPhone case

So after I got my new iPhone, I played with it, admired it, and then plunked it into the abyss that is my purse.

My purse has no pockets, nothing fancy for your phone or keys or wallet. I realized when I got home that its probably the worst possible place for this gorgeous she-devil of mine. Yes, toss this brand new beauty in with the keys, purse garbage, foil pill packets, and cracker crumbs from baby mum mums....Seriously, what was I thinking???

So once I got home, I figured that until I get a new purse (which I desperatly need), I will make something that will cover my precious until it can be put in a seperate pocket away from the keys.

I used this pattern from and fashioned my iPhone a cozy. I have a LOT of hot pink yarn left, so of course, its hot pink. Bonus to that is that the other colours I have are lighter and will show the dirt from the bottom of my purse--ew. Seriously, I need to clean out my purse. It shall be on my to do list today.

Monday, July 04, 2011

a silly sadie video

First video with the new iphone. I should have turned the camera to the side, whoops. 
This is one of those things that Sadie does to be silly.

Friday, July 01, 2011

coffee date

Today was an I-have-to-get-out-of-the-house day, and since I also had to get a new phone anyways, we headed off to the mall to get things set up (don't worry, we took it slow and took our time walking). I got set up with an iPhone 4 (so excited by the way, I haven't had a new phone in 3 years) and a family plan with Tony so that we save money. Once things were all said and done at the cell phone place, we headed off to get a dark chocolate mocha from Blendz. They seriously make the best mochas. I prefer them over the Starbucks ones, and I'm not one to favor much over my Starbucks.

Sadie shared scarfed down a blueberry bran muffiin and cheese, and we relaxed and savored our coffees. I'm sure baby boy had a sugar rush since I was getting many kicks afterwards going home. Also notice, I used my little reusable coffee sleeve for my mocha.

When we got home, Tony made fried rice, it was very nice.

baby blanket progress

I have a long ways to go, but I'm trying to get it done as fast as I can.