Sunday, July 17, 2011

a week of instagrams

This week I've relied on taking photos with the iPhone. Near the beginning of the week I was working on some blog posts and when I went to take photos from my memory card, they disappeared. PANIC! So I tried with the other computer, I tried a recovery, and alas, they are gone forever. I almost cried. Thankfully I have some of those pictures already on my mac, but I think 400 are gone for good.

This was my week so far:

1. Sadie had a park date, ate sand and rocks, and gleefully watched the kids playing on the jungle gym.
2. Obviously, its Laundry day/week.
3. We cleaned the house in preparation for company -- it took a lot of work to get it like that too, yuck
4. Part of our daily routine now is to cuddle and play on the big bed after a nap. Makes her a happy girl
5. Went out to one of our favorite restraunts for Tony's birthday dinner - Thai House. Girl had to look good (for all of 2 minutes before the sunglasses came off).
6. Tried new veggies. So far its kind of hit and miss. She eats the florettes, and sometimes spits it all out. Trying to get her to eat broccoli though.
7. We have big bed cuddles before naptime.
8. No, its not wine, its raspberry ginger-ale. I tried to be all classy :)
9. This little chickie "helped" make the bed, and then escaped bum first off the end of the bed.

That's all for now. I'm going to try and whip up some soup or spaghetti sauce for this evening

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amyschmamey said...

These are all great... I love the colors! :)

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