Tuesday, July 19, 2011

the good ol' birth plan

I've never really felt that birth plans were necessary. In fact, I kind of figured it was a new yuppie type thing that new moms to be used to feel "in control" on the big chaotic day.  I'm mistaken about this though. As long as you keep things realistic, and understand that your plan may change suddenly, its helpful to have. I realized this after I had finished writing a very long list of  To Do's of things I wanted to remember.  I'm quite forgetful these days. After I wrote down this list, I realized, I pretty much wrote a birth plan, or maybe instead of calling it a "birth plan" I can call it...Birthing To Do list. Whatever, its still a birth plan, as its plans, and its regarding birthing. Ew, I dont think I like the word "birthing".

Anyways, mine isnt about taking or not taking drugs, or breathing methods, and stuff like that. I'm pretty much set for having an epidural as this guy is a scheduled c-section. I'm not printing it out and handing it to all the nurses and doctors. I wrote it down on my notes section of my cell phone, and sent it to Tony in an email  We're both in on it, and Tony knows it backwards and forwards. This plan is more for what I want afterwards, not during the birth. I kind of wish I had written down a list when Sadie was born, but alas, I figured it was all hippie nonsense and my plan was to get this baby outta me.

My "birthing to do list" is simple:

-go in for a c-section
-remember the camera- almost forgot it last time
-ask about breastfeeding during recovery
-remember to ask about a breast pump in case things are going slowly - had supply issues last time
-no visitors on the first day after the baby is born (after a chaotic birth with Sadie, I want to relax, get a handle on breast feeding and stuff before having anyone visit).

That's it, its my birth plan. Kinda basic and simple.

Have any of you made a "to do list" or birth plan? How did it work out for you?


misslarissabree said...

Thats a great list Mir, you deserve what you want :)

Jennifer said...

Step 1-give birth
Step 2- go home, bleeding and crying with a screaming baby.

(Nevermind my sense of humor)

Sincerly though good luck sweetie, xox ~J

heidi said...

great list, and it all sounds very attainable! i wasn't going to make a birth plan this time, but my midwife is urging me to do it.

we'll see how it goes.... i'm hoping to stay away from pitocin, NOT be offered drugs (but have them available if i ask) and after the baby is born, have some great alone and bonding time before all the visitors come and before she is washed and weighed and all of that.

Miranda said...

BWAHAHAAHA! Oh Jennifer, that made me laugh out loud. Thank you though!

Fiona said...

My birth plan last time, and probably this time only consisted of going into labor, as naturally as possible, and then letting them give me any drugs I ask for except for the epidural since needles in the spine are the only kind I dont like. Hoping for not a c-section. Then I plan on myself and baby not dying, and all the while knowing that probably any plan I make more seriously detailed than that may not happen because that's how giving birth works... so que sera, sera!

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